18 Briliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas

18 Briliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Naturally, the size of the kitchen in many cases is a crucial factor for the functionality of the interior and the aesthetics of the same, but not exclusively. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a spacious and big kitchen, and if you are one of the people who has a small sized kitchen, you are on the right place to be. Thanks to the smart and brilliant design tricks, you can manipulate with the small size of your kitchen and visually create a bigger kitchen. Utilizing the maximum of the space and creating an optimal and compact kitchen is a matter of arranging the appliances in your kitchen. Besides, you can always use a little help form the color palette, which can help you to visually enlarge the kitchen. Therefore, the small size of the kitchen does not mean that the kitchen is fated to be cluttered and unfunctional, in contrary by smartly arranging the appliances you can create a beautiful and compact kitchen. In order to help you, we are going to present you a smart showcase of 18 brilliant small kitchen ideas. Enjoy!

Beautiful Narrow Kitchen

Image Source: Alvede

The galley structure of this kitchen has provided it with compact and functional nature, and the door positioned in the center of the room sets a great position to bring natural sunlight. The bright and natural colors of the appliances create a visual illusion of a larger place, and the white wall opens up this ktichen and makes it wider.

Compact Small Kitchen

Image Source: We Heart It

Even though small, this kitchen looks so compact and adorable that is mind blowing. The arrangement of the kitchen furniture and the appliances has created a a compact and functional ambiance in the kitchen, and the white color of the cabinets visually enlarge the place and provide it with bright and airy appearance.

Contemporary Black Small Kitchen Design

Image Source: House Beautiful 

Black is not the best color to choose if you are limited with small space kitchen, because black tone tends to limit the space and make it smaller but this kitchen is an exception to the rule. The skylight on the ceiling is responsible for the visual illusion of a larger space, and the neat and sleek appearance of this kitchen has helped to the place to look visually larger.

Cute Small Kitchen Idea

Image Source: Style Motivation

The arrangement of the appliances in this kitchen is really genious and smart and has provided this kitchen with visual illusion of a larger space. The kitchen table set up in the middle of the kitchen, creates a center in the place and provides it with natural and compact feel. The white backsplash also has a major role in providing this place with an illusion of a larger place.

Ikea Small Kitchen Design

Image Source: Ikea

This small kitchen, designed by the geniouses from Ikea doesn’t look small at all, thanks to the bright color palette consisting of a creamy white and pastel blue which are beneficial for creating a visual illusion of a larger place. Mediteranean and Farmhouse bring charm and cheery note to this small kitchen.

Industrial Small Kitchen Idea

Image Source: Bhg

The homeowners of this small kitchen has solved the puzzle of arranging a small kitchen by placing the appliances into a galley structure. The industrial setting and cold white color palette bring bright and lighthearted ambiance in this beautiful kitchen

Light and Airy Small Kitchen Design

Image Source: Home New Decor

White walls, white cabinets, metal appliances and natural wooden floor, galley structure and sliding glass doors is the formula of decorating a small kitchen and transforming a tight space into a compact and beautiful, bright kitchen. This small kitchen looks lovely, airy and extremely refreshing.

Light Narrow Kitchen Design


Image Source: Chanell4

The window as a focal point of this kitchen has a major role in providing the place with natural sunlight and therefore creating a visual illusion of a larger space. The light blue cabinets additionally bring a fresh and a perky note in this adorable tiny kitchen. The n shape of the cabinets provides this kitchen with compact and functional structure.

Modern Small Kitchen Idea

Image Source: House Beautiful

The subway backsplash tiles contrasting the black and white chest flooring create a balanced and loose ambiance in this kitchen. The sleek white cabinets provide the place with loose and bright appearance and visually enlarge the place. This is a truly modern kitchen with beautiful and tasteful decor.

Natural Small Kitchen

Image Source: Zillow

The kitchen table set in the middle with a comfy cushioned benches set a nice center in this beautiful kitchen. The dominance of natural wood is beneficial for small kitchen, because the wood adds a warm and earthy scent to the place and provide it with suistanble and profound energy.

Open Plan Small Kitchen

Image Source: Houzz

White cabinets and natural oak hardwood is a great combination for decorating small kitchen with bright and natural appearance. The white color reflects bright energy and visually enlarge the size of the elements in the kitchen, and the wood adds a warm and hearty scent which creates a profound and soulful ambiance in the place.

Perky Small Kitchen

Image Source: Interior Decor Lovers

The designers of this kitchen have really worked their way to create a vibrant and cheery appearance of this place in a really genious way. The glossy white cabinets featuring the neon backsplash provides the place with perky and lively ambiance and yet the chest floor creates a great visual effect.

Refreshing Small Kitchen Idea

Image Source: Dhva

The galley structure in combination with the cold, refreshing color palette and warm,natural materials has helped to this amazing kitchen to push the limits of a small space and get an amazing and refreshing appearance of bright and lovely kitchen.

Scandinavian Small Kitchen

Image Source: One Kind Design

The white clean and sleek appearance of this natural kitchen is adorable and featuring the natural sunlight that comes from the floor to ceiling windows provides this place with amazing and cheery ambiance.

Vintage Small Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

This small place extremely cute and astonishing . The red patterened area rug act a big role in this place by providing a birht and perky ambiance in this vintage, adorable kitchen.

Well Lighted Small Kitchen

Image Source: This Old House

Green is a great color for furnishing a small kitchen. The green as a secondary cold color can help you to create an optical illusion of a larger space. The n shape of the cabinets and the chest floor has also helped to this kitchen to get a more spacious appearance.

White Galley Small Kitchen Idea

Image Source: Bhg

This n shaped kitchen with white color and natural wooden floor has an amazing appearance. The stripes are beneficial for visually enlarging the place, so this area rug has a major role in providing the place with an optical illusion of a larger space.

White Small Kitchen

Image Source: This Old House

Completly white kitchen is the right move for small spaces. The white tone will reflect bright and clean energy which will help you to create a visual larger kitchen.