15 Cozy TV Room Ideas

15 Cozy TV Room Ideas

Watching movies is one of the best ways that families can bond together. If you do not have the time to plan outdoor activities, you can always design a place in your own house where you and your family can spend some quality time together. Of course, it is important that your TV viewing area is comfortable and spacious enough for the whole family. You have to put in the right elements to make every movie night a great experience. Some living room designs are simply for lounging and do not have TVs as part of their design, this time we will showcase to you some awesome living rooms with TVs or TV viewing areas as your inspiration the next time you do some redecorating in your entertainment room or TV area.

Amazing Grey TV Room Design with Fireplace

 Image source: Tn173

First up is this modern and slightly industrial living room with a wall mounted television. The fireplace in this living room is so awesome it can warm the whole family during winter movie nights. For this type of design, with the right budget, you might also want to consider getting a bigger flat screen TV. It will surely make this room look complete and perfect!

Attractive Contemporary Living Room Design

 Image source: Gettype

Don’t you just love minimalism? This is a modern minimalist TV viewing area. There are comfortable black and white couches where your family or guests can lounge for a wonderful movie experience. That nice paneling behind the TV also adds to the modern look of this TV area.

Black and White Minimalist Design TV Viewing Area

 Image source: Haybert

Here is another minimalist design from Haybert. That modern DVD rack is just amazing and totally well-designed. We love how black and white always looks perfect together!

Contemporary and Modern TV Viewing Area

 Image source: Evtiel

Everything about this room kind of reminds you of your moments in the cafe, just lounging and reading a book. Well, now you can do that in your very own house because this living room design has shades of coffee brown and even has stone details making the room look warm and pleasing. Just add some scent of coffee and it almost feels like your in your favorite coffee shop.

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas With Wood Wall Shelving

 Image source: DesignHome

These wood shelvings are just fabulous. The colors black and brown match the TV border and the area rug. It is almost similar to the living room design that we checked earlier. It also kind of resembles a coffee shop.

Contemporary Warm TV Area Design

 Image source: Tn173

This contemporary living room design is something you would typically see in most homes. It is consistent with the use beige to flesh tones. Even the are rug matches the color of the sofas and the walls. There is nothing really wrong with matching things up, just remember not to over do it.

Cozy Family TV Viewing Room with White Walls and White Furniture

 Image source: MyDecorIdeas

This Living Room design is perfect for big families. A big family needs a big television and this is how your living room should be designed. There is a comfortable sectional sofa and a center table where you can put your fish and dips while watching a great sci-fi movie.

Elegant Brown Themed Family Entertainment Room

 Image source: Iidudu

Well, isn’t this living room pretty spacious? The wooden shelves actually match the sofas while the console table matches the side table and the TV rack.

Exclusive and Modern Entertainment Area

 Image source: Skroutzondeck

We don’t know about you but this living room spells executive. The use of glass to protect the art pieces makes this room look elegant and classy. The dominant use of black for the furniture and the area rug adds to the formality of this room. Black against white, we see that theme again.

Minimalist White Color Scheme Living Room Design with Elegant Wooden TV Wall Unit Design

 Image source: Evtiel

This Wooden TV Unit Design is the it thing for storage and functionality. If your living room is the place where the whole family lounges, then there’s a possibility that it could get a bit messy. To store up all those magazines and tidy up those toys, this tv rack design is the best option for you. This living room is also in white paint and tiles which makes wood look good in it.

Modern Black and White Living Room with TV

 Image source: Evtiel

Here is another apartment type design from Evtiel. This modern design provides for some space for other furniture but gives just the right amount of space for a comfortable TV viewing.

Modern Lounge Interior Design TV Area

 Image source: Zeospot

This Modern Lounging area from Zeospot has some creativity with the use of a pattern design as a border for the TV. The design consists of stars and circles and offers just the right kind of creativity if children also watch television with you. Children can play in front of the television while you keep watching your favorite soap opera.

Modern TV Viewing Area

 Image source: MyDecorIdeas

With the use of vibrant colors and the right kind of lighting, this living room looks awesome. There is touch of creativity to it and doesn’t look boring but rather soft and creative!

Nice Orange TV Viewing Area

 Image source: Tovtov

With the use of orange and yellow tiles, this living room looks vibrant and airy. The furniture is also modern and most of them in regular shapes making the room look very neat and organized.

Simple Yet Complete TV Viewing Area

 Image source: Evtiel

This TV area isn’t as modern as the other designs that we have seen yet check out that viewing system and the really comfortable, dark colored sectional sofa. If you don’t plan on lounging too much in here or in any specific room, a simple comfortable design would just be perfect.

Sleek and Modern Entertainment Area for Singles

 Image source: Skroutzondeck

Who says being single is lonely and sad? Well, if you have a living room such as this, you’d feel awesomely comfortable about the thought of being able to relax and to watch TV by yourself. Check out that three level shelf which is also really stylish and also matches the white boxes just below the television.

Stupendous Wall Mounted Television in Coffee TV Area

 Image source: Gettype

For businessmen, lawyers and professionals, this living room style is perfect for you. You can work here and at the same time, take a break by watching some nice documentaries or comedy movies. This room simply reminds you that you need entertainment despite what kind of job you are in.

Vibrant and Lively TV Room Idea

 Image source: Homylicious

Last but not the least is this wonderful and vibrant living room area which looks modern classic with the use of wood and vibrant colors. That area rug is eye-catching and the TV mount color looks chic. This type of living room is perfect for yuppies!