17 Amazing Living Room Design Styles to inspire you

17 Amazing Living Room Design Styles to inspire you

There is one old quote by Buffon that goes ” Style is the man himself , ” this wise thought basically explains the main point of this article. Your personal style reflects who you are , what are your interests and what is your point of view on many things. People define their style through many forms: music, movies, books, clothes. But what will best describe you and your personal interest and your visual identity is the style of your living room. The style of your living room should tell your story, your colors and your interests. Most of all, your living room should represent you and your energy and it’s decor should remind of your specific interest and style. Integrating your style and energy in your living room is to provide the living room with personal identity and character. Below, you can see a couple of archetypes styles that are someones personal styles. Go ahead, take a look, and see which style of the shown below, describes you the best.


Image Source: Geoffrey Bradfield Inc.

This style has high artistic value and most likely is associated with a style that is ahead of its time, with deep and profound philosophy integrated with distinctive and unique signature. Avant-garde is suitable for people who are allergic to routine and random things, and enjoy in couture fashion, classical music and people like the world is their theater.

Baroque Inspired

Image Source: Trendzona

There is no need of overexplaining this interior style, since being world popular and its roots are in 18 century. This style, also known as royalty- inspired reflect pure leisure and luxury, and is a kind of eternal style i.e never goes out of fashion. Baroque inspired living room is a perfect for people who enjoy high end and exclusive way of living.

Bohemian Design

Image Source: Digsdigs

The term Bohemian style applies to unconventional, unique and highly artistic way of living. Bohemian style is for free spirited emotional people who value the power of color and art in their lives. Aestetichaly, the Bohemian style is highly vivid ecstatic and decadent. This style is accepted by people who value art without any rules of decor and symmetry.

Chic Design

Image Source: Nichole Loiacono Design

Chic style most often associates with fashion and trend and everything that is “in.” Chic inspired living room use variety of unique and modern furniture pieces matched and arranged in a high end and exclusive way. This style is most suitable for dynamic, socially active people who follow trends.

Eclectic Design

Image Source: Image: GAP Interiors

Eclectism is very creative style with sumptuous philosophy and applies to people who like to think differently, and stick to their style no matter what. Eclectism is a grid of styles, patterns and colors integrated in one form. Decorating eclectic living room includes mix matching styles and furniture pieces that are unmacthable and creating an interior unity by diversion of many styles in one.

Industrial Design

Image Source: Laura U Interior Design

The Industrial style applies to places that most likely associate with warehouse. Decorating industrial living room includes rough materials and unfinished fixtures. This style is sorted as a highly modern archetype for urban people who enjoy adventure and dynamic life.


Image Source: Digsdigs

For those who are familiar with the popular TV Show “Mad Man,” are surely familiar with this style also. The Mid-Century style is an imitation of the modern decorated interiors in the 50’s and 60’s of the last century. This style is often confused with the retro style which has a completely different concept. The mid – century style is perfect for nostalgic people who enjoy in the postmodern era and wants to integrate that style in their homes.

Minimalist Design

Image Source: Fimar Mobili

Minimalist style holds its roots from the Eastern philosophy and culture. Recently, this style is very popular and highly accepted from the people from all around the world. The minimalist interior philosophy is : Less is more, meaning that when you minimize the furniture you will maximize the energy in the living room. Minimalist style of interior applies to neat and practical people, who enjoy dynamic life.

Cozy Style

Image Source: Coveted Home

Cozy is not technically a style but adjective for a warm and friendly home. This way of decorating includes comfortable furniture and warm colors, and presence of a personal touch in the interior.

Retro Inspired

Image Source: Holly Marder

There is no need to explain this ultra popular style. Retro interior is perfect for the 80’s nostalgic people with free spirit, who enjoy in calm but also lively and vivid energy.

Rustic Design

Image Source: Laura Ashley

Rustic or homey design style is perfect for the people who enjoy the nature and will most likely live in a mountain cottage. This style includes rustic material such as wooden panel, natural stones, huge fireplace and warm and calm paint colors.

Traditional Living Room

Image Source: HouseBeautiful

The traditional living room mostly applies to big family style, decorated with pleasant colors, popular and formal furniture and cozy pattern. This style is perfect for people who value big family and want to create friendly and inviting ambiance in the living room.

Victorian Inspired

Image Source: Minimalisti

The Victorian style reflects the luxurious living of the aristocrats. The Victorian style of decorating includes luxurious furniture pieces, elegant touch and sensual and sophisticated color. This style is perfect for people who enjoy luxury and the high class of living.

Vintage Design

Image Source: Decor Demon

The vintage style is a variation and integrated form of Retro and Mid Century style. Vintage style includes retro furniture pieces decorating with modern and yet nostalgic note. This Style is Perfect for people who loves modern and yet retro things.


Image Source: Digsdigs

Zen- Inspired style is also a variation of minimalist style and includes decorating the living room in order to create a perfect balanced energy and calm ambiance.

Contemporary Design

Image Source: Alvhem Makleri and Interior

The contemporary style includes everything that is modern and trend nowadays. This style is higly popular among the young people who want to create dynamic, modern and artistic living room.

Pop Art

Image Source: Dreamerattraction

The Pop Art is a variation of the contemporary style and is specifically related to the art movement with the same name. Pop Art reflect the popular culture and includes mix of lively colors matched with modern and chic furniture and of course pop art artwork.

The style of your living room should reflect your energy, interests and style. Therefore, you should determine if you find yourself in some of the above styles and create your own personalized living room. To find out more tips and ideas check 10 Usefull Tips to Create an Inviting and Cozy Living Room Ambiance. Have a great day!