Living Room Flooring – Useful Solutions and Superb Design Ideas

Living Room Flooring – Useful Solutions and Superb Design Ideas

The key to a fully functional and aesthetically bold living room is a strong underfoot or a proper living room flooring solution. Depending on the material and overall design, the floor covering can either play the main role in the interior show or act as a diminished backdrop. Although, we must admit choosing a right flooring solution for the living room is not an easy decision, but however if you have your priorities and the right source inspiration, you’ll will work though the process easily. Naturally, the living room flooring solutions come in a vast spectrum of various materials and design, each a story by itself and with a specific nature and concept. However, the process of choosing the living room flooring includes the most important factor: ” The you factor.” You factor is a term that we at RIlane have just invented and implies that you should choose a floor covering that you feel most comfortable with. Keep in mind that the flooring will have a major influence in creating a specific setting, style and identity of your living room. In order to make things easy for you, we’ve prepared a showcase of various living room flooring solution. So, read bellow and remember: Solid Underfoot equals happy feet and happy living room.

Wood Flooring for Natural and Cozy Feel

Wood flooring is the best friend of the cozy and modern interior, since it brings warm character and sets solid foundation in the living room. One of the most common pro of wood flooring is its flexibility in terms of blending in with the style and setting of the interior. Regardless of the style: contemporary, rustic, minimalist or chic, wood floor will bring sustainable and warm feel to the interior, whereas the quality, shade, lacquer finish or bare surface of the wood may influence the specific style and decor of the living room. For instance, hardwood floor works best for traditional or casual living room, reclaimed oak floor goes with rustic and industrial and so on. Below are some ideas that can give you the clue how specific wood floor act in specific living room decor.

Ash Wood Floor- Rustic touch in Contemporary Setting

Image Source: Oh Mail

Ash wood is sorted in the group of hardwoods and due to its rustic, trimmed surface work as a rustic addition in a living room with a modern and contemporary setting. Ash wood floor sets solid foundation. It goes perfect with contemporary decor, because it soothes and filter the heaviness of the fierce, contemporary furniture, thus is perfect balance provider.

Oak Floor- Light And Clean Texture in Casual, Eclectic Living Room

Oak wood is the most common solution for the casual and lively home. Knotty or clean surface, the light nature of the oak wood floor is perfect for creating a natural and breezy foundation in the modern and stylish living room.

Walnut Floor – Warm and Solid Underfoot for Traditional Interior

Image Source: Chauncey

Walnut is also hardwood and usually is applied in the traditional living room, because of it’s high quality and deep warm color add substance and style in the interior. Walnut wood floor is also recommended for a luxurious, splendid and modern living room, since the warm charm of walnut sustain the heavy decor and soothes the place.

Maple Wood- Bright and Crisp addition in a sleek or splendid setting

Image Source: Agnyana

The clean and light nature of the maple wood floor is a perfect solution for distinctive settings such as Parisian, Scandinavian or Sleek Chic decor. The minimalist nature of the maple wood floor most likely creates a clean and neat foundation in the interior.

Pine-Knotty Planks complement the Modern Rustic Living Room

Image Source: This Old House

The warm and breezy pine is often used in Craftsman, Cottage or Country inspired Living Rooms, but as well can be applied in modern living room for a warm and cozy feel. The knotty surface of the pine floor brings noisy visual effect in the interiors.

Vinyl Flooring- Affordable and Appealing

Image Source: nymag

Vinyl is the most practical and affordable floor solution and it’s superior in its appearance and boosting the aesthetic appeal of the living room interior. Vinyl floor is perfect solution for people who are prone to remodeling, since it’s easy to install and to remove as well. Vinyl is also flexible in terms of adapting the style of the interior. Vinyl is a perfect substitute for a natural floor materials, therefore in cases when you cannot afford marble tiles or walnut floor; vinyl sheet or tile works as a charm.

Glossy Black Vinyl for sleek and dramatic foundation

Image Source: La-z-boy

Glossy vinyl tile in fierce black shade is perfect for creating a bold and sleek foundation in modern living room. It gives stunning and dazzling touch in the interior. Besides, it looks so authentic and solid that there is no chance to notice that is not real porcelain.

