17 Charming Farmhouse Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

17 Charming Farmhouse Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

When it comes to your kitchen style and decor, if you want to create an extremely warm and welcoming appearance in this spot of your home, than you should consider choosing the farmhouse design for it. Farmhouse design is probably the warmest, most welcoming and country-comfort design that you can possibly imagine for your kitchen. It tends to focus on natural materials, unpretentious design and appeal and somewhat down-home look. Most certainly it will be complemented with a large cooking space to accommodate large meals. We are really pleased by this lovely and charming style, so we decided to collect a showcase of several gorgeous kitchen designs, in order to inspire you in choosing farmhouse style for your own cooking space. Take a look at them and enjoy!

Serene Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Image Source: Ninja Cam

Just notice the sleek and gorgeous lines of this bright looking kitchen design. It has the farmhouse inviting and welcoming appeal, and a doze of sophistication for the perfect balance between the appealing and comfortable.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Vk

This traditional Colonial looking kitchen in a farmhouse style is a lovely example of how how this kind of style can be an all time classic, and the design- an evergreen.

Fresh Green Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Anglers

This charming green farmhouse-style kitchen design radiates with fresh and lovely look. The nice color combo and wooden materials contribute to the nice, warm and inviting ambiance in this spot.

Sophisticated Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Decosee

A great example of a super-modern design of a down-country farmhouse look, that displays a both welcoming ambiance in a sophisticated designed space. A perfect mix for a complete guess in your kitchen.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Image Source: Go Pix Pic

This farmhouse inspired kitchen design is also complemented with the adorable vintage charm. That’s why it looks so warm, pleasant and welcoming.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Vk

The inevitable charm and warmth of the rustic style complements this farmhouse kitchen and makes it look pretty gorgeous and quite welcoming.

Pastel Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Image Source: Decosee

The fresh and vibrant appeal of this kitchen radiates with pleasant energy, making this spot look and feel nice, inviting and really comfortable.

Old-fashioned Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Glub Dub

The neutral color palette in this kitchen contributes for the calm, tranquil appearance of the space and the white-washed furniture adds to the character and charm of the design.

Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Soungwiser

This farmhouse kitchen design has got an industrial twist in it, which makes it both cozy and comfortable, and up to date at the same time. On the other hand, the vivid yellow color contributes to the warmth and lively appeal in the spot and all together make a charming, inviting kitchen.

Opulent Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Alamodeus

This Mediterranean-kissed kitchen design in farmhouse style radiates with warmth and grace. The bricks and wood elements of the setting add to the warm and cozy appeal and the metal chandeliers, stools and chairs bring an incredible industrial twist in this room.

Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Midlife Kitchen

Such a lovely, modern looking kitchen design with an adorable farmhouse charm. An incredible mix of the warmth of the farmhouse style and the up to date twist of the contemporary one. Brilliant setting and our personal favorite.

Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Room Ideas

The warmth and cozy appeal of this farmhouse inspired kitchen is incredible. The rough wood kitchen cabinets and island, the brick back splash and wall, the smartly placed lights that add extra warmth… everything is on its right place for the perfect, welcoming ambiance to be created.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Acornetc

We were amazed by this kitchen’s design. What we love the most is its sleek, yet rustic appeal, with the traditional look and unexpected wooden moments and wood beam ceiling. The stone wall is a pretty nice decoration as well.

Inviting Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Home in Tradition

This simple, yet gorgeous oak kitchen in farmhouse style radiates with warmth and cozy feel. What we love the most is the kitchen island, that is complemented with small rocks, that make it looks so unique and charming.

Distinctive Farmhouse Kitchen Design

 Image Source: Forum da Casa

The distinctive appearance of this kitchen has left us speechless. How come a kitchen back splash and island can be so interesting and vibrant? The wooden kitchen cabinets and wall add to the charm of the space and create a unique and distinctive ambiance.

Warm Lovely Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Image Source: Yoyo Wall

So cozy and nice isn’t it? Amazing wooden kitchen design that resembles farmhouse style. The warm colored stone wall that matches the kitchen color is a great contribution to the warm and gorgeous appeal of the overall appearance.