15 Lively Orange Living Room Design Ideas

15 Lively Orange Living Room Design Ideas

The paint color can indeed decide the mood in the living room interior, therefore the decision of specific color idea for the interior is crucial for determining the further appearance and ambiance in the same. Paint color can affect on the ambiance in terms of reflecting specific energy and creating the “buzz” of the living room. For instance, orange reflect utterly lively, cozy and vibrant energy and helps in creating a visually positive and larger interior. Orange living room, most often radiates perky and cheery vibes, although the overall appearance and ambiance of course depends of the decor in the orange living room. We’ve gathered cool round up of 15 Lively Orange Living Room Ideas, that could serve as inspiration. Enjoy!

Beautiful Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Bossy Color

The burnt orange shade of the lacquer walls works for creating a really mature and energetic ambiance in this utterly modern and elegant living room. The orange paint color has determined the ecstatic and cheery ambiance that is clearly prevalent in the dashingly chic overall appearance of this living room.

Bright Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Syera Site

The mango orange in combination with the clear white creates a nice soothing effect in this breezy and cheery living room and provides the place with perky and ecstatic ambiance. This specific shade of orange have completely adapted the elegant and classy setting of this living room.

Burnt Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Bhg

The apricot orange with a bold tree mural on the corner works as a great foundation in this simple and yet modern living room. The black and white striped area rug act as a striking complement and creates a nice texture and advanced visual effect in this simple but beautiful interior.

Chic Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Syera Site

The light decor colors complement the orange statement wall and create the extremely perky and vibrant ambiance in this beautiful living room.

Contemporary Orange Living Room

Image Credit: D Home Interior Design

The orange wall completely breaks through the heavy and dark colors of the furniture and brights up this living room providing it with a nice, refreshing vibe.

Cool Orange Living Room

Image Credit:9 Home Design

We love the kind of blurry appearance of this vibrant and vivid orange living room. The matching color of the sofa and wall created a nice balanced ambiance and beautiful appearance of this modern interior.

Dark Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Interior Designipedia

This is a great idea for everyone who want to light up a living room with a formal and traditional setting. The opulent orange paint color has created a really sumptuous and bright ambiance in the interior and along with the natural sunlight that comes from the wide window has created a nice and cheery overall appearance.

Ecstatic Orange Living Room


Image Credit: Hgtv

This perky living room is definitely our personal favorite, among this list. We love the sleek lines, the sharp and clean ambiance, the natural sunlight that comes from the wide window. The ecstatic appearance of the living room is attained by the blend of orange foundation on the walls, white wooden ceiling and colorful pillows. Marvelous!

Formal Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

The apricot orange on the walls in combination with the simple and yet classy decor creates the balanced and relaxing ambiance in this beautiful and modern living room.

Funky Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Best Home Inspirations

The funky and vibrant ambiance of this retro modern living room comes as a result of the influence of the lively orange shade and the accent acrylic frame on the same. The combination of the geometric shape of the pattern painted white and the orange foundation creates groovy and light ambiance in this cool place.

Lively Orange Living Room

Image Credit:1 Decor

The peach orange with a light shade and plain texture creates really light and cool ambiance in this breezy and cheerful living room. The colorful nature of the furniture brings a lively and ecstatic vibe in the place, while the pinch of white soothes the excessive dynamic.

Pale Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Anouk Deker

We love the minimalist setting of this amazing chic living room. This is another example that clearly shows how you can create a vibrant and opulent living room with the help of a rich paint color, in this case the burnt orange.

Quirky Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Lux Home Decor

The orange shade of this living room has a really calming and relaxing effect, it soothes down the effect that comes from the quirky and distinctive furniture and creates a really sunny and bright appearance of the place.

Rustic Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Natural Homes

Hot orange shade goes great with the rustic and cozy setting of the living room interior. The combination of the wood roof beams and the hot orange shade creates a perfect combination of rustic and friendly ambiance in the interior.

Vibrant Orange Living Room

Image Credit: Room Decorating Ideas

The bright orange shade of this amazing living room is surely the main buzz provider of the place, it creates an utterly vibrant and lively ambiance and it works as a perfect foundation of this ultra modern living room.