20 Captivating Mid-Century Living Room Design Ideas

20 Captivating Mid-Century Living Room Design Ideas

We have already discuss how choosing the style for the living room is a delicate process consisting of various factors, influences and personal aesthetic perception. The interior trend style are often inspired by some popular era from the history or specific country region. Today, we are going to focus on a really interesting style, inspired by the vibrant era of the 20th century, more specific the middle part of the same- Mid-Century. The Mid Century decor, with the obvious name, reflects the extra ordinary charm of that era, featuring unique, natural furniture, autumn and warm colors complemented by geometric wallpapers and distinctive, retro decorative elements. The Mid-Century Living room usually reflects really chill and nonchalant energy, followed by a distinctively modern and cool outlook. If you are a fan of Mad Man, than you for sure know what we are talking about. Anyway, even if the selection for cool Mid Century Living room is huge, we have narrow it down to 20 Captivating Mid Century Living Rooms, that could serve as an inspiration. We hope that you will get inspired.

Beautiful Mid Century Living Room

Image Source: Decoist

A spectrum of light,glossy oak wood floor covered with gray shag rug and clean lined sideboard surrounded with sleek and contemporary art work on a plain white wall and a wood base floor lamp is what has created the serene and extremely chic outlook of this Mid-Century Living Room.

Bright Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Air Capital Insider

This is one of the Mid-Century living room decorated with a nostalgic retro charm. The pastel green geometric wallpaper is a great base for creating a charming and lively ambiance. The typical Mid-Century elements such as the dark walnut sideboard and white upholstered wing back chair complemented with the quirky deer stature on the wall, has provided this place with distinctive and warm Mid-Century charm.

Contemporary Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Oh-ddlovato

In this bright living room you can see what happens when soft materials meet warm colors, it happens extremely cool harmony and beautiful aesthetic. The contemporary floor lamp with kind of an industrial charm, stands out in the living room contrasting the warm orange leather sofa and statement artworks on the wall.

Cottage Mid Century Living Room

Image Source: Fontolia

We love how the designer has played with the layout of this cottage living room and manage to apply the Mid-Century style in really cool and not pretentious way. The big glass walls with a plain wall and fireplace in the middle set a unique and warm note in the place. The red flokati rug acts as focal point on the floor area and provides the place with vibrant and radiant note breaking through the plain white appearance and plenitude of cold and clean lined elements.

Danish Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Mod Interiors

In the intro we mentioned that Mid-Century can be also sorted in a country region groups, and here is an example that shows that. This is a typical Scandinavian Mid Century living room, more precisely a Danish Mid-Century living room. This living room is furnished and decorated in one straight decorative line which results with a harmony, peaceful ambiance and beautiful appearance.

Eclectic Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Decoration For Life

This Mid Century living room with Eclectic impurity looks extremely modern and contemporary. The bright and clean appearance is due to the plain white wall, decorated with few decorative elements with dominant and superior nature. The typical Mid Century armchair with noisy gray cushions placed on a ethnic carpet, set the charming and vibrant ambiance in this cool place.

Feminine Mid- Century Living Room

Image Source: cb2

We love so many things about this living room, as first we love the color scheme and its arrangement, it is divine how each color is dominant and has a different role in the place contrasting the white wall and providing the place with different energies and completing one picture of amazingly soft and feminine Mid Century living room.

Formal Mid Century Living room

Image Source: Natalie Epstein Design

The white and natural color scheme in combination with the warm and natural materials, followed by glass wall and natural sunlight has provided this spacious living room with the serene and calming ambiance. The stacked stone fireplace acts as main role in this living room and the Mid century oval coffee table adds the warm and modern Mid Century charm in this place.

Gloomy Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: My Modern Met

It is hard not to notice the specific dark and moody ambiance that kind of dominates in this place, but anyway its appearance is extremely modern and contemporary. The accent red floor lamps sets the Mid Century setting in the place and the comfy leather armchair adapts in the ambiance. The giant glass wall creates a bit industrial and modern aspect in the place and adds to the overall contemporary outlook of this living room.

Light Mid Century Living Room

Image Source: Antiorientalist

If you missed the 50’s you don’t need a time machine, you can just create a living room similar to this one. This is typical Mid Century living room, decorated in a really precise and straight manner. The vibrant blue sofa complemented with the yellow armchair and colorful geometric rug placed on a dark walnut floor has created the modern and warm Mid Century ambiance in this living room.

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Image Source: B&B Italia

This contemporary Mid-Century living room has a perfectly sleek and clean appearance due to the monochrome color scheme and precise, sharp elements and decorative panel. The raw base consisting of dark hardwood floor and plain white walls creates a clean and sharp appearance and the oak Mid Century sideboard and cool black sofa with modern wing back chairs sets the contemporary and modern setting in the place.

Modern Mid Century Living Room

Image Source: Scandinavia Design

We love the vibrant and clean perk that is dominant in this Scandinavian Mid Century living room. We love the industrial sideboard with additional raw decorative shelves contrasting the plain white walls. The vintage patterned armchair adds a nice texture and provides this living room with great visual effect.

Moody Mid Century Living Room

Image Source: Anita Calero

This living room has a specific moody ambiance, but anyway its appearance is extremely chic and modern. The combination of cold and neutral colors and warm walnut cabinet with slide doors provide the place with balanced and calm ambiance.

Retro Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Elle Decor

You can notice the harmony and the calm, balanced ambiance in this living room just by looking at the picture. Maybe that is why we stared at this photo for a while, because it has a calming effect due to the combination of warm autumn colors of the orange mid century sofa and the linden green armchairs.

Scandinavian Mid Century Living Room

Image Source: House To Home

The tall structure of the walls in combination with their plain white nature worked for creating the spacious and opulent appearance in this Mid Century Living room. The selection of distinctive artworks arranged in a creative and unique way has worked as a great focal point and the brown lathered furniture has set the modern vibe in this Mid Century living room.

Serene Mid Century Living Room

Image Source: Channel4

Here is another living room that is a great archetype of a Mid Century styled interior. The selection of furniture, such as the light brown tuft sofa surrounded with two identical floor and table lamps on the sides and decorated with a simple oval mirror as a focal point on the wall is what has completed the picture of lovely Mid Century Living room.

Sleek Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Interiors By Studioum

This living room has an amazingly sleek and serene appearance as courtesy of the clean lined elements and glossy white floor contrasting the warm caramel wooden panel. The minimalist setting broken through with the white tufted sofa and blue modern armchair and of course the extremely creative ceiling pendant has provided this living room with beautiful and charming outlook.

Spacious Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Nabolsi

The lively and vibrant ambiance in this spacious Mid Century living room is due to the usage of the colorful elements such as the lively area rug and vibrant orange sofa. The serene ambiance and clean line is due to the natural sunlight that comes through the plenty tall windows.

Turquoise Mid-Century Living Room

Image Source: Martha Stewart

We love how peaceful and charming this Mid-century living room looks. The turquoise wall sets the beautiful vibrant ambiance and provide the place with charming Mid Century note.

Vintage Mid- Century Living Room

Image Source: Interior Design Trends

This is another great archetype that totally describes what Mid-Century style has to say. The plain white walls, decorated with pop art and distinctive art pieces, the typical mid century sofa and the white shag area rug creates the perky and beautiful ambiance in this modern Mid Century Living room.