20 Radiant Blue Living Room Design Ideas

20 Radiant Blue Living Room Design Ideas

We have already establish how important is the color scheme for the living room, and the over all ambiance of the living room. Choosing a specific color for the living should be according to your taste, style and inner energy. In today’s article we are going to focus on one very discussed and complex primary color which has an ample of characters and specifics: the color blue. There is a saying ” Blue is the warmest color, ” meaning that even if blue is taken for cold color, this color has the power to reflect warm and vibrant energy. Blue living room is a perfect choice for everyone who want to attain a profound and deep ambiance in the living room with a powerful and radiant essence. Blue living room, aesthetically looks mature, serious and beautiful and in terms of energy flow this color tend to reflect fresh and clean energy. Check out the below showcase of 20 Blue Living Room Design Ideas and see if blue is your warmest color. Enjoy!

Aqua Blue Living Room

Image Source: House to Home

The distinctive shade of blue works as a sophisticated backdrop in this modern and bold living room. The mature level of this blue shade creates a vibrant appearance, and the corner floor to ceiling windows add natural sunlight inside and prevent this place of being overwhelmed by the moody blue color.

Blue Beach Living Room

Image Source: Country Living

The baby blue shade goes perfectly with the combination of white in terms of creating an airy and relaxing appearance of a living room. This two tones matched together are powerful duo and create an aesthetically modern and beautiful appearance, moreover reflecting fresh, clean and vibrant energy. Therefore, this place looks simple and yet vibrant and radiant, thanks to the simplicity of matching two basic colors.

Boho Blue Living Room

Image Source:House Beautiful

This living room has attained the level that every living room strive for, the zen level. This living room got the vibrant and yet calming feel thanks to the combination of navy blue shade and light blue furniture contrasting the whites in the place. The oversize bookshelf acts as focal point and the decorative element in this amazing and cool living room.

Modern Blue Living Room

Image Source: House Beautiful

Monochrome living rooms tend to look dull and without a character, but not this one. This blue living room has chosen a various level of blue, all of them sublime in one serene ambiance. The plain blue artwork displayed at the center of the a pinch lighter blue walls creates a unusual visual effect. The soft and shaggy texture used in this living room has provided the place with cozy and smoothie ambiance.

Chic Blue Living Room

Image Source: hgtv

We are truly delighted of how the designer of this magnificent living room has done a masterpiece with the color scheme. The opulent energy that comes from the deep navy blue soothed with the pastel pink accent chair creates incredible balance and vibrant ambiance in this modern and unique living room. The pastel pinks add smooth and perky feel and cheer up the entire living room.

Coastal Blue Living Room

Image Source: Bhg

There is a specific calming and fresh feeling that is prevalent in this beach living room. The bold shade of ocean blue stands for a solid backdrop and balanced with the floral white armchair and sofa it get the peaceful and calm character. The plaid curtains work as a striking complement along with the sea inspired artwork above the stacked stone fireplace.

Contemporary Blue Living Room

Image Source: House to Home

The contrasting colors and patterns are great way to draw attention to the essential elements in the interior. The half patterned wall strikes and soothes with the ultra marine shade and create a sharper appearance in the center area. The yellows act as a accent and as a main player of adding a vibrant and ecstatic feel in this contemporary and bold living room.

Distinctive Blue Living Room

Image Source: Pottery Barn

The blurry effect of pastel and light blue that this living room has used is creating a charming and romantic appearance of the place. The mismatching patterns from the floral armchair and striped drapes with blue shades are adding a noise in the place in order to avoid a dullness from the monochrome blue color.

Eclectic Blue Living Room

Image Source: Scott Weston Architecture Design PL

Turquoise blue is the perfect shade for every home owner who aspire to create an eclectic and distinctive living room. The refreshing nature of this clean and vibrant shade acts positive in every interior, matched with any kind of furniture, since it has the power to soothe the heaviness from the furniture and provide the interior with sustainable fresh and vibrant energy.

Fancy Blue Living Room

Image Source: Chanel 4

The essential ambiance of this living room is kind of perky and easy- going, which will give you the idea that the designer did not gave much effort in decorating and matching the colors. Well, that is a wrong idea, because the designers of this perky living room has done a marvelous job in scaling three different colors of blue in amazing order and attained to create cheery and ecstatic place with a minimal amount of color and shades.

Mid Century Blue Living Room

Image Source: Deidre Interiors

The lightens of the washed up blue is working as a great backdrop matching the warmth from the mango wood, mid century furniture and decorated with light and minimal accessories with a subtle charm. The navy blue accent on the bold area rug brings deep ambiance and a focus in this charming mid century living room.

Mint Blue Living Room

Image Source: Sr Gambrel

At the first glance, you set your mind of how sad and profound is the focal point artwork on the wall and you think that this living room has chosen to get a moody ambiance. Anyway, if the walls were in any other color this living room would probably be moody, but the designer was wise enough to choose the most perky and radiant turquoise color to ease the heavy feel from the artwork and provide this place with balanced and modern appearance.

Modern Navy Blue Living Room

Image Source: Homedit

The colors have also their soul mate and perfect match, even if completely different in structure and nature, when match together they create a captivating and awe inspiring, sparking ambiance. In this case we are obviously talking about the navy blue and sunny yellow which in combination tend to create a modern and profound ambiance just as it in this beautiful and modern living room.

Moody Blue Living Room

Image Source: House Beautiful

We totally love the coziness and cheery element in this navy blue living room. The key of this living room is that it has decided to play with secure colors and to experiment with patterns and textures. Blue and red are distinctive and bold combination and together create a really dynamic and powerful energy, since both colors have a superior dominance in the place. The lively and bright accents soothe down the plenitude of energy and provide this place with balance and pleasant feel.

Noisy Blue Living Room

Image Source: Drake Design

The noisy ambiance in this navy blue living room is balanced with a plain decorative elements and lighter shades. The blue wallpaper with distinctive texture works as a great backdrop in this living room and provides the place with opulent and ecstatic ambiance.

Radiant Blue Living Room

Image Source: Ballard Designs

It is really hard to resist the peaceful and yet vibrant ambiance the dominants in this clean and light living room. The sleekness from the refreshing blue shade on the wall in combination with creamy accent and light level of patterns creates an ecstatic and beautiful appearance of this living room.

Refreshing Blue Living Room

Image Source: Sweet Home Dsgn

The navy blue striped area rug act as a striking complement to this fresh and vibrant blue living room and sets up the lively setting in the place by breaking through the plain blue wall. Rattan furniture and rattan pendant placed low at the center of the room creates fresh and easy going ambiance in this living room.

Relaxing Blue Living Room

Image Source: Nobswall

Light blue and wicker rattan combined are perfect for creating a light and charming living room with easy going character. This living room looks bright and beautiful thanks to the wise color arrangement and combination of the right textures on the right place.

Serene Blue Living Room

Image Source: I Heart Shabby Chic

The softens and easiness of this light blue living room is simply exquisite. The dull monochrome ambiance is escaped by adding a lot of white accents and shabby chic patterns and textures.

Soothing Blue Living Room

Image Source: House Beautiful

How lively and ecstatic is this blue living room? The plenitude of lively accents such as the colorful pillows and lively gallery wall creates a modern and yet vibrant and ecstatic ambiance in this place.