15 Cozy Living Rooms with French Doors and Windows

15 Cozy Living Rooms with French Doors and Windows

The Living Room is the reception area of the house. It is where our guests are seated when we are getting ready to meet them. It is also the meeting place of the family on weekends and the place where we exchange gifts on holidays. The living room is a very important part of the house. It is advisable to always accord your living room design to the season because the way you design your living room can also affect the temperature and overall feeling that you get from your living room. We’ve featured several ways that you can design your living room. We have also compiled some great choices for furniture and living room design. This time we will feature living rooms that have french doors. The choice of your window also has a big impact in the amount of light that enters your living room. The use of french windows and doors is a great way to increase the amount of sunlight in your living room. Check these pictures out for great ideas.

Amazing Vermont Living Room

 Image source: Yuill Homes

This amazing Vermont Living Room is in a blue theme. This room has a french door and windows which make the outdoors more visible, thus, giving a fresh feeling to the room.

Andersen Living Room with French Door

 Image source: Acrewindows

French doors are also great if you have a veranda or porch. It makes the living room look more airy and inviting to the outdoors. You can also open the doors when it gets a bit warm inside the room.

Beautiful Living Room with Custom French Doors

 Image source: Studio524

This white living room with a glossy wooden floor looks great and refreshing. The use of big french windows in white color is very consistent to the overall relaxing feel of the room.

Bright Penthouse Living Room Arrangement

 Image source: Cococozy

This living room is actually just a part of a multi-million penthouse in NYC. This living room uses a wide area rug and wooden furniture to match the wooden floors for a traditional look.

Classic French Door in Modern Chic Living Room

 Image source: Interior Design Convention

This modern chic living room features a big fireplace, a leather accent sofa and a glass coffee table. The wooden french window also matches the shades of the leather sofa and the giant vase placed near the fireplace.

Gray Living Room with White Glossy Painted Floors and French Doors

 Image source: Cocozy

This Gray Living Room with white glossy flooring looks very neat and clean featuring purely white elements in the room and only a few black elements such as the carpet and the individual sofa. Over-all, we can see some balance with the use of colors and if you look to right and left, the french doors actually add a natural amount of sunlight to makes this living room look inspiring!

Inspirational White and Brown Living Room

 Image source: Living Rooms Picture

If you want your living room to look warm and cozy, the use of wood does the trick. In this design idea from Living Rooms Picture, the room is dominated by wood french windows and a wooden working table which can also be used as a dining table.

Modern Chic Living Room with French Doors

 Image source: Tazatek

This Modern Chic Living Room from Tazatek is a beautiful way to design your living room especially when it is connected to like an extension area outdoors. You can use brown or mocha sectional sofas and add one accent sofa to make it look balanced. To achieve a modern chic look, always go for white french windows.

Modern French Style Living Room

 Image source: Tazatek

This Modern French Style Living Room from Tazatek features a great choice of furniture. The color of the furniture is almost similar to the wall paint and the french windows are designed with beautiful french style curtains.

Neat Living Room with Wooden Flooring and White French Doors

 Image source: Interior Design Convention

Check out this really spacious living room from Interior Design Convention. The use of french doors in this living room plays a big role in the aesthetics of the room. Plus, the glossy wood flooring increases the amount of sunlight entering the living room by reflecting it.

Traditional Living Room Arrangement with Three Tall French Doors

 Image source: Home Posh

This living room arrangement from Home Posh is one of those elegant and traditional styles that we usually see inside a President’s Palace or Hall. There is a consistent use of wood, from the french windows to the furniture in this room.

Traditional Living Room Design with Area Carpet and French Doors

 Image source: Home New Depot

This Traditional Living Room Design from Home New Depot looks laid back. The leather sofas make it look very look traditional. The french doors, however, save the room from looking too old and dull.

Vinyl French Doors for French Country Home Design

 Image source: Studio 524

This beautiful French Country Home design features a stoned fire place area and dark blue to green paint. As you can see, the french windows already serve as part of the wall which gives a beautiful view of the outdoors.

Warm and Cozy Sunlit Living Room

 Image source: Somewhere Down in Texas

In this living room design by Somewhere Down in Texas, we can see natural light streaming from the french window and illuminating the room. It offers just the right amount of sunlight.

Warm Carpeted Living Room with Fireplace

 Image source: 205 Trackers

The lighting design of this living room makes it look very warm. If you notice, the french windows have very small participation in adding light to the living room when the lights are on. You can appreciate more of the beauty of french windows when the sun is out and the lights in the room are off.