17 Captivating Attic Kitchen Designs

17 Captivating Attic Kitchen Designs

Having an attic apartment means that you should follow some rules and to decorate it smartly, in order to use all the space you have in the best way possible. When it comes to decorating an attic kitchen, it can get a little tricky because of all the kitchen appliances and utilities that need to fit into the spot given, but there is no need to worry. With our help and our useful tips and ideas, styling an attic kitchen is an easy, fun and amusing thing to do. Take a look at the showcase below, that shows 18 distinctive attic kitchen designs in various different styles and outlooks, and prepare to get inspired to decorate your own attic kitchen. Do read on and enjoy!

Super Modern Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Destination Living

The sleekness of this kitchen is impeccable. Straight and clear lines, neutral color palette and minimalist design are responsible for this amazing attic kitchen setting, with captivating skylight and super modern appearance.

Nordic Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Vidieckystyl

This small and super gorgeous Nordic attic kitchen and dining spot has left us speechless. Such a tiny space, but with smart design and amazing accessories it looks effortlessly clean, airy and beautiful.

Bohemian Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Green Muze

Attic space is perfect spot for unleashing a bohemian spirit, since it’s less spacious, so it appears cozy, inviting and really pleasant. Play with colors, textures and shapes, display the kitchen utilities, add flowers, fruits, hanging accessories… and your bohemian kitchen is ready to use.

Pure White Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Interio Design

This contemporary white kitchen looks extremely clear and bright, mostly because of the big skylight and he white kitchen cabinets. The wooden floor adds pinch of warmth to the space and the striped rug strikes through the calm overall appearance, bringing a perky twist to it.

Coastal Aqua Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Coastal Style

Such a tiny and absolutely gorgeous attic kitchen! Complemented with a coastal style and a mesmerizing aqua blue color accents, this kitchen displays a practical use of space with a character.

Gorgeous Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Our Menu

An amazing attic kitchen setting. Super modern meets rustic for an incredible and captivating appearance of a welcoming and pleasant kitchen design.

Contemporary Black and White Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Home Designer Ideas

An amazing contemporary attic kitchen design in striking black and white color combo that shows style, character and grace. Clean and sleek lines to perfection, and pure modern design for an absolute gorgeous kitchen space as a final result.

Pleasant Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Usual House

Quite simple, but pretty lovely kitchen design in white color with black accents. Due to the lack of natural light, there are small stylish lights above the sink that add elegant twist to this attic kitchen design.

Farmhouse Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Houzz

An incredibly cozy and inviting attic kitchen design in a charming farmhouse style that screams comfort and welcoming atmosphere. The all natural elements and colors provide this spot with a gorgeous warm appearance and lovely outlook.

Cozy Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Design Mag

Such a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this attic kitchen, highlighted by the rich brown wooden beams ceiling. Due to lack of natural light inside the spot, a play of various different lights is making the spot even more pleasant, cozy and appealing.

Monochrome Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Pinterest

Although small, this attic kitchen looks pretty pleasant and nice. The monochrome color palette is warmed up with the light wooden floor, and perked up with lively back splash above the stove.

Rustic Scandinavian Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Sarah Klassen

We simply love the rustic Scandinavian style and this kitchen makes us fall in love with it even more. Such a tiny, but stylish attic spot, with massive exposed wooden beams paired with soft white kitchen cabinets, and a gorgeous chandelier that adds a wow effect and creates an absolute gorgeous eclectic ambiance.

Dark Blue Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Soso

Lovely attic kitchen setting, with velux windows above the sink, for extra brightness and airy appeal, and dark blue kitchen cabinets that display bold and rich appearance, complemented by the brown floor that warms up the spot creating perfect balance in the setting.

Fresh Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Glub Dub

Really fresh and super airy ambiance in this kitchen is due to the big velux windows on the roof and the bright blue back splash color that strikes through this all white kitchen setting, and adds to the freshness, cleanness and pureness of this spot.

Incredible Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Beautiful Homes Designs

Such a pleasant and nice ambiance in this attic kitchen, isn’t it? A perfect balance between natural colors, elements, and textures and the exposed beam ceiling as a main charmer in the spot. Small but amazing kitchen design.

Rustic Wooden Attic Kitchen Design

Image Source: Rom For Deg

This dramatic rough wood attic kitchen is pretty impressive. Its dark appeal and rustic cottage ambiance are quite striking, at the same time warm and cozy, due to the natural elements and the stone fireplace inside it.