30 Perfect Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

30 Perfect Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

You are familiar with the fact that we are immensely inspired by the Scandinavian decor style and we recommend to all people who want to attain clean and sleek appearance of the living room. The Scandinavian style follows some basic interior rules and therefore it looks so poetically simple and yet opulent and sharp. The Scandinavian Living Room holds a sleek and clean look due to the strictly white color scheme with pops of specific bright color or contrasting tone such as fierce black, so the interior has a sharp and dynamic visual effect. The Scandinavian Living Room requires a fairly source of natural sunlight so it most commonly uses tall and wide windows. The decor line in the Scandinavian living room is based on a contemporary graphic patterns and modern monochrome artworks that usually break through the white appearance magnificently and create super cool and artistic touch in the place.We’ve gathered around the best and most inspiring Scandinavian Living Room Designs in order to provide you with cool ideas and inspiration. Take a look at the showcase below and get inspired!

Airy Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: nosdrift

This spacious living room has perfectly utilized the big space and created a magnificently airy and bright Scandinavian Living Room. The natural sunlight circulates throughout the living space due to the wide window positioned at the center of the room. The decor is typically Scandinavian: white color scheme, high contrast, contemporary coffee table and floating shelves with open display that add clean and neat vibe to the interior.

Artistic Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Decor Dots

We love the sharp pops of bright color that create a perfectly graphic appearance of this uber fresh and modern Scandinavian Living Room. The pattern disposition is perfectly applied and creates a bold and vivid texture in the overly bright and cozy interior, decorated with distinctive taste of art and style.

Attic Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: freshome

Scandinavian living room is most commonly positioned in the attic, because of the advanced and creative architecture of the walls in the attic which give a special effect to the overall appearance of the interior. You can notice the white and gray color scheme and how is greatly incorporated with pops of bright pulsating colors and knitted texture that brings warmth and cozy feel in the overly cool living room.

Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Good Home Design

Here is an archetype of Scandinavian Living Room: sleek, clean and dynamic. The sharp disposition of high contrast tones incorporated with contemporary furniture and accent leather chair creates the utterly modern and dynamic ambiance in this superb Scandinavian Living Room.

Bold Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Examiner

The simplicity and the modern charm of this stylish Scandinavian living room is priceless. Notice the typical Nordic fireplace which is a famous custom of how Scandinavian decor combines substance with style. The black and white stripes and the graphic modern art create an interesting, sharp noise in the interior and provide it with contemporary visual effect.

Pretty Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source:decordots

The natural sunlight that comes from the big and wide windows, positioned at the center of the middle wall illuminate the overall bright and minimalist Scandinavian decor and create a luminous and beautiful feel of the place. That is a great example of how important it is to have a source of natural sunlight in the interior, it helps the living room to breath and instantly boosts up the airy ambiance.

Casual Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: One KInd Design

We love the simplicity of the layout in this super modern Scandinavian Living Room. The accent floor lamp, painted white is a great indicator that Scandinavian decor attains a super contemporary appearance with only one decorative element. The black and white striped rug draws the attention to the cozy yellow sofa and creates bold and sharp visual effect.

Charming Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Digs Digs

You cna notice the tranquility and relaxed ambiance in this Scandinavian living room just by looking at the picture. The balanced and zen ambiance is due to the perfect layout, pop of bright colors and range of interesting and distinctive decorative elements such as the accent ceiling pendant that acts as a bold focal point.

Chic Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: One Kind Design

We love the geometric pattern and the sheer simplicity of this contemporary Scandinavian Living Room. The grayish area rug with geometric patterns, contrasting to the clean lined furniture and super contemporary artwork stands out magnificently on the oak wood floor and adds a cozy, friendly feel in the interior.

Contemporary Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Artaberry

The contemporary black leather armchair magnificently strikes through the overall plain white appearance of this gorgeous Scandinavian Living room and provide the place with high contrast and bold statement. The pops of colors on the pillows add sustainable and lively charm in the interior, providing it with lovely and bright visual effect.

Cool Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Decor Dots

So simple and yet so modern, like for most of the Scandinavian Living Room Designs that is the case with this one. You can notice the geometric pattern merged with noisy gray texture from the Mid Century Inspired sofa enhanced with a black leather accent armchair and sublimed with contemporary and bold artwork. Typically Scandinavian!

Cozy Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Good Home Design

This Scandinavian Living Room looks absolutely cozy and delightful, due to the brown leather sofa and dominance of wooden materials that brings natural and warm feel in the living room. The natural sunlight that comes from the glass doors and wide windows brights up the interior and contributes to the breezy and light appearance.

Distinctive Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source:Digs Digs

We love the distinctive and sensual charm of this ultra modern and subtly decorated Scandinavian Living Room. The aesthetic proportion between the over-dyed navy blue rug and the matted gray sofa create the vibrant and modern perk in the place. The floating shelve with contemporary artwork accent the simplicity and contemporary style of the interior.

