20 Cool Living Rooms with Statement Artwork

20 Cool Living Rooms with Statement Artwork

Decorating the living room is a form of art, there is no arguing about that, and when the artwork itself can make a statement in the living room that is the winning combination. A living room without an artwork is like a book without a story. The artwork in the living room directly adds a character, identity and signature of the place. Every artwork hides a specific story behind it and when you expose a specific piece of art in your living room you bring that story in your living room. Although is really offensive to treat an artwork like a simple decorative element, the artwork plays a major role in improving the aesthetics of the living room and providing a specific energy and ambiance of the place. We decided to present you an interesting showcase of modern living room in which the artwork has made the main statement. Enjoy.

Beautiful Living Room with Modern Art

Image Source: Living Etc

The variety of different sized artwork with a quirky and unique nature are making a huge statement in this modern and contemporary living room. The various colors and textures are amazing, artistic backdrop of this highly chic and modern living room.

Bold Oversized Floral Artwork

Image Source: Dominc Blackmore

The gigantic size and meaning of this astonishing floral art is literally the story and the main element of this bright minimalist living room. The bright and wide forms are providing the place with super cheerful ambiance and the vibrant colors bring a radiant and perky feel in the living room.

Chic Living Room with Statemnet Artwork

Image Source: Living Etc

The texture of this black and white oversized artwork plays a major role in providing this modern living room with contemporary and monochromatic feel.

Chic Living Room with monochromatic multi canvas

Image Source: James Merell

This is really amazing and creative artwork. The monochromatic nature of the multi canvas artwork with a simple and yet powerful drawing is providing this place with modern and yet calm tone.

Contemporary Living Room with oversized artwork

Image Source: Soul Pretty

This bold graphic print is the focal point of this living room and make a huge and modern statement through the plain white appearance of the wall. The power of the bold print is a great striking point in combination with the modern setting of this living room.

Cool Living Room with modern artwork

Image Source: House To Home

To make a statement with art in your living room, is not important only what kind of artwork you will use, but how you will display it as well. These modern artwork not hanged on the walls are changing the concept from convenient to unique.

Grey and Turquoise Living Room with statement artwork

Image Source: Living Etc

The pastel colors of this oversized artwork moody and quirky ambiance, but is making a statement and provides the place with a perfect focal point.

Industrial Living Room with modern artwork

Image Source: Mad Cow Interior

The industrial setting of this living room goes perfectly with the unique and modern nature of these two artworks. The statement art for industrial living room looks always daring and extremely bold and creative.

Living Room with oversized cool artwork

Image Source: Mel Yates

An oversized artwork with a gangster as a subject is a great choice for every living room that wants to attain a bold, unique and modern appearance. This artwork is daring and its size is perfect for creating a statement.

Mid Century Living Room with oversized artwork

Image Source:Lifestyle

The beautiful subject of this oversized artwork in combination with the dark tones bring a serious and yet profound and distinctive appearance in this modern living room.

Modern living room with contemporary art

Image Source: Ideal Home

Artworks made of pieces goes perfectly with the ambiance of this blue and cozy living room.

Monochromatic Living Room with Statement Artwork

Image Source: Linxspiritation

This living room has got a lot of visual effects and the various subtle artwork are creating the balance of the living room. The texture and the colors of the artworks goes perfectly with the bright setting of this chic living room.

Pastel Living Room with Quirky Artwork

Image Source: Paul Messey

The pastel tones of this living room in combination with high valued profound portrait makes an amazing and super unique statement in this beautiful living room.

Retro Living Room with Colorful Artwork

Image Source: Derek Robinson

The artworks in this living room are fining their way to create a perfect focal point and to provide this place with perky and modern feel.

Shabby Chic Living room with modern artwork

Image Source: Interior Holic

A portrait with a Picasso inspired colors is perfect for creating a mid century living room. The artwork displayed on a geometrical wallpaper creates a great visual effect in the living room.

Sleek Living Room with Modern Artwork pieces

Image Source: Cece Wilden

Modern artworks are great for contemporary and chic living room. This super modern artwork is creating a fresh and modern outlook of this bright living room.

Stylish Living room with cool artwork

Image Source: Cece Wilden

The modern artwork above the fireplace creates a great focal point in this living room and add a chic and modern note in the place.

Unique Artwork above the fireplace

Image Source: Jake Curtis

The simple and minimalist nature of the artwork in combination with the bright colors is the perfect combination for creating a statement artwork in the living room.

White Living Room with statement art

Image Source: Ideal Home

The bright colors in combination with geometric form is providing this living room with lighthearted and a lively ambiance.


Image Source: Living Etc

Super creative graphic print in combination with the big size is great for creating a modern statement of this living room.

We hope that you will find the perfect piece of art for your living room, and remember don’t choose art, art will choose you. See more living room design on 20 Exposed Brick Walls in Modern Living Rooms.