15 Outstanding Standing Bookshelves for Your Living Room

15 Outstanding Standing Bookshelves for Your Living Room

Because of the human’s need for knowledge in every day life and our desire to learn more about things that we cannot explain, we want to seek knowledge in different kinds of sources and one of those sources are books. Over a period of time, we gather more and more books and hopefully, more knowledge. We need to be organized in every part of the house and remember that every item that we acquire will eventually have to be organized as we get those book collections and magazine subscriptions, etc. Here are some unique standing bookshelves that will add some life and cut off the boredom in your living room.

Amazing Unique Waves Shaped Design Bookshelf

 Image source: Iidudu

This unique bookshelf in waves design has an amazing gold black color which makes it stand out in a dark room. Since this bookshelf has several shelves and is pretty wide, it would be ideal to place it inside a spacious living room and you could actually put your big books in there which you cannot do in other kinds of bookshelves.

Bespoke Tree Bookshelf

 Image source: Rainbow Design

This Bespoke Bookshelf from Rainbow design also has a unique shape as though it is a tree branching out and you can put books on its branches. It will look good on a children’s library or in a living room with a modern design.

Creative Skateboard Bookshelf

 Image source: Iroonie

This Creative Skateboard Bookshelf actually uses a skateboard for its design and would definitely fit in your boy’s bedroom. Otherwise, you can still put in a modern living room.

Innovative Multi – Colored Five Tier Bookshelf Design

 Image source: Iroonie

Have a bookshelf looking like a tower in your living room with this Innovative Bookshelf from Iroonie. It looks tall in white and two of them in your living room and next to the television would give some symmetry in it.

Minimalist White Wooden Bookshelf

 Image source: Osusinc

A modern and very organized look, this standing bookshelf from Osusinc would definitely fit into that category. Remember that white and wooden shades also look nice together just like in this design. So if you have a wooden floor, this type of bookshelf would be great for your space.

Modern Framed Black Bookshelf

 Image source: Ebay

This Modern Framed Black Bookshelf has a unique skeleton in the from of an X. We can see that the shelves increase in size from top to bottom. You could preferably store those big books at the lowest level.

Simple Free Standing Bookshelf with Drawers

 Image source: Snmon

This nice, wide bookshelf from Snmon spells out style! It is not only a bookshelf but has several drawer compartments of different designs where you can store extra things like notepads and markers you use for reading.

Standing Black Bookshelf for Corner

 Image source: Amazon

When you think you’ve got no more space for another furniture, think again! This black, solid-looking piece of furniture from Amazon will fit into corners and will look good in any kind of living room.

Stringed Book Shelf Design

 Image source: Iroonie

Another standing bookshelf with a unique design is this Stringed Bookshelf which stores stuff in a seemingly dangerous manner. But don’t worry, if you place your things in there correctly, they don’t have to fall off. As you can see, you can even hang your clothes there.

Traditional Slice White Book Case

 Image source: Nest

This bookshelf from Nest reminds you of some overlapping pipes. Here you can store books up to its limit and not worry about them falling in front because each level has a stopper. You can also separate your books with them.

Uptown White Book Shelves

 Image source: Space Furniture

For a more compact and neat storage of your magazines and books, this furniture from space furniture definitely knows how to utilize a small space. Its design is also very unique.

White Grid Standing Book shelf

 Image source: Coroflot

Putting your books upright is too traditional. Give your books a rest with this nice White Grid Bookshelf from Coroflot which stores books with style and a twist. It would also look good in your modern living room.

White Modern Triangular Corner Bookshelf

 Image source: Hay Needle

This White Modern Triangular Bookshelf is another way that you can store your books. Make use of your corners with several pieces of this kind of furniture. At the top level, you can put lighter and smaller things such as picture frames. Be sure they don’t break in case they fall off, though.

Wooden Multiple Level Bookshelf

 Image source: Iidudu

This Wooden Multiple Level Books is perfect for families who have a big collection of books. Well, to make the bookshelf not look too crowded, you can add other things in there such as vases or other types of decoration.

The Book Bookshelf

 Image source: The Interiors Addict

Arrange your books inside a mother book! This giant book bookshelf is adjustable and you can put your books in there safely and neatly.