20 White Living Room Decor Ideas

20 White Living Room Decor Ideas

As is very familiar, white is not a color, it is a tone just as black is. The white as a tone is an inexhaustible source of pure and clean energy, besides this tone is great in terms of energy flow, hence is an amazing for filtrating bad vibrations. Beside that, white is very flexible in terms of choosing a decor style for the interior, therefore white can be anything you want it to be, it can be modern, eclectic, elegant, mid-century, every single interior style adapts and goes perfectly with white. So, that means that you cannot go wrong if you choose white for your living room. And when it comes to decorating the white living room, follow the white living room ideas below and see how white interior can be everything that you want to be.

Artistic White Residence

Image Source: Victoria Pearson

The elegance of this creamy white living room is dominant and powerful. A white Victorian style sofa matched with the antique and extremely unique chandelier in combination with quirky art and rustic white furniture is creating the distinctive and artistic ambiance that prevails in this living space. There are various white shades used in a scale way of decorating.

Chic Comfort White Living Room

Image Source: Josh Gruen

The natural and earthy note that is dominant in this airy living room goes perfectly with the dominance of the white color. The white tone varies in a subtle and very chic way, creating a cozy, distressed and yet modern and contemporary appeal of this living room.

Colonial White Living Room

Image Source:  David Brittain

The white wooden paneling in combination with the white furnishing of the sofa, oriental details and fresh green plants provides this fresh living room with a colonial feel.

Contemporary White Living Room

Image Source: Alexander James

The combination of the white shag rug and the white high value accent ceiling , featured with the dominance of the white wide walls is providing this open plan living room with high-end, contemporary touch. The white tone plays a dominant and main role in creating a clean and sleek appearance of this living space.

Cottage Inspired White Living Room

Image Source: Simon Whitmore

The touch of white in this cottage inspired living room is charming, subtle and adorable. The combination of rustic white wooden paneling and simple white furniture with a rustic and cozy touch provides this place with a vintage feel and charming appearance.

Eclectic White Living Room

Image Source: Max Kim Bee

The little green accents such as the ethnic patterned pillow and the green detail of the chair breaks through the white appearance of this living room and provide an eclectic and modern element in the same.

Elegant All White Living Room

Image Source: Lisa Sherry Interiors

Decorating white with white is the best choice if you want to create a sumptuous and radiant white living room. This living room radiates one tone and one warm and classy energy.

French-Country White Living Room

Image Source: Tim Young

Here is another example where the white living room is decorated only with white details and accents, creating a visually larger space. The combination of the classy chandelier and monochrome floral wallpaper brings the elegant and classy touch in this distinctive, heavenly white living room.

Lively White Living Room

Image Source: Alec Hemer

A dominance of white in combination with few lively details such as the black striped armchairs and the lively bookshelf, featured with a colorful handmade artwork provides a family and friendly feel to the living room.

Pop Art White Living Room

Image Source: Rob Sanderson

The vibrant pop- art details such as the pillows and the vintage movie poster artwork is a game changer of this white and simple living room. The colorful details are providing the ecstatic and lively ambiance in this living room.

Monochrome Modern White Living Room

Image Source: Dominic Blackmore

This monochrome living room has attained the perfect balance in terms of matching the colors. Using black details in the white living room is the key to finding the medium of the room and creating a contemporary and modern appeal of the same.

Nautical Fresh White Living Room

Image Source: Mark Scott

The sea motif is a perfect style for a white living room. The white tone will provide clean and sleek ambiance and the prevalence of wicker rattan material and coastal details will provide the place with the ecstatic and fresh appearance.

Radiant White Living Room

Image Source: William Waldron

The white details in this white living room are the essence of elegance and sophistication that this space radiates. The big white stone fireplace is a great element for creating a bit of a rustic and cottage touch in terms of providing the living room with a warm and cozy note.

Romantic White Living Room

Image Source: Grey Crawford

This vintage white living room is decorated with a truly distinctive and sophisticated touch. The rustic furniture elements such as the 19th-century wooden tub utilized as a coffee table works for vintage and romantic feel of this unique and light living room.

Rustic White

Image Source: Grey Crawford

This airy living room throws a real rustic feel with wooden panel of the fireplace and usage of white tones decorated in a simplifying and yet bold way.

Scandi Inspired White Living Room

Image Source: Dan Duchars

This living room has the sleekness of a Scandinavian living space and the soul of a country cottage. The dominance of the white tones in combination with warm details such as the red striped pillows, wicker rattan storage boxes and flowers works for a charming white living room.

Smart Style White Living Room

Image Source: Annsleyinteriors

The modern feel of this living room comes from the ottoman used as a coffee table, then the wicker rattan drapes and the green accent art decorated on a sleek and clean white foundation.

Soft White Living Room

Image Source: Mark Scott

The white shag area rug adds to the warm and cozy feel of this traditional white living room. The creamy white curtains are just adding to the beauty of this adorable and soft living room.

Sumptuous White Living Room

Image Source: Bjorn Wallander

White noise in a white room. The white decorative elements provide the living space with another white level which creates a really elegant and sophisticated appeal of the same.

Vintage White Living Room

Image Source: Victoria Pearson 

The few colorful and vibrant details are providing this cool white living room with loose and ecstatic ambiance. The wooden floor tiles are providing the cold white living room with a warm and cozy note.

Well, we guess you feel inspired by all of this white magic and you are up for using the white as a foundation and main color in your living room. See more amazing living room designs on 17 Amazing Living Room Design Styles to inspire you.