30 Distressed Rustic Living Room Design Ideas To Inspire

30 Distressed Rustic Living Room Design Ideas To Inspire

For all those people who fancy the modern and contemporary style of decorating, but yet want to keep the natural touch, the cozy soul and the homey feel of the interior, the rustic decor is the good oll’ bond, Creating a rustic feel in the modern living room, or even better creating an entire rustic theme in the interior, will allow the place to breath and to reflect warmth and natural energy. This interior style that most likely resembles to the cottage decorated interiors, keep us close to the nature and fills the cold concrete room with warm substance and profound style. The rustic feel is perfect for you if you are fan of the lush landscapes, if you feel the most comfortable while hiking in the midst of a forest and you enjoy the genuine warmth of the stacked stone fireplace. We’ve prepared an inspiring showcase of 30 Distressed Rustic Living Room Design Ideas which could serve as an inspiration. Check out the round up and get inspired.

Airy Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Digs Digs

A pebble stone floor against a clean white wall gives both fresh and natural feel to the rustic and airy interior. The wood lodge used as a coffee table, the built in fireplace and the oak wood exposed beams form the clean rustic appearance of this beautiful white living room.

Attic Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Decor8blog

The attic is perfect room for applying the rustic interior decor, it has the required mystique and freedom. The leaned wall with skylight accents the modern and airy side of the living room, while the exposed oak wood beams brings the rustic and cozy feel of the chic and beautiful interior.

Bold Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Digs Digs

Tres shabby chic and harmonic. The unification of colors and materials sets the tranquil and relaxing feel of the interior, which is strictly decorated according the Rustic decor rules: neutral color scheme, exposed wood beams, built in fireplace and hand crafted decorative elements.

Bright Rustic Living Room

Image Source:The Englishs of a Company

The cozy and homey feel of this rustic living room interior is due to the smart combination of warm, chocolate tones with clean and soft whites, which creates the balanced and peaceful ambiance of the beautiful rustic interior.

Charming Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Digs Digs

Stacked stone wall with a oak wood panel ceiling with exposed beams creates the rustic and natural foundation of the warm and creamy living room. The bright and neutral color scheme in combination with comfy furniture and shag texture sets the cozy and bright appearance.

Chic Rustic Living Room

Image Source:lonny

Great blend of high end contemporary setting with impurity of luxury and art deco with bold rustic touch. Exposed dark wood beams strike through clean white walls, providing high contrast and striking with rustic, warm feel.

Classy Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Home Decor Interior Idea

There is thin border between rustic, cottage and craftsman inspired style. This living room interior has used the best from each and resulted with opulent, cozy and bold ambiance. Variety of patterns, texture and opulent color scheme creates a blend of styles, pleasant ambiance and bold appearance.

Contemporary Rustic Living Room

Image Source: La Dolce Vita

High ceiling concept of the living room with painted white wood paneled walls and dark exposed beams creates a rustic and yet open and airy appearance of the living room. The rustic and bright living room interior has a truly bold and daring artistic touch as a curtosey of the gallery wall.

Cottage Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Digs Digs

We love the open plan of this living room along with the bold and free-spirited layout. The rustic side of the interior, bursting with natural perk of the roof beams, handcrafted decorative elements and beige color scheme create a cozy and airy ambiance.

Creamy Rustic Living Room

Image Source: pottery barn

This living room interior is decorated really precisely to a strict color and decorative scheme in order to reflect totally Zen inspired ambiance with relaxed and tranquil appearance. An antique coffee table, accent ceiling pendant, shag beige rug and built in fireplace form the neo rustic feel of this modern living room.

Eclectic Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Gala Venus | Ashley Anthony

We love the perky and lively note in the warm and cozy oasis of rustic elements, wood paneled wall, stacked stone fireplace and grass green color scheme. The open plan concept goes great with the overall rustic eclectic setting of this interior.

