23 Small Living Room Ideas To Inspire You

23 Small Living Room Ideas To Inspire You

When it comes to the size of the house or more specifically of the living room, not everyone can afford a spacious living space, which consequently is a common reason for feeling bummed out and demotivated to decorate the place. However, that is wrong way of seeing thing, if you consider that with only some smart tips and trick you can create a perfect living nest for you and your family. Moreover, small living room most likely tend to reflect cozy and warm appearance if is decorated and furnished properly. To decorate living room that is fairly small you have to think big and optimally use the space, so you can achieve a pleasant and relaxed ambiance. Basic tips for decorating a small living room include using bright and cold colors, allowing a natural sunlight to come in the space and to maximize the space with a smart layout that will allow a compactness to the interior. In order to show you that the size is not at all the indicator of the living room’s overall appearance and ambiance, we collected a showcase of 25 Small Living Room Ideas that burst with profound style and refreshing outlook. So, check out the round up below and Think Big!

Airy Small Living Room Idea

The fairly small living space has attained a superbly charming and breezy appearance due to the wise layout, bright white color scheme and wide window positioned at the center of the interior. The velvet sofa adds soft texture, while the rattan accent chair boosts up the natural and lively perk of the beautiful small living room.

All White Small Living Room Idea

All white color scheme with a light hardwood floor and lots of texture is the ultimate key for decorating a small living room. Additionally, the floating book shelves not only save plenty of space but add a cool and advanced visual appearance of the small yet chic living room.

Artistic Small Living Room Idea

Geometric prints, vivid artworks and graphic art pieces help the small living room to visually look bigger, because the pops of colors and pattern draw the attention to the sustainable and creative aspect of the room, so the small size wouldn’t be in the spotlight.

Attic Small Living Room Idea

Attic is a common place for creating a small living room, which is a pretty smart and creative usage of this space. As you can see from the superb living room design above, the architecture of the attic walls sets a specific bold appearance of the interior, while the skylights illuminate with sunlight and ventilation, so the interior looks natural, perky and refreshing.

Bold Small Living Room Idea

Another important thing when decorating a small living room is add as less as furniture as posible and add more art for a good visual focal point. The monochrome wall mural works as an eye catcher and creates bold, artistic appearance of the interior.

Bright Small Living Room Idea

Zig zag color scheme concept is recommended while decorating a small space, because it visually enlarge the interior and creates optical illusion of a larger space. The plain white wall works as a super backdrop for the gray comfy sofa, while the colorful painting breaks through and adds lively visual effect and solid focal point to the living room.

Charming Small Living Room Idea

This living room appears much bigger than it actually is due to the bold play with colors and patterns. White foundation is the mother of small living room, since it genuinely creates an optical illusion of a larger space and acts a great energy filter, while the pops of hot and bright colors combined with geometric patterns and cute print set a lively and cheery accent in the small interior.

Chic Small Living Room Idea

Here is a great example of how to attain a superbly clean, refreshing and beautiful ambiance in a fairly small space. White color scheme and lots of natural light, combined with shag texture and pops of bright color are the key to beautiful small living room.

Colorful Small Living Room Idea

Here is fun and smart idea of optimizing the space in small living room. The cube concept is commonly used for visually enlarging small living rooms, moreover this layout allows a compact and functional value to the living space.

Contemporary Small Living Room Idea

High contrast color scheme and natural wood floor can help in creating an optical illusion of larger space and moreover help the living room to burst with modern and contemporary appearance, as you can conclude from the above ultra modern small living room.

Creative Small Small Living Room Idea

Pastel accent in all white small living space create soft and perky ambiance, which is beneficial for creating a profound and lively charm in a small living room. Gallery wall creates bold and artistic visual appearance of the small living room interior.

Feminine Small Living Room Idea

Glass room divider is an innovative and cool idea to optimize the space in your home, as you can see from the living room above. The pops of perky purple light up the interior and create lively and cheery charm.

Minimalist Small Living Room Idea

The minimalist setting and the superb layout have provided this high contrast bold living room with optical illusion of larger space. The minimalist style is most recommended decor, beneficial for the functionality and appearance of the small living room.

Modern Small Living Room Idea

We love the dominance of geometric and symmetry in the small living room with super contemporary appearance. The statement wooden panel in clean and straight line create an advanced visual appearance, while the cool artwork and black and white striped rug additionally create modern and contemporary outlook.

Perky Small Living Room Idea

The perkiness of this cute small living room is awe inspiring! The secret of this adorable interior is the mismatched patterns and vivid eye catching gallery wall. The duo pastel coffee tables makes modern statement and work as a striking complement to the yellow polka dotted armchair.

Quirky Small Living Room Idea

Improvisation is the mother of creativity and an essential key in decorating a small living room. This living room used an antique sleigh bed as a sofa which makes a creative and cool appearance of the beautiful living room.

Rustic Small Living Room Idea

We love how teh homeowners has adjust the small space in the living room and with rustic setting and variety of patterns attain the beautiful and inspiring appearance of the small interior.

Scandinavian Small Living Room Idea

Big window in the center of the white chic living room is a wining point for elevating the primal light and ambiance in the small living room. This small, chic living room looks utterly refreshing and clean due to the two basic interior elements: natural sunlight and neutral color scheme.

Shabby Chic Small Living Room Idea

The flokati rug strikes magnificently on the light oak wood floor with clean surface and brings shag texture and warm feel in the white, creamy living room with small size but big visual value.

Small Attic Living Room Idea

Comfy sectional in beige, creamy shade works as a charm in the small living room, it brings comfort and style. The attic living room has elevated the aesthetics to another level of creativity and smart usage of a small space.

Small Living Room with Arched Window

The arched window strike through the overall white appearance of the small living room and brings bold visual effect along with a natural sunlight. The layout of this small living room is just perfect and the furniture is in proportion with the size of the interior.

Urban Small Living Room Idea

The brick wall and big, wide window create industrial and urban statement in the small living room with pops of blue geometric rug and classy chandelier. Black floating shelves above the sofa, save space and bring modern touch in the bold interior.

Vibrant Small Living Room Idea

All white color scheme with pops of orange create a bold and refreshing appearance in the small space decorated in a really ingenious and optimal way. The floating media shelf is a great idea for small living rooms, because it saves lots of space.