15 Astonishingly Bright Living Rooms with Skylight

15 Astonishingly Bright Living Rooms with Skylight

Whenever you feel like your living room has become gloomy and dark, don’t break your head over thinking about remodeling, or choosing a new color palette, because that wont help at all. To instantly bright up your living space and alter the entire interior there is only one thing that you can do : Let the Sunshine In and install skylights to the walls. By installing skylights in the living room you will be surprised how you will alter the overall layout and aesthetic appearance of the place, because natural light makes wonders in the interior. There is no better retreat for you living room than providing it with a natural ventilation and with additional sunlight. The skylights will also improve the structure of the walls and instantly boost up the airy and natural ambiance in the living room. There are various ways of installing skylights in the living room, since we cannot show you all of them we narrow the list down to the most inspiring. Check out the below round up of 15 Bright Living Rooms with Skylights and Embrace the Sunshine.

Basement Living Room with Skylight

Image Source: cdlapa

The idea of positioning your living room in the basement is always dismissed by the lack of light in that area. However, that doesn’t stop the designer of this bold living room to create a super modern living space with enough natural sunlight, of course as a curtosey to the skylights on the wall. We also love the combination of contemporary furniture and exposed brick walls with monochrome artworks.

Casual Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: Freshome

Not only that this beautiful living space has a light and clean appearance but is retreated with bunch of natural sunlight and ventilation that comes from the two wide and bold skylights. The skylights have a symmetrically sharp appearance and add contemporary and modern appeal to the sleek and yet casual living room.

Contemporary Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: Love Nordic

This refreshing Nordic living room with fairly unique layout has attained a blend of contemporary charm and natural, airy spark, due to the modern furniture and its arrangement and the skylights on the ceiling that absolutely open up the space and fill it with bright and relaxing ambiance.

Cottage Living Room with Skylight

Image Source: design File

What can we add more than you can see by yourself on the picture. This super natural living room is taking a big place in the New Eco Inspired Interior Design. The accent valued ceiling with natural rustic wood along with skylight create an amazing cottage alike ambiance in the place and the huge lush plant just contribute to the natural and vivid appearance of this amazing living room.

Eclectic Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

This family living room kind of have a cluttered layout and over-usage of dark colors and heavy materials, which without this ingenious skylights will result with gloomy and muggy ambiance. However, the skylights have totally open up this place and soothe the heaviness down with natural sunlight and ventilation.

Family Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: decoist

This spacious light living room is bursting with vibrant and ecstatic ambiance due to the huge skylights that are providing this living room with the bright and airy ambiance. The skylights introduce natural ventilation and sunlight in the big and spacious living room, providing it with relaxing and cool appearance.

Gloomy Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: decoist

The charming gloom that kind off rules in this minimalist living room is provoked by the symmetric skylight covered with drapes in order to prevent excessive sunlight in the place. However, we can just imagine how lovely is the place when the drapes on the skylights are off.

Industrial Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: cca

Heats off to the complete architectural achievement in this divine of a living room. The structure of the walls is flawless and immensely inovative and modern. The architect of the skylights has pushed the limit of symmetry to another level and achieve an amazing sleek and dramatic appearance in this industrial living room.

Magnificent Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: Planete Deco

The subtle freshness and perkiness of this amazing living room, right? – Its overwhelming how this amazing living room has attained a flawless light and relaxing ambiance due to the wide and bold skylights with extremely contemporary nature. The skylights are positioned on the right place on the wall so the sunlight can strike inside and light up the center of the living area.

Mid Century Rustic Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: Bozaround

This is a cool blend of natural, rustic and mid century, resulted with modern space with immensely amount of light and breezy feel. The rustic exposed wood beam ceiling with a miraculous skylight at the centers strikes as a focal point and provides this super modern space with sunlight and airy note.

Modern Living Room with Skylight

Image Source: Home Deigning 

This is highly modern and contemporary living room, furnished in a strictly organized and sharp arrangement with a distinctive and modern decorative palette. The skylights allow the modern living space to breath and provide it with bunch of natural sunlight which has totally open up the place.

Natural Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: Trendir

We totally love how this place is both super modern and super natural. The modern furniture stands out proudly at the center of the living space and the wood ceiling along with the skylights strikes with sunlight, ventilation and add a wondrous natural perk in this modern oasis.

Open Plan Living Room with Skylights

Image Source: Corcoran

Everything in this open plan living room is screaming freshness, sleekness and natural sunlight. The bold structure of the skylights have enhanced the overall appearance of the place and the natural sunlight has provided the interior with soft and airy ambiance.

Small Living Room with Skylight

Image Source: Home Polish

The blurry and kind of dark ambiance in this wood prevalent living room is ingeniously soothed up with the skylights decorated with rustic wood beams. This modern living room has a highly warm and light appearance thanks to the brick walls and the prevalence of wooden materials.

Stylish Living Room with Skylights

Image Source:Crgrafix

The skylights in this creamy and bright family living room have contributed in the whole process of creating a relaxing and airy interior, and they have done a fabulous job.