Living Room Colour Scheme In Exquistie 23 Design Ideas

Living Room Colour Scheme In Exquistie 23 Design Ideas

Everything is color! Everything has its color and every color has it’s story and energy, so everything has a specific energy and story. Therefore filling empty room with specific color and choosing a color scheme means that you choose the identity, mood and energy that your living room will have. Color scheme is the easiest way to transform a cold empty interior into a living space with sustainable and profound energy.Choosing a color scheme may sound as a complicated and scary process, but really is not. First thing that you should have in mind while choosing a color scheme, is your perception of colors and which color energy you feel most comfortable with.There are two ways of choosing a color scheme for the living space. The first one relies on your inner instinct and connection to specific color, which is surely sounds more easy in theory than in practice. The second way is more “schoolish” kind of way, but works as a charm : Choosing a color from the color wheel. To expand of this topic, we prepared the three basic color scheme in below from which you can choose. Read on and embrace color!

Monochromatic- Tonal Color Scheme

Image Source: House and Garden

The first and most common color scheme is the monochromatic or tonal color scheme. Monochromatic color scheme means choosing one color for the interior and use it in varying tones. The monochromatic color scheme is applied with variations in lighting and saturation. Monochromatic color scheme is recommended for people who want to maximize the color energy in the interior. The main characteristic of monochromatic color scheme is the aesthetic unification and depending of the intensity and nature of the color the interior can be either extremely relaxed or extremely vibrant and cheery.

All Yellow Living Room

Image Source:Bhg

Yellow monochromatic color scheme is perfect for cozy, bright and cheery ambiance in the living room. Yellow is the most luminous shade from the color palette and it may create charming and pretty tranquil mood in the interior.

Beige Color Scheme

Image Source:Elle Decor

Beige is superb color shade in terms of filtrating bad energy and providing the interior with relaxed and refined ambiance. Monochrome beige living room tend to reflect bright and airy ambiance and bring bold aesthetic appearance to the interior.

Botanical Green Color Scheme

Image Source: Real Simple

Green Monochromatic living room is perfect for people who want to attain refreshing and relaxing ambiance in the living room. All green living room reflects utterly refreshing and yet tranquil ambiance.

Monochromatic Orange Living Room

Image Source: Drake Design Associate

Monochromatic orange brings lively and vibrant mood to the living room and is perfect in terms of energy flow. The all orange living room looks sensual, refined and utterly sophisticated.

Neutral Brown

Image Source:Benjamine Moore

Brown color scheme works for creating a profound and kind of an earthy ambiance in the living room. This color scheme is most often applied in the traditional family home, since it reflects charming, cozy and refined energy.

Pink Living Room

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Here is a cheery color scheme for trend followers. All Pink color scheme is bold way to create a super lively, modern and pleasant living room.

Tonal Purple Color Scheme

Image Source: Ad

All purple color scheme is perfect for people who want to attain a sophisticated and classy appearance of the interior. Purple is charming and beautiful color and reflects cheery and sweet energy.

Vibrant Blue Color scheme

Imae Source: Red House Fabrcis

Blue is the warmest color! Blue Monochromatic Color scheme is surely a bold and smart choice for the living room. All blue living room surely looks superior aesthetic wise, and reflects dashingly vibrant and refreshing ambiance.

Analogous- Harmonious Color Scheme

Image Source:hgtv

Analogous or harmonious color scheme means picking colors that are close to each other in the color wheel and share a similar hue and saturation. This means that by picking a colors with similar nature and energy you can attain a perfect color balance in the living space. This color scheme is perfect in creating a harmonic and balanced ambiance in the living room interior. See the below examples of analogous color scheme applied in the living room.

Brown And Beige Living Room

Image Source:Houzz

Brown and beige is a perfect harmonious color scheme for creating a refined, chic and bold aesthetic of the living room. In terms of energy this color scheme creates deep, profound and soothing ambiance.

Gray Living Room

Image Source:Real SImpe

Variations of gray is a perfect way to elevate the bold aesthetic appearance in the living room interior. Gray is a color that usually bursts with refined and natural ambiance and is very good in terms of filtrating bad energy.

Green and Yellow

Image Source: Peek You

Green and yellow color scheme is beneficial for creating bright, cheery and cozy ambiance in the living room. These two color shades work perfectly together in creating a balanced and refreshing ambiance in the interior.

Pale Orange and Coral peach

Image Source:AD

Pale orange and coral peach are blissful color combination and help in creating a modern, refined and cheery ambiance in the living room. Coral peach is vibrant and refreshing, while orange is sensual and hot, so together they create a balanced and perfect ambiance in the living room.

Pink and Purple

Image Source: House and Garden

Fuchsia pink and pale purple are perfect for creating a soft, charming and modern appearance of the living room. Both colors have a sweet nature and tend to create modern and classy outlook of the living room interior.

Soft Yellow and White

Image Source: Brooklyn and Lu

Here is a color scheme that is recommended for people who want to attain a serene, soft and charming living room ambiance.

Complementary-Contrast Color Scheme

Image Source:Ibb Design

Complementary color scheme understands choosing opposite colors in the color wheel. The complementary or also know as contrast color scheme is the best prove that opposites attracts. Complementary color scheme usually provides the interior with dramatic contrast and balanced ambiance. The interior has two energies with different nature that complement each other and find the balance in the living space. Bellow you can see some great living room designs with complementary color scheme.

Blue and Fuchsia Pink

Image Source: House To Home

Blue is vibrant, refreshing and cheery while pink is sweet and warm color, so the combination of these two is perfect for creating a refreshing modern living room with sensual and warm ambiance.

Hot Purple and White

Image Source: Design file

Hot purple is perfect for color for going bold and creating a dramatic, sensual and vibrant ambiance in the living room, while white has a major soothing effect in the living room and brights up the interior.

Indigo Blue and Pink

Image Source: the Glamour Home Maker

Indigo blue and pink is perfect combination for creating a sensual and bold living room with vibrant and dazzling ambiance. The indigo blue brings vibrant and dramatic feel to the interior, while pink brings dynamic and sweet charm.

Pastel Pink and Blue

Image Source: House To Home

Pastel blue and pink is great combination for creating a cheery living room with cute appearance and loose, bright ambiance.

Refreshing Green with Pops Of Red

Image Source: House Beautiful

Red and green are wining complementary color scheme for creating a totally refreshing and dynamic ambiance in the living room and providing the place with both sensual,vibrant and cheery, refreshing ambiance.

Teal and Yellow

Image Source: House and Garden

Teal blue and yellow complement each other in a perfect way in the living room interior. Tale blue creates refreshing and modern appearance and yellow prevents the space from being too cold by adding cozy and bright charm.

Turquoise Blue and Tangerine Orange

Image Source: Home Design Lover

We personally love this complementary color scheme. Orange and blue color scheme provide the living room with vibrant, refreshing and ecstatic ambiance.

Yellow and Purple Living Room

Image Source: House and Garden

Yellow and purple color scheme is perfect for creating a chic, modern living room with profound and cozy ambiance. Purple bring sweet, cheery ambiance while yellow brights up the interior and creates cozy feel.