23 Superbly Refined Gray Living Room Designs

23 Superbly Refined Gray Living Room Designs

Gray is a perfect color for creating balanced and cozy living room with modern, refined touch. Some say gray is gloomy and depressing, we say the opposite, gray is perfect mix between too dark and too bright, therefore ideal for creating balanced and tranquil ambiance in the living space. Gray living room, regardless of the shade have tendency to reflect airy and balanced energy and looks sensual and bold in terms of aesthetic. You are a perfect candidate for a gray living room if you strive to attain a refined ambiance and subtle elegance in the living room interior. Gray can vary from dove to charcoal, so is up to you to choose which shade of gray best describes you and your energy. Below, we’ve put together a showcase of 25 Subtle and Beautiful Gray Living Room Designs which are a real retreat for the visual sense. Check out the round up and get yourself inspired.


Boho Cozy Gray Living Room

Image Source: House To Home

The charcoal shade of gray sets bold and dramatic foundation in the overly cozy and warm living room, smartly smoothed with the soft pastels of the comfy sofa and armchair and enhanced with a rustic touch from the reclaimed wood coffee table, therefore attained the Bohemian beauty and cozy perk.

Bold Gray Living Room

Image Source: The New Home

Tall living rooms with high ceiling concept are perfect for dark colors such as a concrete gray with rough texture. The gloomy, bulky charm is balanced and enlightened by the pops of bright sunny yellow armchair that acts as a funky focal point in the bold contemporary living room.

Bright Gray Living Room

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Airy gray living room has used white to find balance and soothe down the gloom from gray, and achieved a refined and cozy ambiance. The refined gray shade perfectly adapts with the traditional charm of the lovely and classy living room.

Chic Gray Living Room

Image Source: emerit

Pops of vibrant fuchsia pink and sunny yellow are perfect for a break through in a gloomy grey living room. The dark gray stands fabulously in the interior, creates a serious and bold ambiance which is smartly enhanced with a lively motifs and modern furniture.

Classy Gray Living Room

Image Source: design file

We love the gentle and tender charm of this silky gray combined with gold interior. The bronze framed sofa complements the upholstery pastel blue armchairs with bronze legs, creating a splendid touch in the soft gray living room. We love the minimalist artwork with golden print art which adds a perfect artistic note in the gray oasis.

Contemporary Dark Gray Living Room

Image Source: Domaine Home

Coal gray wall with vivid linear texture combined with a dark gray shag area rug creates bold and profound noise in the chic interior, while the blue sectional sofa lights up the living room and brings cozy and bright touch. The contemporary chandelier and a color poster of Audrey Hepburn sublime the refined and chic appearance.

Dramatic Gray Living Room

Image Source: Kelly Wearstler

An elegant chic living room designed with dashing taste of style burst with eclectic and artistic touch. Gray pyramid-paneled wall work as a bold backdrop for the contemporary custom artwork and the quirky tiger-stripe velvet sofa in a vivid pink color.

Eclectic Gray Living Room

Image Source:AD

The vivid harmony set by the distinctive shade of gray is decorated and enhanced with bold and vivid navy blue and fuchsia pink tones which break through with eclectic and bold art deco touch. We love how the colorful armchair in some way matches the artwork above the mantel and creates nice color symmetry.

Elegant Gray Living Room

Image Source: zuhariah

A monochrome gray living room bursts with precise elegance and distinctive sophistication. The classy chandelier and smooth touches of beige and white boost up the bright feel of the living room and create balance in the superb classy living room.

Gray and Tangerine Living Room

Image Source: elle decor

The fruity touch of the tangerine puffed furniture works perfectly as a striking complement to the intensive gray backdrop, therefore this living room has attained the distinctive contemporary outlook.

Modern Gray Living Room

Image Source: departures

The clean light gray wall creates the calm and refreshing ambiance in the tall and modern living room, while the pops of vibrant and funky tones prevent the interior of being monotone and add chic and vivid feel.

Natural Gray Living Room

Image Source: Home Glamour

The blend of natural and contemporary is perfectly applied in the narrow living room designed with walnut wooden panel and sleek concrete statement wall which finds the balance between cold and warm and provides the living room with uber bold touch.

Neo Classic Gray Living Room

Image Source: Erin Toland

A Neo Classical living room with vivid bright colors and quirky decorative elements perfectly stands on an airy light gray foundation that sets the utterly clean and refreshing foundation of the cozy and modern living room.

Opulent Gray Living Room

Image Source: Micheal Simon Interiors

Divinity of sleek gray shade mixed with splendid gold tones and balanced by creamy white motifs. The utterly glamorous and Neo Victoiran setting just perfectly settles with the light, refined shade of gray.

Rustic Gray Living Room

Image Source: House To Home

Clean gray wall creates smoky and refined ambiance in the small and cozy living room, The painted gray legs of the coffee table add interesting and symmetric visual effect, against the mud gray shag area rug that brings noise in the clean living room.

Smoky Gray Living Room

Image Source: Art

The sensual smoky ambiance is due to the refined gray walls with tall structure. The tufted gray furniture set beautiful visual effect and provide the living room with classy and sophisticated note.

Smooky Gray Living Room

Image Source: house To Home

The gray wool furnishing strike in the interior with dashingly cozy and soft texture and appearance. The yellow motif additionally strikes through the monochrome gray appearance and brings lively note in the calming gray living room.

Splendid Gray Living Room

Image Source: Mariel Katrina

We lvoe the mix of classic elegance with homey feel of this beautiful grya living room decorated with distinctive taste of style. The light gray shade sets the refined appearance of the interior, while the antique furnishing with bold and warm colors bright up the lovely living room.

Stunning Gray Living Room

Image Source: zillow

Bold and sharp lines are applied throughout the entire living room interior in a subtle and yet vivid gray shade. We love the geometric touch of the uber modern and contemporary living room.

Traditional Gray Living Room

Image Source: Sybaritic Spaces

Uber Chic Gray Living Room

Image Source: House To Home

We love the effortlessly cool and bold feel of the gray living room decorated with black marble mantel and a black framed Joy Division poster creating a bold high contrast. The geometric black and white rug set contemporary ambiance in the energizing living room.

Vibrant Gray Living Room

Image Source: La placetiya

The vibrant blue velvet armchairs create a superb perspective of the gray modern living room with ultra contemporary sofa. The tall, wide window positioned on the middle of the wall brings natural sunlight and thus the light airy feel.