Small Kitchen Remodels- 12 Before and After Ideas

Small Kitchen Remodels- 12 Before and After Ideas

Kitchen remodeling may sound “nightmarish,” but sometimes is an inevitable process that your kitchen must undergo. Kitchen is the most used room in the house and therefore requires reliable amenities and smart organization. However, sometimes regardless of how solid and organized your kitchen is, it will be necessary to do a makeover. Small kitchens are prone to remodeling and renovation. Anyway, if you know your priorities and know what you want from your new kitchen, you will be able to transform your kitchen from zero to her. In order to inspire you and show you that small kitchen remodels are not scary as they sound, we prepared a showcase that we will call “Pimp my Kitchen,” just for fun sake. Nevertheless, bellow you can check a jaw drooping, from pumpkin to carriage transformations that may inspire you.

Before : Outdated Space

This kitchen screams “I need a remodel badly,” Even though the kitchen looks fairly clean, it has an outdated cabinets and old amenities that obviously needed a replacement. Pale color scheme and bad organization brought the kitchen to the level of soulless appearance.

After: Modern and Refreshing

Image Source: DIy Network

Can you believe it’s the same kitchen?- Its pretty amazing, right? The homeowners completely have changed the layout and applied a new more functional layout that works way better for the small interior. Stacked stone backslash and brand new black kitchen cabinets provide the interior with dramatic contrast and dramatic transformation. Well Done!

Before: Monochrome and Dull

The small corner kitchen looks cluttered and malfunction. The vinyl floor looks damaged and the visibly old monochromatic counter tops desperately need a replacement.

After: Bold And Outstanding

Image Source:Bhg

The homeowner completely transformed the dull kitchen into a modern and functional interior ona budget, and it’s really amazing. The outdated vinyl was replaced by a new wood alike chocolate colored vinyl that brings solid foundation to the interior. The kitchen cabinets got new fancy, fierce black covers, recycled glass counter top bring modern note in the place, and the double sink boosts the functionality of the small kitchen.

Before :Flavorless and Outdated

The pool blue color hurts our eyes, literally. This kitchen looked flavorless and tacky, with old cabinets and wrong color scheme.

After: Cheery and Urban

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The homeowners attained to transform the dull and outdated kitchen into a super contemporary and functional interior. the bad color scheme is replaced by a sophisticated creamy paint with whimsical murals. The kitchen got new counter-tops, new layout, new setting and completely new and amazing appearance.

Before: Monochrome and Worn-Out

Even though the interior looks clean and with solid layout it lacks a soul, pattern and color. The monochrome appearance is overwhelming and dull.

After – Contemporary and Neat

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So, the homeowners turned the monochromatic dull kitchen into superbly vibrant and modern kitchen. The white framed glass cabinets bring lively and vibrant allure to the refreshing interior. The colorful mosaic backslash, matched with creamy subway tiles bring pattern and color in the interior.

Before -Cluttered and Cramped

This kitchen was really in a bad shape. The color scheme decrease the already small visual appearance and bring heaviness in the interior. The amenities were old and malfunction and the overall appearance is cramped and messy.

After: Ultra Contemporary and Natural

Image Source:Bhg

It’s simply unbelievable what a remodeling can do to a place. The kitchen looks as brand new with superb creamy subway tiles, oak wood cabinets and marble counter tops. The finish of this small kitchen makeover is perfectly done and just leaves in complete awe.

Before Suburban and Tacky

The pale yellow color scheme in combination old kitchen cabinets and cluttered layout provide this kitchen with cramped and outdated appearance.

After: Bright and Inviting

Image Source: Decorating Files

By choosing a new layout, adding mosaic backslash, white wood kitchen island and gray kitchen island this kitchen got a perfect transformation from dull to amazingly fresh and modern.


Before: Cramped and Nonfunctional

This kitchen looked totally doomed. The kitchen cabinets and amenities look ancient old and destroyed and the kitchen table along with the bad colored carpet provide the place with messy and tacky feel.

After: Clean and Inspiring

Image Source:Bhg

Well, this looks way better, right?- The homeowner completely changed the layout and concept of the kitchen and create a beautiful transformation. The navy blue kitchen island instead of the old, dull table makes quite a difference, as well as the floating shelves and clean white color scheme.

Before: Pale and Soulless

The pale,creamy color scheme provide this kitchen with dull and soulless appearance. The place desperateness lacked pattern and color.

After: Opulent and Inviting

mage Source:DIy Network

Why, look at this! This is a completely different kitchen, right? The pale dull white cabinets were replaced with walnut wood and the pale, flavorless backslash was replaced with a new vibrant mosaic backslash that brings vibrant and bold ambiance in the place.

Before: Heavy and tacky

This kitchen looks tacky and heavy. The shape and layout close up the already small kitchen and provides it with cramped and cluttered appearance.

After: Vibrant and Clean

Image Source: Decorating FIles

Now, the kitchen is a synonym for fresh and vibrant interior. The homeowners completely changed the layout and choose a more practical concept. The dull yellow shade was replaced by a fresh and vibrant white and the kitchen got a whole new, charming and vibrant appearance.

Before: Outdated and Old

The dark color scheme consisting of black tiled backsplash and brownish cabinets provide this kitchen with heavy and gloomy appearance.

After:Sleek and Vibrant

 Image Source: Country Living

And when the homeowner change the color scheme and instead of gloomy and heavy brownish applied clean white color scheme attained the amazing transformation of the interior. The striped rug bring color and break through the white appearance and the u layout creates functional and vibrant ambiance.

Before: Cluttered and Heavy

Can you believe this place? Is a complete mess and totally cluttered, The ambiance in kitchen was incredibly heavy and it was more then clear that this interior needs a makeover.

After: Organized and Bright

 Image Source:Country Living

Look at this place! The smuggled, heavy interior with old pine cabinets was transform into a beautiful galley kitchen with beautiful wooden paneling, open display shelving and ceramic tiles floor which utterly reflects neat and organized ambiance.