15 Stunning Industrial Living Room Designs

15 Stunning Industrial Living Room Designs

The Industrial style is the most luminous and inspiring interior style nowadays, it comes as a reflection of the dynamic and raw era that we are living in. Industrial style is most often for youthful people with dynamic lifestyle who enjoy in spacious warehouse alike interiors with cool and contemporary appearance. We personally love this interior style, is utterly open minded and allows you to arrange your living space with decorative items that you find appealing and interesting in case you fing exposed metallic vent as aesthetically appealing you can use it as a decorative element in your living room, cause the industrial style allows you to do it. The industrial styles is often applied in loft and modern living room and features exposed constructional elements, bare concrete walls and sharp decorative palette. We collected an interesting showcase of 15 Industrial Living Room Designs that can serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Airy Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Moss | Architecture. Design. Green

The designer of this loft has managed to transform a bare warehouse space intro any airy industrial living room with natural and charming appearance, we bow to that. The exposed vent in combination with the light beams and wood panel creates an interesting blend of different natures and the wide framed windows strikes with natural sunlight and brings bold and modern statement to the place.

Amazing Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Houzz

We got goose bumps just looking at this astonishing industrial living room. This place holds an incredible amount of boldness and cool appearance. The gloomy charm of it is just stunning, the combination of the bare concrete walls creating a cool foundation and the unique wheel table in combination with the wood beams and accent ceiling pendant has provided this living room with magnificent outlook.

Bold Industrial living Room

Image Source: Trendland

We love the casual and easy going charm of this contemporary industrial living room. The open plan layout in combination with the modern furniture and monochrome color scheme has provided this living room with uber cool and charming industrial appearance.

Causal Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Reiko | Feng Shui Interior Design

The designer has done a magnificent job in this place merging a natural cozy ambiance with cool industrial appearance. The tall brick walls in combination with the roof beams creates the warm and rustic aspect of the interior, while the low accent armchair and the wide cool window provide the living room with awesome industrial outlook.

Chic Industrial Loft

Image Source: Decoist

We love the blend of eclectic and industrial applied in an absolutely charming eniorment. The tall bricked walls in combination with the natural sunlight creates cheery and relaxed ambiance while the specter of colors and patterns has provided the interior with beautiful charm.

Contemporary Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Content

This place is utterly gorgeous. The spacious room is optimized and decorated in a really cool and bold way. The brick walls create the cool industrial appearance and while the exposed concrete ceiling burst with bold industrial statement and provides this living room with dazzling dramatic outlook.

Cool Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Houzz

Just Wow! How cool and how bold is this awesome industrial loft right? We totally love the bare concrete walls, their plain appearance draw the attention to the cool furniture, especially to the vintage printed sideboard placed next to the big warehouse windows. Amazing!

Exquisite-Industrial Living room

Image Source:Guata Crazy Night

This amazing living room has managed to utilize the best from various styles: it has the sharpens of the industrial, the sleekness of the contemporary and the light of an airy interior. The distinctive furniture masterly arranged in ingenious layout next to the wide glass walls with black steel frames creates an outstanding appearance of this delightful industrial living room.

Industrial Living Room with Brick Walls

Image Source: Laura U Interior Design

This open plan living room with outstanding layout and appearance and exceptionally cool. We love the blend of raw materials such as the exposed brick walls with the lively colored accessories the striped blue area rug it creates a nice contrasting effect and brings warmth in the initially cool place.

Light Industrial Living Room

Image Source: The Art Of Nesting

The white plain walls work great as a foundation for the heavy and cool furniture that creates the industrial setting in this utterly bold living room. The ethnic area rug , the bold sectional sofa with unique design and the rustic copper pendant go great together in creating a shabby chic industrial ambiance in this gorgeous industrial living room.

Lively Industrial Living Room

Image Source: maisons du monde

The decorative palette in this living room is an extremely distinctive and bold which has created the industrial and cool setting in the utterly vibrant and modern living room.

Modern Industrial living Room

Image Source: Exploits of Military Man

This living room, right? Its distinctive and cool decorative palette in combination with the gloomy concrete walls has created a specific cool and bold ambiance in this industrial living room.

Monochromatic Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Fresh Interiors

Monochromatic living room tend to have a simple contemporary appearance, but not this one, the tall white walls in combination with the noisy black rug, black Bertoia Chair and incredibly cool ceiling pendant strike into the white walled interior add the contrast and the amazing industrial charm into it.

Open Plan Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Interior Holic

There is a specific mid-century charm in this amazingly cool and bold industrial living room due to the vintage coffee table and the leather brown sofa, while the exposed steel construction on the ceiling strike with unique industrial charm and add the bold and dramatic appearance of this place.

Rustic Industrial Living Room

Image Source: Home Design Like

The effortlessly cool industrial charm is hard not to notice in this casual, nonchalant industrial living room. The rustic exposed brick wall set up the sharp and cool appearance, while the dark brown leather sofa adds the warmth and the modern vibe in the place. The decorative palette is also bold and unique.