10 Cool Aquatic Themed Living Rooms

10 Cool Aquatic Themed Living Rooms

Summer is definitely just around the corner. Some of you might be moving to new homes or just want some redesigning around your place to invite that great summer feeling into your living room. Summer is the time when we go out and have fun under the sun with friends and when you need to prepare for the days out, you can’t avoid inviting some friends over. If your reception area, commonly known as the living room, brings the best summer feeling, your friends would love to come back and choose your home as a meeting place. We’ve gathered some of the best aquatic-themed living rooms that you can refer to for redesigning or choosing your new home. These rooms do not have a lot of fish designs or underwater elements in them but are generally cool to the eyes and can make you feel you’re just next to water.

Giant Underwater Aquarium Living Room

Image source: Bieicons

Just one look at this large aquarium inside this living room already makes you feel like you’re in the very deep part of the ocean. The single, but space-occupying and enormous aquatic wall changes the monotony that you might find with the furniture used in this room if not for this aquarium or aquatic wall. One element can change the look and feel of a living room.

The Underwater Hang-out

Image Source: Assets Dwell

This room makes you feel like you’re sitting underwater. The sea-weed like plants placed in pots and on that blue vase resembles different kinds of plants we can see underwater. The wood and neutral colored furniture adds balance to the room. You can add paintings of your choice that won’t look too out of place. This is where you can relax, read a book and enjoy the simple life.

Neutral Beach Room

Image source: One Kind Design

With a combination of neutral and blue tones, this living room gives you that calm feeling. The rug which is also a mix of blue and neutral tones gives a balance of warmth and coolness. It kind of resembles the brown sand we see in some beaches. This room has an added elements such as the vase and the paintings which are dominantly blue, giving you a feeling of the coolness of water. Don’t you just want to put some water and drink from that bottle-shaped vase? There’re also some shells which you can use to listen to the calming waves of the sea. This bedroom is perfect for the beach person that you are.

Naturally Mossy Living Room

Image source: Ad Whole

Green is the color they say that you have to stare at when your eyes are tired. This room has a lot of green, mossy color to it symbolizing the natural growth of plants and the blue color found on the pillows and carpet resembles the waves of the ocean. The sofa is made of synthetic material so that it complements the smoothness of the carpet. Don’t you think it be nice to just read about the wonders of the sea and plant life to complete your experience?

Modern Watery Living Room

Image source: Wantbey

One look at this room and you would truly appreciate the modern shape, rectangle type furniture. The blue tinted glass adds the cool feeling of water to an already warm room. The fire place doesn’t look too out of place because this living room is good for both winter and summer. You can go barefoot and feel the wood flooring on your feet. It is a balance of white and blue, warmth and coolness.

Let’s Swim Living Room

Image Source: Jam Seed

With a combination of blue and white, this room might let you say the words, “Let’s go swimming!”. This room has a very relaxing touch to it just like when you stare at a swimming pool, you just definitely want to dive in. This room offers a relaxed experience with the clean white sofa and table. Also, with a balance of green and blue, the blue flowers makes this room perfect for the summer. You can also open the windows and doors for a breath of fresh air.

Royal Blue Living Room

Image source: Ad whole

This room could remind you of Pirates of the Caribbean. The color of the furniture and the chandelier gives the room a sense of royalty and class and that abstract painting on the wall and the bubble accessories on the wooden table could make you think you are inside Titanic. The rhythmic pattern of the carpet creates the perfect feel of this room.

Nautical Resort Living Room

Image source: Elle Decor

This room isn’t too aquatic but nautical. Again, it is a balanced mix of neutral tones and blue, giving out that cool and relaxing feeling to the eyes. The paint of both the floors and doors is also perfect for the material and color of the furniture. It makes you to just want to step outside and swim in an awesome pool with clear water.

Sleek and Clean Living Room

Image source: 2 quick

This room is one of those obsessively and compulsively arranged because the furniture color looks very clean. That rectangle coffee table complements the sleekness of the sofa set and the lamp is something we could call a bubble lamp. Again, we can see that abstract blue and white painting which is common to the previous room we featured. Surely, you do not have to understand what kind of painting is that, we are just after the color.

Grey aquatic living room

Image source: Niezhe

These are just some of the best rooms we’ve seen for the aquatic or water themed category. Be careful with every element you add to your room because it will determine the over all look and feel of it. Use white, blue and neutral tones and cotton or synthetics for the upholstery.