15 Solid Color Living Rooms with Wall Paintings

15 Solid Color Living Rooms with Wall Paintings

The amazing thing about interior design is that one can never run out of choices for colors and textures of the living room. Sometimes, it is troublesome for people to choose because they have skipped one of the important steps in designing and that is planning. Some of us go for whatever goes in our heads or whatever we see in magazines and websites. Those are good options but give yourself some space for your own creativity. For those who prefer solid colors, we sometimes face the problem of our walls being lifeless or flat, because it is just a plain solid color. Nonetheless, as mentioned, in interior design, we never run out of choices for different kinds of furniture that we can add to that bare or empty space. We are here to offer you another option for design and that is wall painting. Wall paintings can do wonders to a room upon selection of the most appropriate painting for one room.

Abstract Painting on White Living Room

 Image source: Ididi

This design from Ididi is something you can call “safe”. Usually, when we use abstract paintings, we put them against white walls because that is common knowledge and that is how art museums are usually set up so if you have white walls, remember that abstract paintings are always safe.

Amazing Living Room With Red Wall Painting And Elegant Sofa

 Image source: Tagota

Red is a wonderful color for a vibrant living room. It is a color of energy and passion. In this design, you can choose paintings which also have the red color in them to match your walls. You can preferably go for the red roses.

Amazing Wall Painting Colors for Simple Living Room Design

 Image source: Indac

This living room design from Indac is very simple. Imagine the absence of those wall frames and the room will be a lifeless one. But because the designer chose colorful artworks, it has added more life to the room and remember that you can choose multiple small wall frames to give the wall a little crowd. Arrange those frames in a way that is pleasing to your eyes.

Black Painted Living Room Design with Paint Frame

 Image source: Tapja

If we see frames set up against white walls, you can do the opposite such as this design from Tapja. A white canvas is put against a black wall for contrast.

Colorful White Walled Living Room with Colorful Elements and Wall Painting

 Image source: Denoxa

When you are the type of person who loves seeing colors around you, can always be consistent with that style and taste by designing your living room with this design by Denoxa. Since we want to be consistent, choose the best colorful painting for you and put that up in your living room.

Dark Orange And Grey Wall Paint Of Living Room Interior Scheme

 Image source: Iidudu

This dark orange and grey wall is candy to the eyes of someone who loves dark shades. If this type of design is your thing, then we bet you to be a melancholic type of person and a melancholic kind of painting such as in this design from Iidudu will look suited for your living room.

Gray Purple Living Room with Wall Painting

 Image source: Spacity

Gray and light purple are pale hues which represent silence and a bit of minimalism. You can have a painting also in gray put up at the center of your wall if you want to be consistent with the theme of your living room.

Hot Trend Of Scandinavian Living Room With Beige Wall Painting

 Image source: Iidudu

For wide beige walls, you can have a series of small paintings on your wall such as in this design by Iidudu. You can put a vibrant color in between black paintings or you can put an even number and alternate the vibrant to the black colors.

Luxury Brown Living Room with Wall Paintings

 Image source: Tapja

This Luxury Brown Living room looks warm. Since the wall in this living room is of different shades, you can grab a big painting in the same shade and place it to match the wall and put a lighter painting to the wall with a lighter tone. It would look classy.

Marvelous Living Room with Brown Furniture in Grey Wall Color

 Image source: Cr3at

Since this Marvelous Living Room is already a bit crowded, you do not want to make the walls look worse. Instead, you can just add small horizontal paintings for the bare walls.

Pink Wall Paint Living Room Design with Center Painting

 Image source: Tn173

This Black and Pink Wall looks fabulous and modern. For these colors, you can play safe with paintings that have black or shades of black in it. You’d want to put up an abstract painting to accentuate the modern touch of the bedroom.

Purple Interiors with Black and White Painting

 Image source: Design Home

A modern minimalist look doesn’t always have to be black and white. It can be white and purple, white and red, it actually depends on your preference. If you are aiming for a minimalist look but also want to add a painting, then definitely, a black and white painting would suit your needs. You are sure that a black and white painting can never destroy a minimalist look.

Warm Mocha Living Room with Wall Paintings

 Image source: Home Repair Ideas

For a warm living room such as this living room from Home Repair Ideas, choose abstract paintings which are almost similar to each other. If you have a wide wall, place two to four of them and make sure that their shades also match the color of the living room.

Wonderful Abstract Painting in Orange Living Room

 Image source: Franklin Arts

In an orange living room, it would be great to put an abstract painting which at least also has the color of orange. Put a big one in there, preferably in black and your room should look perfect.

Wonderful Living Room Decoration With Asian Cream Wall Painting Design

 Image source: I’m Said

For oriental living rooms, you would always want to retain that calmness in the living room and you do not want to destroy that by adding the wrong kinds of painting, therefore, definitely, some bamboo paintings would look perfect.