20 Beautiful Attic Living Room Design Ideas

20 Beautiful Attic Living Room Design Ideas

Attic is a really distinctive and underrated space of the house which if you are bold and creative enough can use to create a tremendously cozy and bold living room. Due to the architecturally strong and creative nature of the attic, the living room can instantly attain a sharp and bold appearance. The sloped walls, the roof ceiling and all of the attic’s feature can have a major influence in providing your living room with ultra cozy and interesting appearance. Converting the attic in a functional living room is one of the hottest trends, nowadays. The attic living room looks utterly charming and bright. If you want to create a super dramatic and bold outlook of the living room and you have an empty, spacious attic why not use that place and create a super charming living room, right? – In order to inspire you with collect a showcase of 20 Super Functional and Aesthetically Bold Attic Living room designs that may provide you with bold ideas. Read on and get inspired!

Artistic Attic Living Room

Image Source: Guata Crazy Night

This Attic living room has attained a superb outlook due to the spacious space and perfect layout. The artistic feel is due to the dramatic gallery wall enhanced by a classic book shelf that ads vibrant soul to the over all beige and neutral color scheme. There are staircase that lead to the up part of the living room that gives additional bold decorative touch to this immensely gorgeous living room.

Bold Attic Living Room

Image Source: zarour

Wow! So Sensual and mystique, right?- We love the diminish ambiance and usage of dark color scheme ease down by the big skylight on the sloped attic wall which bring natural sunlight and brights up the place. The decorative palette is uber distinctive consisting of the accent mirror leaned on the wall, the superb coffee table and modern floor lamp that creates the chic and bold appearance of this superb living room.

Bright Attic Living Room

Image Source: Home My Design

This living room is ultra bright and relaxing, right?- The architectural structure of the roof ceiling add a nice visual appearance and in combination with the clean white color scheme it adds a superb refreshing and vibrant note. The perky pops of green and rattan armchair boost up the lively ambiance and provide this living room with amazingly ecstatic ambiance.

Chic Attic Living Room

Image Source: niji home design

We love the sleekness and refreshing ambiance in this ultra chic and modern attic living room. The several skylights placed in a symmetrical order on the sloped attic wall create a bright and geometrically neat appearance in the interior, while the superbly modern setting consisting of gray sectional sofa, dramatic bookshelf cabinet and accent patterned chair creates the cozy and modern outlook of the place.

Colorful Attic Living Room

Image Source:decoist

So warm and beautiful, right?- The win point in this attic living room is the combination of the roof ceiling walls with creamy foundation and usage of a warm colors and soft fabrics such as the hot green velvet sofa. The window with additional seating place contributes to the cozy and pleasant appearance of this beautiful attic living room.

Cozy Attic Living Room

Image Source: architecture art design

Well, this is a bold attic living room, don’t you think?- The huge and tall structure of the attic wall with wood paneled roof ceiling provide the place with natural and warm touch. The wide glass doors with wood frames burst with natural sunlight and bright up this amazing attic living room, decorated with simple and yet cozy setting.

Creative Attic Living Room

Image Source:home idbm

The artistic feel of this effortlessly cool living room is just amazing and we totally love it. In general the designer has used a cool and simple setting for decor, but has used bold colors, textures to provide this interior with vibrant soul. The built in fireplace in the corner and the wood beams from the ceiling add the natural and cozy feel in the uber modern attic living room.

Eclectic Attic Living Room

Image Source: living of pretty

The white wood paneled wall and exposed beams from the sloped roof ceiling create the bold and interesting appearance of this attic living room. The gallery wall creates a perfect focal point and bold visual appearance in the overall modern and chic living room decorated with neutral colors and clean, sharp textures.

Eco Friendly Attic Living Room

Image Source:House To Home

The variety of ethnic patterns, warm colors, silky fabrics and rustic materials has created the superbly eclectic and cozy attic living room with a perfect appearance. We love the one oak wood beam that strikes through the wood paneled roof ceiling and along with the window placed at the middle creates a cozy and bright ambiance in this lovely attic living room.

Lively Attic Living Room

Image Source: ezpong

So lively and fresh! The sharp white sloped wall with skylights create the luminous bright and refreshing appearance of this super sleek and vibrant attic living room. While, the pops of colorful area rug and silky pillows along with the blue striped armchair add color and vibrant substance in this neat living room.

Lovely Romantic Attic Living Room

Image Source:interior design covnetion

Wow! How classy and distinctive is this lovely attic living room, decorated with immensely distinctive taste of style. The glossy pink wallpaper with damask print stretching through the roof ceiling walls creates a really interesting and distinctive ambiance in the overall soft and creamy color scheme of this superb attic living room.

Modern Attic Living Room

Image Source: Guata Crazy Night

The spacious place in this attic living room is ingeniously used in terms of creating a super functional and cozy living room. The sloped white walls facing the exposed brick walls has creates a nice high contrast and provided this beautiful living room with balanced and relaxing ambiance. We love the overall modern setting consisting of white sectional sofa and floating media shelf.

Modern Chic Attic Living Room

Image Source:home my design

The decorative palette in this superbly clean and neat attic living room is so inspiring and beautiful. The variety of pattern, rough texture and exotic Japanese art has provided the sleek whiteness with opulent and vibrant soul. The skylights placed on the sloped ceiling wall provide the place with natural light and contribute to the airy and neat ambiance in this lovely living room.

Natural Attic Living Room

Image Source: Home My Design

Wow! This attic space is ingeniously used and the designer has attained to create a super functional and cozy living room with natural and perky appearance. The brick floor is a really rare too see in the living room and in combination with wood paneled roof ceiling provides this place with charming and beautiful ambiance.

Rustic Bohemian Attic Living Room

Image Source: maisone boheme

Just Perfect Bohemian Living Room! The narrow roof ceiling walls create the amazing visual appearance and the natural stone wall between them just contributes to the relaxing and bold outlook. The warm and opulent Bohemian setting is perfectly applied through hot colors and ethnic patterns and provide this place with superbly artistic ambiance.

Scandinavian Attic Living Room

Image Source:home my design

This bold attic living room with Scandinavian setting has managed to create a superbly vibrant and clean appearance of the interior. The bookshelf creates a perfect focal point and provides the overall modern and chic living room with interesting charm.

Shabby Chic Attic Living Room

Image Source:zarour

The Shabby chic setting is perfect for the Attic, since this style and the attic has the similar kind of rustic and charming nature. The overall white color scheme decorated with natural wood materials and soft fabrics is enhanced by the wood paneled roof ceiling walls with superbly bold skylights that strike with natural sunlight.

Spacious Attic Living Room

Image Source: Room Envy

The pastel color scheme in combination with the unfinished wood panel on the roof ceiling create a super modern and sleek appearance of this lively and chic living room. The bright and airy ambiance is due to the variety of skylights and windows in this superb Attic living room.

Stunning Attic Living Room

Image Source:awesome man cave

You don’t see an attic living room like this every day, right? The ceiling walls are immensely authentic and cottage inspired so is the overall setting of this natural and distinctive living room. The ethnic area rug provides the place with warm and opulent color and pattern and strikes through the overall creamy and neutral color scheme.

Stylish Attic Living Room

Image Source:zarour

We love the bright and lively colors in this amazing attic living room. The pops of pink, blue, orange and coral peach creates an amazingly ecstatic and lively ambiance in the super fresh and colorful attic living room.