15 Fabolous Living Room Colors you can choose from

15 Fabolous Living Room Colors you can choose from

People are visual beings, and loving and embracing colors are one of the things that separates from mammals. Colors are everything, colors are feeling, energy, identity and style. Colors have a major impact on your mood and energy, therefore they are essential in every home. Each color is philospy and story for itself, just like each person has its own philosophy and story, that’s what people and colors have in common. It’s essential to choose the color for the living room wisely and carefully, since that color will determine the energy and mood that will prevail in the place. Below you can see a garland of different colored living room and how each reflects different energy. Relax, and let the color show your path.

Sunny yellow

Image Source: TTbocaitong.com

The sunny yellow color is known for reflecting positive, warm and cozy energy in the interior. This warm primary color also has the power to visually enlarge the room, so if you have a small living room sunny yellow will help. Yellow is a great color for creating balanced and calm energy in the living space.

Cherry Blossom Pink

Image Source: Prsaheavens

The gentleness of cherry blossom obviously represents the philosophy of this pastel pink color. The pastel pink color will both provide the living space with warm energy and with vibrant and dynamic vibe, so it’s perfect for creating balance and providing the living room with calming and clean aura.

Clear Sea Blue

Image Source: Prsaheavens

This cold primary color is often associated with bad moods and melancholy, but incortrary blue is a powerful color and filtrates the energy in a good way. This specific shade of blue is called clear sea and is associated with the calm and clear sea, so it can result with calming and relaxed energy, just as you are gazing into a calm sea.

Creamy Beige

Image Source: Architecturewall

Creamy beige is recommended for small sized living room, since this color will visually enlarge the place. The creamy beige color will create an elegant and classy ambiance in the living room. In terms of energy flow this color is a great filter and it will provide the place with clean and fresh energy.

Crystal White

Image: Jason Urrutia Design

Naturally, white is not a color, but crystal white is a color, a color that will provide the place with clean, fresh and filtrated energy. Crystal white will visually enlarge the place and provide it with really free and dynamic vibe. This color is also very flexible in terms of decorating and furniture.

Dark Chocolate Brown

Image Source: TopInteriorDesign

The dark brown color is also known as ” the serious color.” This warm color is not advisable for small spaces because it will visually make the place smaller. The dark chocolate brown will provide the room with natural and earthy vibe and it will add a serious and formal accent to the living space.

Fresh Mint Blue

Image Source: HouseBeautiful

The pastel blue will provide the living room with a wave of freshness and in term of energy flow this color is great for filtrating the bad energy and transform it into positive. This cold shade of blue will visually enlarge the place and is recommended for small sized living rooms.

Exotic Emerald Green

Image Source: Larry Hanna

If you are with adventurous spirit, passionate and you enjoy exotic and oriental things, then this color is perfect for your living room. The exotic emerald green associates with luxury, glamour and leisure style of living. In terms of energy, this color provides really dynamic and passionate vibe.

Modern and Bold Black

Image Source: Skylinepodshow

Just as white, black also is not a color but a tone. Anyhow, black represents modern style, intrigue and self confidence. A black as main color in the living room has a great role in creating a powerful and modern ambiance.

Sensual Bright Purple

Image Source: Fengshuidana

Purple is a highly emotional color, and is most often associate with passion. A purple as main color in the living room will create a warm and sensual ambiance. This color reflects a lot of positive and dynamic energy.

Stylish Radiant Pink

Image Source: Victoria Pesrson

Pink is a color the most often is related to girls and babies. But that is just a common misconception of a mature color that is recommended for every modern and charming living room. Pink is known to reflect really positive vibration and cheerful energy.

Urban Blury Gray

Image Source: Parasheavens

Here is another color from the ” serious business colors.” Gray is known as a color to not filtrate too much energy, but reflects serious and formal vibe. Aesthetically , the gray color is related to the industrial and urban interiors, reflecting rough and powerful energy.

Vibrant and Sensual Red

Image Source: HouseToHome

The color that is most associate with love and passion, of course is red. This color is known as a dominant reflector of powerful and passionate energy. Red in the living room will create powerful and yet modern and stylish ambiance.

Fresh Green Lime

Image Source: Prsaraheavens

Green is a color that has the most relaxing features. This primary cold color visually enlarges the places, and reflects clean, cheerful and happy energy. In the living room lime green will create fresh and playful ambiance.

Warm Radiant Orange

Image Source: Prsaraheavens

Orange is a color that is often associated with positive and happy energy. This color is a happiness provider, filtrates the energy, it is perfect for loose energy flow and aesthetically creates urban and modern ambiance.

Before you decide any color for the living room, is important to determine which color best represent you. That will help you to decide the color that will reflect the energy that you find most suitable for your living room. Anyway, don’t seek a color, seek an energy, and the right color will find you.