Beautiful Kitchen Ceiling Light Design Ideas

Beautiful Kitchen Ceiling Light Design Ideas

When creating a comfortable and well decorated kitchen, one of the fundamentals that you have to consider is the lighting. A well lighted kitchen is a well decorated kitchen. The ceiling lighting in the kitchen is immensely important, because it will not only illuminate the place, but it will also improve and enhance the aesthetics of the same. The ceiling lights are very advisable for creating a bright and well-illuminated ambiance in the kitchen. Besides, the design of the lighting fixture will have a big role in providing the place with a specific style and appearance, it will directly add to the appeal of the kitchen. Below, you can take a look in a showcase of interesting and pretty kitchen ceiling light designs which may serve as an inspiration. Let the light in!

Amazing Industrial Pendant Lights

Image Source: Decandyou

The industrial design of these beautiful steel pendant lights bright up this natural kitchen and adds a daring and dramatic setting in the place. The industrial pendants act as a striking complement to this bright and natural kitchen and provide the place with bolder and more industrial concept.

Charming White Pendant Lights

Image Source: Rhona Peterson

These amazing and serene lighting pendant in white fabric with a modern and creative design, add a really charming and beautiful note to this formal and traditional kitchen. The white ceiling pendants are both illuminating this kitchen and providing it with a modern and elegant accent.

Chic Pink Pendant Lights

Image Source: Hac0

The pinkish cylindrical pendants acts as a great focal point in this white plain kitchen, therefore providing the place with more vivacious and vibrant appearance. The pink color of the pendants contrasting the white appearance, has a major role in providing this place with the lively and vibrant feel.

Classical Pendant Lights

Image Source: Finne Architects

The symmetrical order of the modern led pendants adds a contemporary note in this wooden kitchen. It is a good thing that the pendants are placed above the kitchen island, since they are setting the center of the kitchen and providing the place with a modern and bold concept.

Copper Pendant Lights

Image Source: Peerflix

This is another example of super industrial copper pendants which play a major role in providing the kitchen with bold and dramatic appearance. This copper pendants are striking complement to this traditional kitchen and act as a great focal point and accent lighting in this traditional kitchen.

Elegant Ceiling Pendant

Image Source: Tenortile

The classic lamp alike pendants set in the middle of the kitchen act as a great complement tot he white and bright sitting in this kitchen. This classic and yet charming pendant is providing this kitchen with an elegant and beautiful note.

Industrial Ceiling Light

Image Source: Hyrum McKay Bates Design

The mixture of different ceiling lights such as the tiny lighting fixture in combination with the two big pendants has created a really stunning and awe inspiring ambiance in this beautiful light kitchen. The lighting solution in this kitchen is great and its industrial design has added a daring and dazzling appearance of the place.

Light Green Patterned Pendant

Image Source: Decoist

The subtle design of this beautiful and light-hearted pendant with green floral pattern provide this charming natural kitchen with vibrant and lively feel. The pendants with white foundation adopt in the lightest setting of this beautiful farm house inspired kitchen.

Modern Ceiling Pendants Light

Image Source: Chris Nook

The super contemporary and chic design of these pendants is simply exquisite. These distinctive and extremely modern pendants are both providing this kitchen with light and with a super contemporary and chic appearance. The chic pendants also acts as a focal point in this plain white kitchen.

Natural Kitchen with Chandelier

Image Source: Usestak

Adding a wrought iron chandelier with antique note is the ultimate solution for kitchens of any style and setting. The chandelier will utterly change the concept of your kitchen and add a sophisticated and elegant feel in it. These chandeliers bring a beautiful and charming note in this traditional kitchen.

Oversized Pendant Light

Image Source: Zero Energy Design

The oversized white pendants are a great lighting solution for everyone who want to create modern and unique appearance in the kitchen. These two white pendants with oversized design act as a great focal point in this natural and beautiful kitchen.

Retro Ceiling Pendant Lights

Image Source: 186 Lighting Design Group

These pendants are exceptionally beautiful with distinctive and retro design. The orange color of the pendant add a vibrant and lively feel into this rustic and cottage inspired kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen with Clasical Pendant Lights

Image Source: Hgtv

The design of these beautiful pendants adapts perfectly in the rustic and formal setting of this dark brown kitchen. The distinctive design of the pendants adds a daring and dramatic ambiance in the place.

Stylish Pendant Lights

Image Source: Lamps Plus

The exceptional modern and contemporary design of this transparent round pendants provide a daring and chic ambiance in this traditional and light kitchen.

Vivacious and colorful pendant lighting

Image Source: Heals

The bright and ecstatic colors of the pendants provide a lively and vibrant appearance in this warm and cozy kitchen.

Lighting is really important in the kitchen, the design of the ceiling lights is also very important. Therefore, where you about to choose a ceiling light for your kitchen, take a look at the showcase below and maybe you will find the right solution for your kitchen.