20 Bold Art- Deco Inspired Living Room Designs

20 Bold Art- Deco Inspired Living Room Designs

The design style that hold its roots in the 20’s of the last century- Art-Deco is still a big influence in the modern interior design. The Art-Deco style is a specific eclectic blend of prominent colors such as gold and silver with combinations of soft muted colors: beige, cream, off white. The basic decor line of this truly imposing and modern interior style is often curvy due to the eclectic nature of Art-Deco. Art-Deco is our warm recommendation to everybody who strive to create a living space with sharp and yet soft appearance. Art Deco living room holds a really modern and chic statement and has a bold visual appearance with artistic and modern touch. We’ve gathered a showcase of 20 Bold Art Deco Living Room Ideas that could inspire you. Enjoy!

Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: The Lighthouse keeper

The appearance of this bold Art-Deco living room is utterly stunning and done with exceptionally sophisticated and profound taste of style. The usage of prominent colors such as gold and brown is perfectly applied with the striped wallpaper and ingeniously brighten up with the whismiscal artwork with pulsating colors. The golden frame of the artwork adds elegant and dramatic vibe in the utterly beautiful living room.

Art Noveou Living Room

Image Source: Decor for all

The high contrast of the white walls decorated with fierce black wood panels creates solid visual foundation in the white and grayish living room, furnished with classic furniture and enhanced with a chandeliers and luxury elements that provide the place with opulent and sumptuous ambiance.

Bold Art-Deco Living Room

Image Source: Design Shuffle

This utterly charming living room has a bold and dramatic layout which wisely soothed down by the coral peach wall color and the nice natural light that comes through the wide big window that strikes on the distinctive Art Deco elements in this super bold and modern Art-Deco living room.

Bright Art Deco Living Room


Image Source: Elle Decor

We love the eclectic party that is going on in this utterly bright and bold Art-Deco Living Room. The color disposition is greatly done, so the place has a funky noise that is hard not to notice. The green geometric area rug brings Mid Century charm in the place while the distinctive furnishing and accessories create the uber bold and modern ambiance.

Classic Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Decorins

Wow! The Sleekness of this white Art-Deco living room is just awe-inspiring, right? The glossy white ceiling that reflects the ultra modern and beautiful setting acts as a great visual effect and provide this place with a lovely soft appearance. The layout of the living room is typical Art-Deco and stands awesome in the place.

Classy Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Dering Hall

This place looks so sleek and relaxing at the same time. The blend of white snowy colors with a warm touch of the ultra marine velvet sofa has created a really nice effect in the super modern living room. The chandelier stands out magnificiently and provides the place with classy and opulent charm.

Contemporary Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Natalie Blake Studios

This simple Art-Deco living room has a perfectly bright and charming layout and therefore super cheery and modern appearance. The patterned red sofa facing the wide windows creates a great balance in this living room. The multiply artworks on the wall works as a great decorative element and strikes with vibrant and lively charm in the place.

Daring Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Interior Original

The patchwork sofa with bright warm colors is just outstanding and provides this amazing Art-Deco living room with vivid and lively charm. The industrial rustic chairs additionally enhance the super cool and vibrant ambiance and create the overall bold and colorful Art-Deco living room.

Dramatic Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Guata Crazy Night

The sleek wood with noisy texture create really bold and warm ambiance in this lush and visually opulent living room with Art- Deco setting. We love the plants in combination with the textured wood above the fireplace.

Exotic Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Interior Design Pro

How exotic and chic is this living room, right? – The essential charm of this Art-Deco living room lays in the green velvet sofa that provides this place with sensual and lively note. The accented furniture just strikes with sharp visual effect and completes the overall picture of beautiful Art-Deco living room.

Funky Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Remodelholic

Just Amazing! The textures, the colors, the patterns and fabrics, every detail in this amazingly soft and bold living room is done with precisely sophisticated touch and creates a really opulent and vibrant ambiance in this truly bright and beautiful Art- Deco Living Room.

Modern Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Dering Hall

There is a specific bold and dramatic feel in this Art-Deco living room that is hard not to notice. The yellow silky pillows in combination with the gray color scheme are creating really powerful and dramatic ambiance.

Muted pink Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: House To home

The muted pink color scheme really works for creating a charming and sophisticated ambiance in this amazing Art-Deco Living room. We just love the subtle charm that the pastel pink armchairs are giving to this beautiful interior.

Sensual Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Ferari Interiors

How opulent and dynamic, right? The blend of fruity and rich elements has created the exceptionally beautiful and bold ambiance in this truly chic Art-Deco living room.

Simple Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Rugo | Raff Ltd. Architecture

The simple classic charm of this Art-Deco living room is just stunning. We love how the classic and traditional appearance is broken through with the contemporary artwork and has created a bold and dramatic ambiance in the place.

Small Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: HD Wallpaper

The white and turquoise are the alpha and omega in this beautiful Art-Deco living room. The zebra area rug strikes through the monochrome appearance and create interesting visual effect in the place.

Stylish Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Tommy Chambers Interiors Inc.

The funky groove in this Art-Deco living room is just outstanding, we love it! The colorful striped area rugs, the curvy sectional sofa along with the accent ceiling pendant are creating a super sophisticated and charming Art-Deco feel in the place.

Sumptuous Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: The Home Alarms

The variety of patterns and colors has created a truly opulent and sumptuous ambiance in this gorgeous Art-Deco living room. The contemporary artwork on the wall defines the center of the room and act as a great focal point in the place.

Unique Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: Home and office Decor

Wow! There is no need to point out which are the main charmers in the room right? The ceiling pendants are working as a great focal point and nice Art-Deco effect in this simple and beautiful living room.

Vibrant Art Deco Living Room

Image Source: DKOR Interiors

We love how the designer has merged the freshness from the turquoise and the sleekness from the white tone and has created an unbelievably fresh and at the same time elegant and classy ambiance. Just Amazing!