20 Refreshing Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

20 Refreshing Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Choosing a paint color for the kitchen should be usually concerned only by your perception for colors and their reflection of different energy. Most often, people don’t want to experiment with distinctive color scheme in the kitchen and go by the secure option, choosing a neutral color scheme for the kitchen. Anyhow, if you want to create a kitchen with distinctive and vibrant energy, you should choose a sustainable color scheme, and we have just the paint color you need for that manner: Blue. Blue applied in the kitchen can act as a real charmer, it would provide a vibrant and fresh ambiance in the kitchen and can surely improve the aesthetics of the kitchen. Blue in the kitchen acts as a splash of freshness and works really in brighten up the kitchen, providing it with vibrant and cool notes. In order to inspire you, we’ve gathered a list of 20 Refreshing Blue Kitchen Design, which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Adorable Blue Kitchen

Image Source: The Design File

The utterly warm and pleasant appearance of this kitchen comes as a result of matching a natural wood and distinctive turquoise color scheme. This kitchen has attained both freshness and warm ambiance as a courtesy of the two shades with completely different nature, while mixed together create a splash of freshness and relaxing energy.

Amazing Aqua Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Gillden

This bright and amazingly vibrant kitchen reflects perky and outstanding ambiance due to the smart combination of blue color scheme, natural oak wood and floral patterns. The blue floral wallpaper, breaks through the plain blue wall and acts as a striking complement in the kitchen interior, providing the place with nice visual effect and adding lively and ecstatic note in the place. The oak wood kitchen table soothes the excessive amount of energy and provides this kitchen with the needed balance.

Blue and White Kitchen

Image Source: Coastal Living

The combination of blue and white is a synonym for freshness and vibrant, as you can see from this amazing blue and white kitchen. The white cabinets works in way in visually enlarging the interior, providing it with sleek and pure appearance and yet the blue noisy backsplash adds a sustainable and vibrant energy complementing to the turquoise blue fridge and oven, creating an outstanding overall appearance of the kitchen.

Charming Blue and White Kitchen

Image Source: Traditional Home

This outstanding kitchen most likely resembles to a beach house kitchen due to the usage of perky, vibrant color scheme and loose rattan materials. The pale blue backsplash tiles with glossy surface work their way through the overall whiteness of the kitchen cabinet and work as a great, vibrant backdrop of the place. The blue cushions just accent the blue prevalence in the place and complement the airy, coastal ambiance in the interior.

Charming Ivory Blue Kitchen

Image Source: California Farm House

We love the subtle charm that the baby pastel blue walls has created in this soft and romantic kitchen. The pastel blue wall in combination with the hardwood floor create a great contrasting effect, of fresh and warm ambiance and provide the pale kitchen with profound balanced and relaxing ambiance.

Contemporary Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Living-Kitchens

If you want to create a contemporary kitchen and yet keep the warm and vibrant soul of the place, this shade of blue is what you are looking for. The distinctive, deep turquoise blue which is clearly dominant in this kitchen creates an amazing and vibrant ambiance. The turquoise kitchen island matching the sleek and contemporary kitchen cabinets and the blue velvet kitchen stools creates the amazingly modern and profound ambiance in this kitchen.

Contemporary Indigo Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Homedepot

Indigo Blue is the color of classy and chic interiors, which you can notice from this fabulous kitchen. The contrast of indigo blue and snowy white creates a clean and sharp energy in the kitchen interior. The white soothes the excessive and dynamic energy that comes from the vibrant indigo shade and provides the kitchen with balanced ambiance and sophisticated appearance.

Country Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Kitchen Today

Here is another example of how colors of different nature can create harmony and peaceful ambiance in the kitchen interior. The vibrancy of the indigo blue matched together with the warm brown wooden panel creates a visually pleasant and warm appearance of this cottage inspired kitchen.

Farmhouse Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Hgtv

The baby blue has major role in providing this farmhouse kitchen interior with perky and relaxing ambiance. The baby blue kitchen cabinets along with the kitchen island create a lively and opulent ambiance in the place and break through the white plain appearance of the wall.

Fresh Blue Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

We love the vibrant and fresh perk of this kitchen. The loose and cheery ambiance is due to the blend of various blue shades and geometric patterns which creates a nice visual effect in this utterly fresh and beautiful kitchen. The ultra marine backslash tiles create a beautiful and modern foundation and the blue plaid patterns and the blues from the chair just complement to the white appearance and bring additional vibrant and perky note in the kitchen.

Gloomy Blue Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

At first glance you can sense a specific gloomy and excessively dynamic ambiance that comes as a result of the over usage of the indigo blue shade. Lucky, the designer of this kitchen was smart enough to apply a lot of white in order to ease the heaviness of the blue shade and create a balanced, vibrant and contemporary ambiance in the kitchen.

Industrial Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Seraga Munik

We love the ambiance that prevails in this utterly loose and beautiful kitchen interior. The derringer has applied pastel blue in amazing arrangement with light oak wood details and striking industrial elements that creates a new level of this kitchen. The layer of blue finds a way through the metallic and wooden materials in this kitchen and creates vibrant and perky ambiance followed by ecstatic note of the open plan layout of the kitchen.

Ivory Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Real Simple

The ivory blue is perfectly applied in the luxurious and classy kitchen interior in manner to provide the interior with soft and loose ambiance. The ivory blue and its distinctive and pure nature has filled this kitchen interior with immense amount of perky and vibrant energy.

Light Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Hooked On Houses

Here is another example of merging pastel blue with warm honey wood in order to achieve the balance of fresh and warm kitchen interior. This kitchen looks cheery and loose due to the perfect scale attained of the white cabinets, blue kitchen cart and warm oak wood floor.

Luxurious Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Classical Kitchens

The dynamic ambiance in this kitchen is outstanding, right? The indigo blue walls which sets up a classy and luxurious setting in the place are balanced with the creamy white kitchen island and created a vibrant and perky ambiance in this gorgeous and splendid kitchen.

Modern Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Coastal Home Architects

We love the sleekness of the navy blue backslash tiles and the intensity that they create in this utterly white kitchen. The navy blue back splash works as a striking element in the place and draw the attention to the clean lined white cabinets which provide this kitchen interior with amazingly fresh ambiance.

Refreshing Blue Kitchen

Image Source: The Designers Muse

How perky and lively is this adorable kitchen, right? The turquoise wall work as a fresh base and open ups the place visually by providing it with vibrant and perky notes. The striped area rug breaks through the plain appearance, provide the kitchen with interesting texture and creates an ecstatic aspect of the place.

Retro Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Optimise Design

Here is another example of navy blue in combination with a creamy white and how they react together in a kitchen interior. The country theme applied in this kitchen totally adapts the navy blue color scheme and creates balanced and fresh appearance in this amazing kitchen.

Sleek Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Anthony Baratta

The pale blue backsplash creates an outstanding backdrop and solid foundation in this soft and cozy kitchen. The distinctive blue shade creates the vibrant and fresh ambiance that is dominant in this modern kitchen interior.

Traditional Blue and White Kitchen

Image Source: Elle Decor

We love the combination of color shades and patterns in this amazingly fresh and beautiful kitchen. The blue chess floor in combination with the blues arranged perfectly in the kitchen creates perky and light ambiance in this beautiful kitchen.