20 Modern Chic Living Room Designs to Inspire

20 Modern Chic Living Room Designs to Inspire

“Chic” is a French word that refers to a style, more precisely distinctive and modern style ahead of it’s time. Anyway, the word Chic has grown so far that it starts to represent a way of living and not only a simple ephitet. Chic is especially popular as a term in the world of interior design. Most often Chic in interior design is a subtle form of arranging the right colors, patterns and furniture in a specific, distinctive and unique order and taste. Chic often does not stand alone, since is not a totally formed style of decorating, so it always comes as a combination of other styles. When something is chic, it is noticeable! That is the spark of this way of decorating. Adding a chic feel in your living room is a matter of style and modern instinct. We are going to present you a showcase of 20 Modern Chic Living Room in order to inspire you. Enjoy!

Vintage Chic

Image Source: House to Home

The designer of this light and perky living room managed to merge the vintage style with a subtle decorative chic touch. The play of perky and pastel colors, accents the light nature of this adorable vintage chic living room. The rustic elements such as the pale blue cabinet and wooden frames on the walls sets up the vintage signature of this chic and perky living room.

Traditional Chic Living Room

Image Source: Real Simple

Here is a great example of traditional meets chic. The formal furniture arrangement breaks through with a distinctive color palette and statement artwork has added the chic feel to this gorgeous living room. The interior radiates formal ambiance followed by subtle chic touch regarding to the statement leopard print pillows and a coffee table consisting of two identical pieces.

Scandinavian Chic

Image Source: This Old House

The Scandinavian influence in this living room is obvious and visible, regarding to the accented white walls decorated with chic artworks and the overall sleekness of this place. The statement ceiling pendant sets up the chic ambiance in the place and adapts in the cozy and natural effect that the hardwood floor provides to this awesome living room.

Rustic Chic

Image Source: Westelm

This urban and kind of a gloomy living room has gained the characteristic Chic due to the light and modern decorative accents such as the white and gold table lamp and cooper side table, which is a great example of how accessories and decorative elements can completely change the concept of the living room. The statement brick wall sets up a modern and cool appearance of this living room.

Monochrome Chic

Image Source: Key Hug

The dominance of frozen white sparkles in this monochrome chic living room with elegant nature. The royal scent and pinch of gold acts as a real charmer and set up the chic appearance of this wondrous living room. The statement marble table with an elegant nature stands out in this living room and sets up the distinctive style adapting with the classy chic white sofa.

Modern Chic Living Room

Image Source: Decor pad

The gallery wall above the sofa sets up the chic and classy setting of this beautiful and modern living room. The animal print area rug is another chic signature that decides the overall style of this place. The white, sleek sofa balances the heavy and noisy note that comes from the artwork above and sets up a breezy and light ambiance.

Mid Century Chic

Image Source: Gervasoni

The noise and patterns in this room, right? – The contrasting shades of a basic color scheme and matching patterns with different nature has provided this living room with chic and eclectic appearance. The mid century furniture act as a balancing element in the place contrasting the noisy monochrome wallpaper. It is a real success to attain a completely chic appearance by minimizing the color scheme and adding contour and texture such as the designer of this living room did.

Light Blue Chic Living Room

Image Source: Bhg

This living room is très chic, decorated with a profound and clean touch of adding a pale blue wall that sets up a soft character to the room, followed by golden framed act portraits that sets up the distinctive and classy setting and decorated with typical stylish decorative elements such as the zebra area rug and floor lamp, therefore attained the overall chic and classy appearance.

Lavender Chic

Image Source: TrendZona

The touch of gentle lavender creates a dreamy ambiance in this gorgeous chic living room with outstanding style and appearance. The two parts coffee table with golden finish sets a classy and chic accent in this beautiful living room. The flowers additionally bring pinch of natural and fresh accent to this beautiful living room.

Industrial Chic

Image Source: Elle Decor

The mix of industrial and chic is a real masterpiece. The bare industrial walls with subtle lighting fixture, combined with a super classy golden floor lamp with a black pendant and a dazzling fur bedding on the beige sectional sofa merge accents this room with awe. The statement artwork adds a sensual and classy touch of this beautiful living room.

Hip Chic Living Room

Image Source: House of Honey

Even though small this living room reflects the distinctive chic ambiance with intensive and captivating characters. The gallery wall contrasting a classy window that reflects natural sunlight provide this room with natural and chic appearance. The sectional velvet sofa adds a soft and chic touch to the place.

Heavy Chic Living Room

Image Source: Martyn Lawerence Bullard

The royalty inspired note in this living room creates a bit of a heavy ambiance, but due to the cold white walls the place has found its balance and filtrating point that ease the heaviness from the purple velvet sofa and royalty framed mirror.

Classy Chic

Image Source: Jan Showers

This spacious creamy living room is gorgeus. The mirror in the center on the wall seperates the two gallery walls with distinctive and unique artworks. The zebra rug adds in combination with the glass top, curvy coffee table and soft, creamy sofa complete the overall sophisticated and chic appearance of this beautiful living room.

Cottage Inspired Chic

Image Source: Hgtv

The painted white palette table stands out in this living room and distinguish from the overall style of this white and cozy chic living room with soft nature. The wooden floor brings warmth and natural character to the place and balance the cold ambiance that comes from the white furniture and the walls.

Distinctive Chic Living Room

Image Source: God In Design

The refreshing turquoise walls balance the heavy and a bit of clutter ambiance that may appear in this living room. The leopard print classy armchairs sets up the chic ambiance matching the deep brown sectional sofa and contrasting the patterned carpet.

Eclectic Chic

Image Source: Style Carot

The designers of this living room has used soft, pastel color scheme to balance the variety of patterns and texture that come allong in the place. The zebra print rug, the floral pillows and the floral wallpaper each different by nature and strucute by matched together that add the eclectic chic signature to this living room.

Feminine Chic Living Room

Image Source: Benjamin Moore

The extremely tender pink walls work for providing this pattern and texture rich living room with balance and soft appearance. This is really beautiful and chic living room, decorated with profound and distinctive taste.

Formal Chic Living Room

Image Source: Houzz

The beige walls contrasting the zebra area rug and animal print armchairs create warm and chic appearance in this beautiful living room. The accent table lamp sets up a bold and daring character to the place.

Chic Elegance

Image Source: Providence

Here is another example of using an animal rug as a main chic element in the place. This living room is decorated with elegant and profound taste and reflects sophisticated and bold energy.

Boho Chic


Image Source: Hgtv

The rustic accent coffee table acts as a striking complement of this living room. The quirky artworks sets up the chic and boho nature of this light and perky living room.