20 Distressed Shabby Chic Living Room Designs To Inspire

20 Distressed Shabby Chic Living Room Designs To Inspire

The key to choosing the perfect style for your living room is learning the ability to merge the pleasant and natural with modern and classy.classy. Fortunately there are styles that have already done that for you, such as the shabby chic style which is a perfect example of integrating the airy natural style with sumptuous and rich decorative palette. Shabby chic style is a mirror of the tranquility, soft color scheme and breezy decorative palette which most commonly results with a extremely tender and serene ambiance in the living room interior. The shabby chic style is a perfect blend of natural, rustic, modern and chic, this style includes all white color scheme, natural materials and distinctive yet classy decorative elements and most often reflects feminine and romantic vibe. But better than explaining this style in words is showing to you in form of an actual living room designs that has managed to apply the Shabby Chic style perfect in the interior. Check out the inspiring round up of 20 Dissteresed Shabby Chic Living Room below and get inspired.

Amazing Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Decoholic

This airy all white living room settled in the well constructed attic is simply bursting with sophisticated style and pure serenity. The Shabby chic style is perfectly applied in terms of the all white color scheme, enhanced by classy chandelier, vintage glass cabinet and natural oak wood floor and balanced with the breezy skylight on the ceiling with exposed white beams. Just Perfect!

Artsy Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Old Painted Cottage

This bright and perky living room is so effortlessly chic and distressed that is simply unbearably beautiful. The grunge blue coffee table with rustic quirk strikes phenomenally through the soft whiteness of the interior and complements the gloomy blue artwork on the wall. We choose the big vintage floor clock in the corner as a highlight of this living room because is so charmingly old and romantic.

Beautiful Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Esscorial Designs

We totally love the perky gallery wall positioned in the center of the softly white and creamy living room with pops of warm walnut coffee table. The soft and clean lines of this beautiful and totally charming living room are smartly enhanced by floral and striped patterns that breaks the symmetry in the interior and provides the place with bold visual effect. Totally Charming!

Bold Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Old Painted Cottage

This is a rare example for a Shabby chic living room to choose a dark and grayish tone and still to attain the completely charming and disstressed ambiance and overall appearance. The pallet coffee table with old iron wheels totally acts as a main charmer and as a great visual effect in the super charming and inspiring shabby chic living room.

Bright Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: White Interiors

You can notice the sumptuous and classy perk of this all white living room with incredible layout and super perky ambiance. We love the built in fireplace in totally sleek white marble and how it stands out proudly below the elegant white decorative mirror. This living room is decorated with immensely sophisticated and distinctive taste of style and looks totally neat.

Charming Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: House To Home

The perky and charming of this living room is just so refreshing and beautiful, right? We love the simple layout and overall white and gray color scheme with perfect disposition in the interior. This shabby chic interior reflects ultra serene and soft ambiance due to the silky whites and subtle pattern from the damask wallpaper.

Contemporary Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Best Home Designs

The combination of soft white color scheme broken through with dark copper ceiling pendant and dark tones creates a nice high contrast effect and superbly elegant and shabby chic appearance of this utterly warm and cozy living room. The variety of texture and fabrics attributes to the sumptuous and opulent ambiance in this lovely interior.

Distinctive Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Dustylu Interiors

The rustic and quirky decorative palette in this plain white living room has provided the place with unique and intriguing appearance. The bulky suitcase used as coffee table adds drama and lovely touch in the superbly bright and all white living room.

Dramatic Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Decoholic

The win moment of this superbly shabby chic living room are the vintage mannequin posts that add the super bold and chic vibe of the overall white and soft living room. The glass walls create bright and airy ambiance due to the natural sunlight that comes in the super decorated shabby chic living room.

Dreamy Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Dreamy Whites

So charming and inspiring, right? The plenty of whites and natural oak wood combined with cute rattan storage box create the bright and natural ambiance of this lovely living room. The vintage decorative palette such as the stand alone floor clock adds romantic and rustic drama in the place and boosts up the overall appearance of the interior.

Feminine Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source:Decoholic

We love how the all white color scheme is perfectly decorated and enhanced by the variety of patterns and silky textures that add to the beautiful and romantic charm of this shabby chic living room. The decorative plates displayed on the exposed concrete beam add a specific vintage and country note that adds to the romantic charm of this lovely interior.

Fresh Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Modest Home Plan

This refreshing and perky living room is a perfect example of what happens when shabby chic meets coastal- a vibrant and distressed chic heaven, right? The various shades of turquoise incorporated with utterly warm whites and creamy tones has created the totally balanced and refreshing ambiance in this superbly beautiful interior.

Grey Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Cheap Decors

The attic is a perfect place for creating a distressed and relaxing shabby chic living room, as you can conclude by yourself by the example bellow. The painted white wood panels in combination with the roof top ceiling create a really bright and refreshing foundation in this interior, while the modern furniture and wicker rattan elements add a lovely touch in this beautiful living room.

Modern Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Decoholic

We love the simplicity and formality of this beautiful all white living room. The antique sofa adds a beautiful note in the place and sets the elegant and sophisticated ambiance, while the rattan ceiling pendant and pops of beige add the charming and shabby chic perk of the all white interior and create the superbly modern appearance.

Natural Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source:Decoholic

So perky and beautiful, right?- There is a specific feminine charm in this all white shabby chic living room that is really hard not to notice. The painted white palette coffee table totally stands out and adds bold texture in the interior which is already strong on clean and bold lines.

Perky Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: Coastal Home Blog

This living room is a mirror of an feminine shabby chic style, right? The floral patterns, the wicker rattan sofa and armchairs, the charming white coffee table and of course the creamy white wood panels, everything in this interior is according the rules of the shabby chic decor and reflects totally cheery and perky ambiance.

Soft Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source:Decoholic

So incredibly soft and serene, right? The creamy color scheme is superbly applied in this natural and distressed interior and therefore has created the perfectly relaxed and tranquil ambiance.

Sweet Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source: John M Stepens Desings

The patchwork quilt on the creamy white sofa indicates the vintage charm of this superbly shabby chic living room. We love the simplicity and yet the totally sweet and inspiring appearance of this beautiful living room interior.

Vintage Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source:country living

The blend of vintage and rustic is resulting with charming and romantic ambiance in this beautiful shabby chic living room. The old, vintage bucket used as a flower vase along with the rustic wooden rocking chair create the romantic and nostalgic appearance of this gorgeous shabby chic living room. Just Amazing!

White Shabby Chic Living Room

Image Source:Kristie Barnett

The exposed white brick of the built in fireplace add strong architectural visual appearance in the all white shabby chic living room. The combination of snowy white color scheme with grays creates the elegant and classy ambiance that is clearly visible in this charming living room.