Effortlessly Chic Rustic Living Room

mage Source:Digs Digs

The natural stacked stone wall create the primary bold and sensual foundation and captivating appearance of the shabby chic rustic living room. The stone floor tiles, the ethnic rug and suitcase used as a side table adds profound and bold touch to the beautiful interior.

Elegant Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Design File

The exposed oak roof beams has truly transformed the luxurious and kind of snobby living room into a an airy and livable living room with rustic elegance and beautiful profound perk.

Casual Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Digs Digs

The calm and yet quirky feel of this uncommon interior is truly inviting and intriguing. The leather armchair brings cozy and homey feel, the white wood paneled wall with built in fireplace has a soothing effect and the over sized wall clock sets the bold side of the interior.

Farmhouse Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Architectural Digest

This farmhouse living room with a distinctive rustic feel is a perfect example of an Early American Living room, decorated with antiques, such as the tavern table, and American folk art, featuring also copper weather-vane sets a miraculous and awe inspiring appearance of the place.

High Ceiling Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Digs Digs

A stacked stone fireplace stretching in height in proportion with the high ceiling concept creates a bold and opulent focal point in the overall homey and cozy interior with typical rustic appearance.

Homey Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Knickerbocker Group

The rustic feel of this beautiful white living room is just so inviting and well applied, it’s simply unbearable. The living room has attained balanced and harmony due to the rustic white wall with rough surface, tall windows and neutral color scheme applied through carefully chosen antiques.

Lively Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Crisp Architects

The splash of hot orange armchair with comfy ottoman, turquoise curtain that cotton frame the window and pale orange wall create the opulent and at the same time lively ambiance of the rustic cottage living room with bold stacked stone fireplace.

Modern Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Beacont

The cathedral ceiling enhanced with dark wood beams creates the bold and rustic foudnation of the beige and neutral tone living room with Mid Century charm. The bold elements such as the wood log used as table add the rustic charm of the interior.

Opulent Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Peek You

The stacked stone fireplace truly is a masterpiece and creates a bold and opulent focal point in the beautiful rustic living room. The tall and wide windows allow the natural sunlight to come in and illuminate the vast of ethnic patterns, opulent colors and soft fabrics of the lovely and charming rustic interior.

Quirky Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Remodelista

A perfect blend of chic and rustic, applied through an antique leather armchair, tall window, rustic decorative elements and clean white walls which set the balanced and airy feel of the lovely interior.

Rustic Country Living Room

Image Source: Laura Ashley

We love the calm and bright appearance of the beautiful white living room with rustic feel. The snuggler armchair positioned next to the stone fireplace sets a truly cozy and charming appeal of the beautiful living room.

Rustic Living Room at the Attic

Image Source: AD Design File

The birch-bark wall covering sets a noise in the architecturally advanced attic living room with eclectic setting and feminine perk. The rattan armchair, traditional ethnic rug and round pendant lantern makes a warm rustic statement in the place.

Sleek Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Shelterness

Sleek and rustic. Perfect combination for those who like a practical living room with clean appearance but yet want to keep the warm and cozy feel. The wood storage between the walls sets a truly inspiring appearance and work as a great focal point.

Spacious Rustic Living Room

Image Source:AD

This spacious rustic living room is exceptionally gorgeous. The pine paneled ceiling and stacked moss rock fireplace sets the bold rustic feel of the spacious and warm living room interior.

Stone Stacked Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Home Decor Interior Idea

A natural stone covered wall with rough surface brings noisy texture in the calm and monochrome rustic living room with perfect decor line and stunning appearance.

Vintage Rustic Living Room

Image Source: Shelterness

Such a pleasant and perky living room, right?- The antiques set the vintage charm of the high contrast living room with beautiful rustic feel.

White Rustic Living Room

Image Source:Shelterness

The exposed stacked stone fireplace strikes through the white walls and brings warmth and rustic feel in the overall cozy living room decorated with vintage and antique items and elements.