10 Modern Chevron Rug Designs for the Living Room

10 Modern Chevron Rug Designs for the Living Room

The key to creating a modern and urban living room is being bold enough to add vibrant and daring colors, texture and the patterns in place. The fun thing about modern interior design is that you can completely change the appearance of the living room and improve the aesthetics of the place by adding a small and simple accessory with bold nature, and if you are following the interior trends then you will know that we talk about chevron rug. Chevron rugs are the ultimate and easiest way to completely beautify the living room and provide it with the super modern statement and cool focal point. The symmetrical and extremely modern nature of the chevron rugs has the power to provide the place with a great visual effect and add a modern accent in the living room. You can find cehvron rugs in ample of various colors and designs because they are very popular nowadays. Take a look at the bellow showcase of 10 chevron rugs and see how they act in the living room. Enjoy.

Adorable Orange Chevron Rug

Image Source: All Modern

The combination of fresh and perky orange color and symmetrical, modern chevron pattern works for creating an amazing and super bold visual effect in this living room. The orange chevron rug provides this living room with both perky and lively appearance with a note of a modern and bold ambiance,

Beige Chevron Rug

Image Source: Hello Amazing

A beige chevron rug can certainly work in a monochrome white living room for breaking through the plain white appearance and providing the place with modern and chic ambiance. This beige chevron rug provides this white living room with a beautiful chic note.

Bohemian Chevron Rug

Image Source: Desire to Inspire

The bohemian design of this vibrant and colorful chevron rug is just outstanding. This boho lively chevron rug is the perfect and reasonable choice for you if you tend to attain an adventurous and bohemian appearance in your living room.

Bold Brown Chevron Rug

Image Source: Bazar of Serendipity

The brown accents of this chevron rug provide the same with a serious and formal note and make this rug a perfect statement rug for every modern and contemporary living room.

Colorful Chevron Rug

Image Source: All Modern

This is a really amazing colorful chevron rug. The bright and lively colors in combination with the chevron pattern can work for creating an eclectic and chic ambiance in your living room.

Contemporary Gray Chevron Rug

Image Source: Jcil

This gray chevron rug is perfect accessory for creating an inviting and friendly ambiance in your living room. The serene and simple design of this chevron rug will provide your living room with loose and light feel.

Daring Yellow Chevron Rug

Image Source: Linzertortes

The bright yellow chevron rug will open up your living room and provide it with bold and modern statement. This yellow chevron rug will look perfect in every lighthearted and friendly living room.

Modern Black Chevron Rug

Image Source: Laurie Flower

The black and white chevron rug works as a striking complement to the living room and can play a major role in providing every traditional and formal living room with modern and cool note.

Refreshing Blue Chevron Rug

Image Source: Ivilage

The mix of colors of this chevron rug is perfect for creating a both modern and refreshing ambiance in the living room. The perky nature of the blue and beige chevron rug will provide your living room with perky and refreshing ambiance.

Stylish Black Chevron Rug

Image Source: Ebay

The narrow design of this black chevron rug makes the same super chic and contemporary. This black chevron rug will surely create a modern and bold ambiance in every contemporary living room.