20 Living Room Designs with Exposed Roof Beams

20 Living Room Designs with Exposed Roof Beams

There is a thin line that separates a modern and daring living room from formal and dull living room, and that line can be crossed by choosing the most random decorative things. For instance formal living room will hide the roof beams and will put a concrete over them, and a bold living room has an exposed roof beams, is simple as that. The exposed roof beams play major role in creating an accent on the ceiling and providing the living room with rustic and natural appearance. There is something about the wooden material that just naturally reflects warm, cozy and comfortable. Aesthetically, the exposed roof beams provide an advanced appearance and bring a new dimension of modern and chic in the living room. If you are bored with plain, white ceiling and you need a statement on the ceiling, take a look at the below showcase of 20 living room with exposed roof beams and get inspired.

Airy Living Room with Exposed Wooden Beams

Image Source: AlpineHolidayHomes

The open plan living room does work for an airy and light ambiance in this spacious and modern living room. The exposed wooden roof beams, placed in a perfect symmetry are adding a new esthetic aspect of the place and they provide the place with more mature and serious appearance.

Cozy Living Room with High Ceiling and exposed roof beams

Image Source: BusiniesInsider

The extravagant design of these exposed wooden beams create a great statement in this warm and cozy living room. The dark oak provides an earthy and craftsman note which adds to the beauty of this spacious, splendid living room.

Country Inspired Living Room with Exposed Roof Beams

Image Source: Dhome

The wooden beams in this spacious, light living room are adding a light and natural appearance of the room. The wooden roof beams provide this appereance.

Cotage Inspired Living Room with Exposed Roof Beams

Image Source: Shawn Henderson

The cottage inspired living room with a dark oak wooden beams reflects calm and relaxing energy. The color scheme works for a beautiful and natural ambiance and the dark wooden beams adds the perfect spice to this living room.

Contemporary Living Room with Bold Roof Beam

Image Source:Prsaraheavens

The bold, rustic wooden beam breaks through the plain, and cold contemporary appearance and provide the place with perfect balance by adding a warm and rustic note into the place.

Beautiful French Inspired Living Room with exposed roof beams

Image Source: Cococozy

This is a really one in a kind living room with high valued ceiling and symmetrical oak roof beams. The tall walls in combination with the influence of the light oak wooden beams create a distinctive and dramatic appearance of this French inspired beautiful living room.

Beautiful Airy Living Room with Exposed roof Beams

Image Source: Nuevo Estilo

This living room has got a specific charming note that is hard not to notice. The lacquer beams were provided the place with bright and natural feel. The beams totally adapt in the style of this airy living room and provide a charming and beautiful appearance.

Craftsman Living Room with Exposed Wooden Beams

Image Source: BuisniessInsider

The formal setting of this warm and cozy living room goes perfectly with the caramel bold wooden beams on the wooden ceiling which additionally provides this living room with a perfect focal point.

Distressed Living Room with Open ceiling and exposed roof beams

Image Source:Acme-re

The open ceiling and the dark oak wooden beams really stand out in this modern and distinctive living room by providing a rustic and natural feel to the room.

Dreamy Living Room with light wooden exposed beams

Image Source:Dreamy Home Living

The wooden beams are providing this living room with statement ceiling and therefore creating a rustic and beautiful appearance in the interior.

Farmhouse Living Room with rustic beams

Image Source: Adesignary

The rustic nature of these exposed wooden roof beams adds a more natural feel in this light and fresh living room with beautiful beach setting. The open plan of the living room goes perfectly with the bold roof beams.

Fresh Living Room with unfinished wooden beams

Image Source: Cococozy

The light oak wooden beams provide this fresh living room with a coastal color scheme with a charming and subtle beauty. The wooden beams are creating a perfect focal point and add a pleasant and calm feel in this living room.

Lighthearted Living Room With Exposed Roof Beams

Image Source:DestinationStJohnes

The open ceiling in combination with the white roof beams provide this living room with unique and beautiful appearance. The open plan living room goes perfectly with the roof beams and with the natural appearance of this lighthearted living room.

Modern living room with dark roofs beams

Image Source: Homedit

This is a great example of how can you create a totally chic and modern living room by using wooden beams. The black roof beams as a great decorative element on the ceiling and provide this ultra contemporary living room with chic and beautiful appereance.

Naturalist Living Room with Light Wooden Beams

Image Source: Cococozy

The light unfinished oak beams adapt perfectly in the light, earthy color scheme of this charming and natural living room. The roof beams adds a warm and charming note in the living room and improve the aesthetics of the place.

Open Ceiling Living room with exposed beams

Image Source: Vissbiz

The dark wooden beams are contrasting the white color scheme of this living room and act as great striking point of the open plan living room with contemporary appeal.

Sophisticated white living room with bold wooden beams

Image Source: Home Bunch

The grayish wooden beams add a rustic and rough appearance in this modern and smart decorated living room.

Splendid White Living Room with white exposed beams

Image Source: Sfgate

The extremely splendid and sophisticated ambiance of this white living room goes perfectly with the sleek white roof beams which adds a natural and beautiful appearance in the place.

White Formal Living Room with Exposed Roof Beams

Image Source:Sfgate

The symmetrical oak roof beams are providing this white and formal living room with more ecstatic and beautiful appearance.

Sleek Modern Living room with roof beams

Image Source: Purdota

This is a really beautiful and creative exposure of the wooden roof beams. The placement of the roof beams in combination with the sleek appearance provide the place with a scaled and balanced ambiance.

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