20 Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

20 Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional kitchen design is what happens when modern meets the natural and creates a beautiful and light appearance with a warm and cozy note. Traditional kitchen most often applies to a place where the entire family will gather in the morning and enjoy at breakfast or other meal. Traditional kitchen features spacious kitchen including diner and often relates to the family kitchen. A traditional kitchen is usually the hub of the home where all of the family gathers, laughs, plans the day. Therefore, the traditional kitchen requires soft tones and natural materials, as well as a smart usage of the place. Traditional kitchen most often includes kitchen islands as the main element in the place and simple, classic kitchen cabinets. Take a look in the below list of 20Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas and choose the design that leaves you in awe.

Beautiful classical Kitchen

Image Credit: The Small Kitchen Design

The beautiful and subtle texture of the creamy cabinets in combination with striking and bold kitchen island with additional shelves create a balanced and charming feel of this kitchen. The arched windows bring natural light and brightness inside which provides this kitchen with natural and airy ambiance.

Black and White Traditional Kitchen

Image Credit: Bhg

The contrasting colors of the sleek white cabinets and the black kitchen island with sleek gloss work top provide this place with both modern and natural appearance. The oak floor is the essence of the warm and cozy feel of this kitchen.

Bright Kitchen Design

Image Credit: Sort a Decor

The sunny appearance of this cozy kitchen comes from the bright yellow kitchen cabinets with a matching kitchen island with a glass work top. The monochromatic appearance does not create a dull and boring ambiance as it expect, but a pleasant,lively and charming feel.

Bright Traditional Kitchen Design

Image Credit: Hgtv

The enormous kitchen island with a beautiful wooden foundation and textured gloss work top is surely the essence and striking point of this family, traditional kitchen. The stonework in the middle of the kitchen provides a rustic and a craftsman feel in the place.

Casual Creamy kitchen

Image Credit: Bhg

The creamy and soft tones have a major impact on providing this kitchen with an adorable and airy note. The round kitchen island with the natural kitchen bar chairs adds a natural and fresh appeal to the place.

Colorful traditional kitchen

Image Credit: Homes and Gardens

The bold combination of tangerine cabinets matching the sky blue walls provides this kitchen with two different energy which merge together and create one complete balance and beautiful feel of this traditional family kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Design

Image Credit: SecondShoutOut

The natural sunlight that comes from the large windows provide this spacious kitchen with natural and airy appearance. The striped area rug is a great accent for adding a fresh and cool ambiance in the place, while the big black kitchen island provides the kitchen with formal and serious, traditional note.

Kitchen with a Coffered Ceiling

Image Credit: Knowng

The high valued ceiling with a wood beams are surely the focal point of this beautiful traditional kitchen. The dominance of the white and creamy tones in combination with the walnut floor brings a warm and natural feel of this kitchen.

Modern-Day Traditional Kitchen

Image Credit: Bhg

This is a really charming and beautiful, traditional kitchen design. The white elements go perfectly with the oak floor and are creating a pleasant and charming appeal of this place.

Spacious Traditional kitchen

Image Credit: Traditional Home

The spacious place is really widely used in this beautiful traditional kitchen. The dark wooden kitchen island is the focal point and in combination with the additional kitchen bar adds a sumptuous and beautiful ambiance in this classic kitchen.

Traditional Beautiful Kitchen

Image Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

The dark turquoise cabinets in combination with the striking white kitchen bar and the hardwood floor provide this place with calm, natural and relaxing feel.

Traditional green kitchen with range cooker

Image Credit: Sunset

The colorful blue and green backsplash add a vibrant note in the kitchen and the vintage range cookers provide the place with beautiful and retro appearance.

Traditional Kitchen with Blue Accents

Image Credit: Indulgy

The accent ceiling lights matching the cushions of the kitchen bar stools in combination with the white details and dark walnut floor creates beautiful and awe-inspiring design of this kitchen.

Traditional Natural Kitchen

Image Credit: Sortachen

This is a bright, natural and amazing traditional kitchen with smart usage of the place, amazing visual effects and creative match of colors and textures.

Traditional soft grey kitchen

Image Credit: Housee to Home

The Scandinavian accents on the backsplash and the unique decorative plates add a traditional and antique note in this serene white and fresh kitchen with vintage feel.

Traditional Spanish Colonial Kitchen

Image Credit: TheSpanishKitchen

The painted vibrant blue kitchen island with additional work top in combination with the oak cabinets and the orange floor tiles is a typical decor for one traditional Spanish kitchen.

Traditional white kitchen

Image Credit: Ideal Home

The serene appeal of this beautiful traditional kitchen is due to the natural sunlight and the smart arrangement of monochromatic elements with the white floor tiles.

White Gloss and Oak Floor Kitchen

Image Credit: Beautiful Homes

The modern chandelier in combination with the kitchen diner and beautiful white cabinets creates a sleek and traditional appearance of this kitchen.

White kitchen with painted units in blue and grey

Image Credit: House to Home

The grey colors of the cabinets bring a bit of a lively and creative note into this kitchen.

White Traditional Kitchen

Image Credit: Beautiful Kitchens

The three identical ceiling lights set up a symmetrical and sleek appearance in this kitchen and regarding to the white monochromatic ambiance create a lively and traditional feel of the place.

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