Whimsical Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

Whimsical Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

Try to think of a kitchen that is a mixture of various styles such as: modern, eclectic, rustic and cozy, then add contemporary steel appliances, exposed brick walls, put some sharp steel materials and you will get a bold Industrial kitchen. Industrial style is very discussed and analyzed way of decorating the interior archetype is sort of a reflection of the modern and dynamic way of living with impurity of distinctive and bold elements. The industrial’s paradoxal concept of decorating include, a combination of raw, rustic materials with modern and contemporary elements, thus the distinctive and bold appearance of this style. Industrial kitchen represents merging the old with new, the post modern with modern and the unfinished with finished, featuring a monochrome color palette or contrasting tones such as black and white. Below you can check out the showcase of the most appealing industrial kitchen designs, which may represent this style at its best light. Enjoy!

Black and White Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

The chalkboard placed in the middle wall transcends the monochrome black and white appearance and add a lively character in this small and friendly kitchen. The contrasting white and black details create a balanced and the modern industrial appearance of the kitchen and the light oak wood floor sets the balance and the light ambiance in the place.

Bright Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Bamboo Cabinets

This bright kitchen consists of various levels and layers, some of them modern such as the wooden cabinets and marble kitchen island and some of them rustic such as the bare exposed construction ceiling. Each of these different styled elements complete the industrial appearance of this kitchen and provided with a bright and pleasant concept.

Chic Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Decoracao

This is the exceptionally modern industrial kitchen decorated with distinctive taste and a neutral color palette. The narrow white tiles backsplash create a sleek foundation and the big subway wall clock work as a great focal point. The beauty of this industrial kitchen design is in its simplicity and subtle decor.

Contemporary Open Plan Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Home2Us

The serenity of this open plan industrial kitchen is just overwhelming. The flawless design of this industrial kitchen completes a serene and vibrant ambiance. The painted white brick walls add an industrial and yet sleek appearance in the place and the stainless steel appliance provide the place with a vibrant and contemporary note.

Contemporary Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Castlery

This narrow kitchen has a really opulent concept of industrial decorative elements. The exposed construction beam sets the dramatic setting in the place and in combination with the stainless steel appliances and sleek white backsplash tiles complete the complex and smart industrial appearance of this creative and bold kitchen.

Cool Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Digs Digs

One of the most important things that one industrial kitchen requires is a spacious place that most likely relate to a warehouse. Looking at this picture you assume that this kitchen has acquired the most important element. The reclaimed wood kitchen table adds a rustic and industrial note and complete the bold and cool appearance of this kitchen.

Cozy Industrial Kitchen with chalkboard

Image Source: Divine Kitchens LLC

This kitchen reflects the cozy and warm ambiance and is designed with traditional kitchen cabinets and appliances but is decorated with industrial influences. The chalkboard breaks through the formal and traditional appearance and brings the industrial feel in the kitchen. The vibrant blue work top of the kitchen island add a lively and bright note to the place.

Dark Blue Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Kustomate

This is a really creative and appealing industrial kitchen design. The painted brick walls with a distinctive deep blue color creates a vibrant and a deep ambiance in the place. Moreover the statement kitchen island with recycled nature and rustic appearance works as a superior focal point of the place.

Industrial Kitchen with Chalkboard

Image Source: Interior Design Sense

Chalkboard as a backsplash and Telephone Bunk as a kitchen appliance was introduced to this quirky industrial kitchen with distinctive style. The metal kitchen stool with upholstered seat adds to the lively and the opulent decorative palette of this extremely bold and beautiful industrial kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen with vaulted Ceiling

Image Source: Parker House Inc.

This kitchen reflects a powerful and vibrant ambiance due to the smart and bold industrial setting. The vaulted ceiling and natural wood floor set the rustic note of the kitchen and the stainless steel kitchen island and the contemporary kitchen bar stools complete the industrial and contemporary appearance of the place.

Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Esther Hershcovich

This is a bright and airy kitchen decorated with impurity of industrial decorative elements. The chalkboard works as a great focal point and bold industrial note in the place. And the stainless steel elements add a contemporary note and break through the plain appearance of the white walls.

Industrial Loft Kitchen

Image Source: Moss Architecture | Design | Green

This is spacious and beautiful industrial kitchen design set to inspire. The wooden roof beams along with the natural wood paneling add the rustic ambiance and the white marble kitchen island, contrasting with a modern and sleek note, which completes the industrial appearance of this vibrant kitchen.

Lively Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Interior and Design

Industrial kitchen with vintage ambiance is always a fun and creative place to see. The bright pastel blue accents provide the place with playful and whimsical appearance, and the recycled wood and iron kitchen island set the rustic and industrial feel of the place.

Open Plan Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Home Designing

In this open plan kitchen you can notice a serene and sleek ambiance which is simply amazing. The sleek appearance of this industrial kitchen is due to the stainless steel appliances and yet the creative ceiling lights add a dramatic and modern note in the place.

Scandinavian Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: The Conran Shop

White backsplash tiles along with a the the stainless steel kitchen island introduces a modern and contemporary note in this modern industrial kitchen.

Simple Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Jacqeulene Morabito

This beautiful industrial kitchen with the dominance of the white color has attained a perfect, sleek appearance by incorporating industrial with rustic and vintage. The white painted wood floor along with the recycled wooden kitchen island provide the place with charming and awe inspiring appearance.

Sleek Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Caesarstone US

This industrial kitchen has a beautiful and modern concept of decor. The bold natural wood floor in combination with the presence of stainless steel cabinets creates a great visual effect and provides this place with modern and sleek ambiance.

Vintage Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: JJ Location

The vintage nature of this industrial kitchen is hard not to notice and love. The designer of this kitchen has made a genius move by adding repurposed cabinets and vaulted ceiling light.

White Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Digs Digs

This industrial kitchen with a chic appearance looks super modern and charming. The minimalist nature of the place in combination with distinctive decorative elements provide the place with bold and modern feel.

So, do you see yourself in an industrial decorated kitchen? Which of these whimsical industrial designs you find most appealing? See more kitchen designs on Smart Kitchen Designs with peel and stick kitchen backsplash