10 Inspiring Living Rooms with Striped Walls

10 Inspiring Living Rooms with Striped Walls

What comes into your mind when you hear the word stripes? Neatness, sophistication, pattern, simplicity? Well, we would have to agree with you. Because of the long and usually uniform lines, the design looks neat and clean. How about adding some wonderful choice of colors? The colors can also determine what message or feeling you would like to convey in your living room. Here are some striped wall living room ideas to give you an idea of how the different colors look in the living room and what colors also look good together.

Beautiful Pink Living Room with Striped Walls

 Image source: Aliexpress

Pink Stripes, as we know it looks very feminine, soft and gentle. If you use a light pink wallpaper and add light colored furniture, then you can definitely achieve a feminine, soft and calm living room.

Black And White Stripes With Modern White Hanging Lamp

 Image source: Franco Techno Gap

It is undeniable that black and white stripes really look good together. First of all, because they contrast each other and we know that contrasting and complementing colors is a good technique for design. This design from Franco Techno Gap looks classy.

Colorful Striped Wall Mural

 Image source: Knaro

A mix of colors is one way to express fun and creativity. MnM’s have wonderful colors which makes eating more fun. You can give your living room a more fun touch and reveal the fun side of you by designing with a Colorful Striped Wall Mural.

Exciting Brown Sofa With Wooden Striped Wall

 Image source: Gaiff

If you have wooden walls and you think that it’s boring to see brown all around the room, you can simply grab some white paint and line templates and create lines on your walls. You can also hire an expert to do an excellent job on your wall design.

Gray Wooden Wall as Stripes

 Image source: Groovexi

This design from Groovexi is probably photoshoped but as you can see, the living room has wooden walls and flooring and the lines of the wood don’t make it look boring.

Guinness Stripes Living Room Wall Papers

 Image source: Interiorpik

Aside from the awesome lighting that was done in this living room, the black and white stripes accentuate the right side of the wall while contrasting it to the simple look of wood walls on the other side. This room also consistently uses black furniture for its decoration.

Joyful Living Room with Assorted Stripes Design

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

If you want to strike a balance in your living room, mix brown with your favorite color. Brown mainly naturalizes any vibrant color that you may like.

Striking Black and White Wall Design

 Image source: Gaiff

If you want to make just a part of your living room look bold, you can choose to design only that part of the room. This design from Gaiff does exactly that. Only the TV wall side is decorated with wide and contrasting stripes.

Terrific Living Room with Striped Wall Colors For Unique Look

 Image source: Gaiff

You can use brown to gold and white stripes to make your living room look warm at night. Also, with the right kind of lighting and furniture, you can achieve a very cozy living room.

White and Gray Living Room Wall Design

 Image source: The Homes

Using gray and white stripes is perhaps your safest choice if you do not want the boldness of using black and white in your living room. With this kind of wall paper, you can put in any kind of furniture as you wish without having to worry about it destroying the overall look of your living room.