15 Organized Living Rooms with Sectional Sofas

15 Organized Living Rooms with Sectional Sofas

Not all people live in huge homes where they can freely take in any kind of furniture. Some of us have to consider that we do not have enough space for our favorite kinds of furniture, no matter how much we want them, that is why, interior designers do their best to design furniture that will suit our needs. There are sectional sofas that fit in corners of fit in in small spaces, so if you have a small living room, you do not have to worry about not being able to put a spacious and comfortable sofa in there. Nowadays, designers have come up with several designs that will look good in your living room. Check out these sectional sofas that you might just love and decide to use in your own living room.

Airy Living Room with White Sectional Sofa

 Image source: Osusinc

This white sectional sofa looks perfect for this living room. It matches the white rug and the wooden floor. This sofa is aligned to the windows giving it an airy look and feel. This living rooms totally comfortable.

Coffee Brown and White Sectional Sofa

 Image source: Jeremykalin

An awesome combination is this coffee brown and white sofa. It looks delicious, isn’t it? If you are using white walls for your living, always remember that a nice carpet would be great to match your sofa.

Cool Milky White Sectional Sofa

 Image source: Imagefs

Compared to other living rooms that we’ve seen, this living room doesn’t have the common coffee table but only a stool in the middle. Similar to the previous living room, this also has a nice carpet of neutral color which makes it look neat and refreshing.

Creamy Rounded Sectional Sofa

 Image source: Osusinc

Another nice combination is this maroon and cream sofa combination. This sectional absolutely saves space and makes the room look more organized.

Exquisite Living Room with Exposed Black Brick Walls

Image source: Jeremykalin

Modern and minimalist-those are the two adjectives that would best describe this awesomely designed living room. With the use of a sectional sofa, the designer placed it against short shelves which gives more space for storage.

Gray Back Wall and Sectional Sofa

 Image source: Stupic

Check out this neat living room. It has a television and a white sectional sofa which offers more viewing convenience for that once a week movie night with the family.

Grey Sectional Sofa with Dotted Pillows

 Image source: My River Garden Home

We just love the simplicity of this Grey Sectional Sofa with Dotted Pillows. The pattern of the pillows breaks the monotony of the whole living room.

Lovely Brown Sectional Sofas

 Image source: Ranzom

For a small living area such as this, you wouldn’t want cluttering the space with individual sofas. Remember that for rectangular areas, sectional sofas are the best choice.

White Living Room With Leather Sectional Sofa

 Image source: Interior Clip

Here is a living room which is neatly designed for a modern and clean look. If you notice, the sofas follow the corner of the carpet. Place the carpet neatly in front and not under sofa.

White Sectional Sofa on Wooden Floor

 Image source: Jeremykalin

Here is another small space living room but with the use of white sectional sofas with orange pillow, it makes the living room look very comfortable and clean.

L Shape Sectional Sofas With Cute Colorful Cushions With Beautiful Artwork Pictures

 Image source: Ranzom

We find this living room from Ranzom as very warm and cozy. With the use of soft colors which are soft pink and pastels for the sectional sofa and pillows, this living room offers a memorable warm afternoon spent with the family.

Remarkable Living Room Design With Astounding Striped Curtain

 Image source: Tigerligan

A modern way to design your living room is to use at least three very basic colors black, white and yellow. This all black sectional sofa matches the striped curtains and balances the whole look of the room against the all white walls. Add some modern elements such as lamps and tables.

Warm Small Living Room with Brown Sectional

 Image source: Optea Referencement

Make your living room look like white chocolate- warm and sweet with the use of a light brown sectional sofa and white carpet. Also, notice that the designer of this room also matched the tones of his collection to the color of the living room.

Wave Sectional Sofa in Modern Living Room

 Image source: Furniture Trendzona

Compared to the other sectional sofas that we have seen, this sectional sofa doesn’t have a corner. If you do not want your living room or sitting space to look rigid and sharp, you can choose sectional sofas which has a wave instead of a sharp corner. With the correct colors, it will make the room look softer.

White and Black Striped Living Room

 Image source: Octohomes

Black and white stripes create a modern look and also conveys a bit of formality. Since this room is dominantly white, the black and white carpet breaks the redundancy. Thanks to the colorful books and that nice painting on the left side of the room and the color of the pillow, this room looks really perfect!