18 Contemporary Kitchen Designs with Brick Backsplash

18 Contemporary Kitchen Designs with Brick Backsplash

Backsplash is the focus of the kitchen and usually is the zone that creates the specific identity and style of the interior, and it depending of its material it can work as a great accent in the kitchen. For an urban and industrial feel in the kitchen, brick backsplash is the real thing. The brick backsplash with rough and rustic nature works as a contemporary appearance booster. Due to the industrial and rustic nature of the exposed bricks, you can warm up the ambiance in the kitchen and create a cozy feel of the interior. In case you are choosing to remodel the kitchen or you are bored with your old backsplash, brick backsplash can be a hot change in your kitchen space. Below, you can check out a 20 Contemporary Kitchen Designs with Brick Backsplash. Enjoy!

All White Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:Digs Digs

Tall kitchen with all white color scheme and rustic setting has pulled of perfectly the painted white bricks as a backsplash. The built in floating shelves between the rough painted white bricks add industrial feel in the serene and natural kitchen.

Attic Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source: Sadecor

The visual appearance is surely enhanced with a rich accent of the rustic brick backsplash that breaks through boldly in the all white kitchen with rustic setting. The brick backsplash acts as a focal point in this kitchen and makes an urban and bold statement.

Bold Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

The industrial and modern setting of this kitchen goes perfectly with the neatly arranged bricks from the backsplash. We love the combination of walnut wood kitchen cabinet matched with the depth and cozy feel of the brick backsplash.

Contemporary Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Here is a perfect example how can you make a rustic break through in a sleek and contemporary kitchen. The rough, rustic brick backsplash sends a cool and bold statement in the overall modern kitchen decorated with sharp and clean lines.

Functional Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:Green Muze

The range hood is not the main focal point in this functional and cozy kitchen. The rustic brick backsplash creates a cozy and warm appearance and surely strikes with bold and dramatic visual effect in the homey kitchen.

Gloomy Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:Houzz

All the gloom! The grayish and almost black bricks stands as an awesome backsplash in this industrial and utterly daring kitchen. We also love the brass accents that bring chic and splendid in the daring and dramatic kitchen with gray brick backsplash.

Homey Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:decodice

Simple and homey kitchen are the best, right! Notice how simple and casual this white kitchen looks, and the strong, warm brick backsplash creates utterly bold and dramatic visual of the overall cozy and homey interior.

Industrial Kitchen with Painted Brick Backsplash

The rustic and vibrant perk of this kitchen is clearly visible. The painted white brick walls work awesome as a foundation for a galley kitchen, while the painted yellow brick backsplash strike as a focal point and bring color and whimsical note in the beautiful white kitchen.

Italian Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

This surely is one bold an dramatic kitchen. The brick backsplash in brownish shade, enhanced with a ravishing red floating shelf set functionality and a bold statement in the sleek kitchen. The rustic brick backsplash bring cool and bold note in a sleek and stylish kitchen.

Open Plan Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:Lushome

The open plan of this kitchen creates cozy and family feel of the interior, the several black framed windows add industrial and chic note, while the rustic brick backsplash work as a main charmer and creates perfect backdrop for the floating white shelves that add functionality and sleek outlook of this place.

Rustic Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

The blend of serene and industrial look simply stunning in the overall bright and sleek kitchen. painted white brick backsplash creates a perfect and bold foundation with a specific rustic, industrial feel.

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:Digs Digs

The combination of rustic, vintage and eclectic has provided this kitchen with blissful and vibrant appearance. The opulent brick backsplash works as a rich accent in the bright and eclectic kitchen, and brings vibrant and cheery feel in the interior.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:ohomedesign

Typical Scandinavian kitchen with gallery concept and all white color scheme has break the monochrome appearance with the rough texture of the painted brick backsplash which works as a bold and solid visual effect in the airy Scandinavian kitchen.

Sleek Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:Digs Digs

We love the simplicity and yet the bold modern outlook of this overly black kitchen with perfectly arranged brick backsplash. The fierce black cabinets create bold and contemporary ambiance in the interior, while the focal point brick backsplash adds urban and cozy feel in the modern kitchen.

Spacious Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:AD

The elegant setting along with the several arched window creates a bold and splendid outlook of this spacious kitchen, while the dark brick backsplash bring vibrant vibe and strike with urban and industrial feel in the elegant kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Image Source:Homedit

We love the advanced aesthetic appearance of the brick backsplash and how it stands as a bold focal point and backdrop in the overall classic yet modern, creamy kitchen.

Urban Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

The dynamic of clean lines and noise from the wooden work top kitchen island is perfectly sublimed with the neatly arranged brick backsplash which adds a cool and vibrant feel in the small but super contemporary kitchen.

White Kitchen with Black Brick Backsplash

It is really ingeniously how the black and rustic brick backsplash vibrantly breaks through the all white glossy kitchen and strikes with rustic, industrial and dramatic. The black brick backsplash works as a truly bold and dramatic focal point in this sleek and modern kitchen.