Dramatic Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Design Attractor

Hanging a Bicycle on the wall as a main decorative element is pretty bold and pretty Scandinavian . The bicycle surely works as a focal point and provides the overly clean and sleek living room with dramatic and immensely creative appearance.

Dynamic Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Digs Digs

The black and white color scheme incorporated with super contemporary and modern setting provide this Scandinavian interior with sleek and bright appearance. The high contrast effect is clearly dominant in the interior, while the graphic patterns and shag textures bring warmth and cozy feel in the interior.

Ecstatic Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: One KInd Design

The pops of bright and lively colors, striking through the overall white living room create an ecstatic and cheery ambiance in the spacious and airy Scandinavian Living Room. The typical Scandinavian cylinder fireplace adds a traditional note of style and warmth and provides the living room with friendly and inviting perk.

High Contrast Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Murray Mitchel

This is how you create a perfect Scandinavian Living room with using only two tones and fairy simple furniture and decorative palette, that is the art of it. We love the interesting artworks of Zinc and Copper names of the periodic table, it gives a fun and educative note in the black and white living room.

Interesting Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Examiner

We love how the pops of black are arranged in this overly amazing and super chic Scandinavian Living Room. The cow print area rug adds a super stylish feel and brings texture and pattern in the interior, while the pit bull artwork works as a great focal point and puts accents on the artistic and fun side of this inspiring Scandinavian interior.

Inviting Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: decordots

We totally love this Scandinavian Decor, it’s so subtle and charming is simply unbearable. The decorative palette applied with ingenious approach creates a sleek but yet noisy ambiance in the super modern Scandinavian living Room. The identical floor lamp add interesting symmetry and draw the attention to the super contemporary gallery wall.

Lively Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: The Pea Green Boat

We love the perky charm of this utterly bright and lively Scandinavian living room. The overall white appearance with pops of bright pink and green boosts up the breezy and ecstatic mood in the interior, while the Victorian artwork gives the quirk one Scandinavian Living room requires.

Lovely Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Corine Reid

The specific muted ambiance in this Scandinavian Living Room creates a dreamy and overall soft feel in the interior, due to the combination of pastels and creamy tones. The sharp appearance is attained due to the geomtric and fierce black tones that strike ingeniously in the interior and provide the place with bold and dramatic mood.

Minimalist Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: One KInd Design

The layout of this Scandinavian Living Room is extremely smart and functional. The secret of this beautiful Scandinavian Living room is the junction of the natural light that comes from the wide windows and the warmth that comes from the black iron fireplace which puts the accent on the most essential natural elements and provides this living room with beautiful charm.

Modern Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Homedit

We love the light and breezy feel of this simply amazing Scandinavian Living Room. The pallet coffee table provides modern and cool statement in the overly fun and interesting Scandinavian interior with smart layout and sharp decorative palette. The artworks break through the plain appearance and add modern feel in the place.

Monochrome Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Lotta Agaton

This is a monochrome heaven decorated with exclusively distinctive and sharp taste of style. We must emphasize how much we love the picture of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin above the gray sofa, it adds a lovely artistic touch and breaks the monotony of the monochrome gray color scheme.

Neat Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: My Scandinavian Home

Wow! How clean and sleek is this amazing Scandinavian living room, right? This is a great example of how can you create a super sleek living room and decorate it with pinch of modern artwork that will bring dynamic tempo in the interior and create a nice high contrast effect.

Rustic Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Drum seider

This what happens when Rustic meet Scandinavian in the interior, natural, modern and sleek divinity, right? The black and white color scheme has a big role in balancing the energy, while the charming patterns such as the deer print add artistic and sustainable modern feel of this exclusively beautiful living room.

Sleek Swedish Living Room

Image Source: Living Impresive

This Scandinavian Living room has used a variations of Rustic and vintage and attained the super serene and beautiful ambiance. The harvest wreath plants add the specific Scandinavian custom and provide the place with natural and breezy ambiance.

Small Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source:nosdrift

Here is another Scandinavian living room decorated according to the black and white rule and once again attained the super contemporary and modern appearance. We love the arrangement of black in the overall white living room, it create a balanced and yet modern and bold appearance.

Stylish Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Best Home Designs

We love the bright and breezy ambiance of this magnificent Scandinavian Living Room. You can notice the harvest wreath that is a typical decorative plant in Scandinavian home and brings traditional and beautiful charm in the place. The contrast between the animal print rug, classic chandelier and modern graphic artwork adds eclectic charm in the interior.

Superb Scandinavian Living Room

Image Source: Design Attractor

This is a typical quirky Scandinavian living room. You can notice the play with pattern and artwork that Scandinavian really like to do in the interior. The black vintage ottoman adds specific modern noise in the living room striking on the grayish geometric rug that brings pattern and bold visual effect in the interior.