Dazzling Living Rooms with White Flokati Rug

Dazzling Living Rooms with White Flokati Rug

The key to creating a modern and well decorated living room is adding textures and soft materials which will work as a visual effect in the interior. A soft and lively fabric such as the floakti rug will provide a specific sumptuous note in the living room, and will surely work for improving the aesthetic of the place. The Flokati rug has a really delicate and sensitive appearance and nature which is positive for providing a soft and smooth accent in your living room. The good thing about Flokati rugs is that they work for any stye, you can go with eclectic, rustic, chic, modern or traditional and you cannot go wrong by adding a Flokati rug. In case you feel like your living room lack a texture and visual effect, you are on the right place to be. We are going to present you a showcase of 15 various styled living rooms of with a Flokati rug as a focal point. Enjoy!

Chic Living Room with soft Flokati rug

Image Source: Home Design Labratory

If you didn’t know that this is a Flokati rug, you will think that there is an actual cloud set up as a rug. There is no word that can describe the softness and coziness that this amazing white Flokati rug provides in this super chic living room. The Flokati rug brings a soft and delicate texture to this shabby chic living room.

Comfy Modern Living Room with White Flokati rug

Image Source: Pinterest

Regarding the mixture of styles that prevail in this living room the soft and delicate Floakti rug sets up the modern, light and sensual accent in the place. The soft texture of the rug provides the place with light and sophisticated appearance. The Flokati rug is placed in the center area of the living room which additionally creates a great visual appearance.

Comfy Monochrome Living Room with a large Flokati rug

Image Source: House Tweaking

The monochrome appearance of this white elegant living room will appear empty and dull if it wasn’t for the soft and lively texture of the Flokati area rug. The white square floakti area rug works as a great focal point in this living room and the soft texture breaks through the plain appearance of the room.

Contemporary Airy Living Room with wide Flokati rug

Image Source: Digs Digs

The sumptuous and bold texture of this creamy white Flokati rug brings a comfy and soft ambiance in this cold Scandinavian inspired living room. The soft texture of this Flokati area rug provides this place with warm, soft and elegant appearance.

Cottage Living Room with a small Flokati rug

Image Source: Birch and Bird

Although small this Flokati rug has a big influence in creating a dreamy and cozy ambiance in this rustic cottage inspired living room. The soft material of this Flokati area rug adds a dreamy and delicate note in the living room, and surely works as a statement accessory in the place.

Cozy Living Room with a large Flokati rug

Image Source: Bhg

This large, lively Flokati rug has totally adapted and integrated with the airy and cozy setting of this bright living room. The shag texture of the rug act as a great visual effect and enhances the aesthetics of this lighthearted living room.

Elegant Living room with Flokati rug

Image Source: Traditional Home

This large and sumptuously Floakti rug is simply exquisite. The large size in combination with the shagy texture add the zing in this living room and provide the place with rough, creative and beautiful appearance.

French Country Living Room with Round Flokati Rug

Image Source: Birdy

The designer of this French Inspired living room has made a genius move by placing the Flokati area rug in the center of the living room, so the rug can separate the sitting area and provide the place with great visual aesthetics. The round form of the Flokati rug adds a more sustainable and deep character in the room.

Lively Living Room with a white Flokati rug

Image Source: Kishani Perrera

The white Flokati rug is contrasting the bright, vibrant green walls and provide this radiant and lively living room with soft and elegant character. The shag rug in this living room works on a subtle way in providing the light, soft and charming appearance of the place.

Modern City Living Room with Flokati Rug

Image Source: Carnilang

The white floakti rug contrasting the dark walnut floor creates a really charming and interesting ambiance in this modern living room with the distinctive taste of decor.

Modern Rustic Living Room with large white floakti rug

Image Source: Dwell

The wooden roof beams in combination with the snowy white Flokati rug provide this living room with natural, cozy and warm appearance. The distinctive texture of the Flokati area rug adds a bold and dramatic note in this living room.

Monochrome, white living room with round floakti rug

Image Source: Eliot Spur House

The small size of this creamy white Flokati rug in round shape acts like a real charmer in this elegant and sophisticated living room. The Flokati rug adapts in the monochrome appearance of this place and the rough shag texture adds a soft and lively effect in the living room.

Rustic Chic Living Room with Square Flokati Rug

Image Source: Cup Half Full

This living room which can be described as ‘ Rustic meets Shabby Chic” has this adorable smooth appearance due to the cloud like, Flokati rug with extremely soft and beautiful texture.

Rustic Living Room with snowy white Flokati rug

Image Source: Lampsplus

The soft and dreamy Flokati rug smooths up the sharp and serious appearance of the metallic coffee table and natural wood paneling. The flokati rug acts as a balance zone in this living room and provides the place with the charming and elegant appearance.

Shabby Chic Living Room with white Flokati rug

Image Source: Elle Decor

The lively texture of this Flokati rug adapts to the mid century chic style of this living room really subtle and natural. The rug additionally brings a sensual and charming concept to the place.

Feel like you want to walk on a cloud? – Well, that is the consequence of looking these beautiful Flokati rugs. We bet that your area rug after this post will feel like walking on sharp nails, right? If yes, think about adding a super soft Flokati rug in your living room. See more living room designs on 20 Living Room Designs with Exposed Roof Beams.