Patterned Vinyl Sheet Flooring- Perfect for Chic Living Room

Image Source: Amitco

Another benefit of an vinyl sheet is the fact that they also come in various patterned design, so it is a perfect way to create a dramatic floor and geometric visual in the interior. The vinyl pattern can be found in any possible pattern and color.

Wood Camouflage- Wood Alike Vinyl Planks

Image Source: Home Depot

Wood alike vinyl sheet is perfect for people who want to attain a solid and natural appearance that wood gives to the interior. The wood alike vinyl sheet or plank is great idea for people who decorate on a budget and want to create natural and cozy feel in the living room.

Stone Alike Vinyl Tiles

Image Source: Karndean

Here is an easy, inexpensive and practical way to create a an illusion of a granite stone floor with vinyl tiles. The stone alike vinyl tiles look authentic and bring the specific bold and contemporary feel as they were a natural stone tile.

Stone Flooring- Natural Cave house feel

Image Source: Home Depot

Stone flooring is perfect solution for people who stick to natural materials and want to achieve the cave-house effect in the interior. Natural stone floor gives a specific bold and rustic feel to the interior and create an open and cool visual appearance. Stone flooring can vary from flagstone through pebbles to granite tiles. However, any form of stone flooring can create a rustic and vibrant feel in the living room interior.

Granite Floor For Bold and Dramatic Feel

Image Source: Home Desining

Granite stone tiles and their dashingly dramatic and bold nature can work as a perfect foundation in a contemporary living room. Granite stone floor brings industrial and urban touch to the interior and elevate the aesthetic appearance of the living room.

Natural Stone Tiles-Sheer Classic

Image Source: houzz

Natural stone tiles is the best friend of the classic living room with loose and chill appearance. The stone tiled floor creates relaxed and cheery ambiance in the living room, providing it with natural and solid underfoot.

Pebbles-Modern addition to a cave inspired living room

Image Source: Flavorwire

Even though, natural pebbles are fairly rare floor solution in the traditional home, they look astonishing and super perky. The pebble floor creates lively visual and provides the interior with rustic and cave-house inspired feel.

Stone Brick Tiles For Rustic Touch

Image Source: Bill Pearn Masonry

Stone Brick Tiles are great solution for every homey and modern living room, because they bring rustic and old work charm to the interior and are really easy to maintain. Brick stone floor can be laid in various design which the most commonly used are basket weave and herringbone.

Concrete Flooring- Industrial Charm

Image Source: Barbara Hil Design

Concrete floor is one of the uprising trends in the interior design world. Concrete floor utterly creates a bold, solid foundation and brings dashingly urban and industrial touch to the interior. Polished or bare, dark or light the concrete floor can enhance the overall living room appearance and provide it with bold and urban charm.

Polished Concrete-Sleek and Industrial Touch

Image Source: remodelista

Polished concrete floor create both sophisticated and rough appearance in the living room. Polished concrete is advisable for people who want to attain a bold and dramatic outlook, but want to keep the classy feel of the interior.

Bare Concrete- Bold Solution for dramatic appearance

Image Source: House To Home

Bare concrete brings bold texture and makes dramatic, industrial statement in the living room. If you strive to create a living room with unique and uber cool appearance, bare concrete floor is the answer.

Concrete Tiles- Straight Line and Vivid texture

 Image Source: Pogila

Concrete slate or tile floor is cool idea to create an additional texture and bold drama in the living room. The concrete tile floor provides the interior with urban, dramatic touch enhanced by sharp an clean lines.

Tile Flooring – Clean and Splendid Touch

Image Source: Home Design lover

Tile flooring is practical, easy to maintain and at top of all it gives modern and luxurious touch to the living room interior. Tile flooring will provide a loose and casual charm in your living room and yet will keep the modern aesthetic appearance. In terms of style, tiles are flexible, but most commonly go best with traditional or splendid setting of the living room interior.

Ceramic Floor Tiles-Evergreen Classic for the Modern Home

Image Source: Archi Products

Ceramic floor tiles give sophisticated, refreshing and splendid feel to the living room. Due to the glossy surface, the ceramic tiles can help you to create a clean and sophisticated appearance of the living room interior.

Marble- Touch Of a Luxury

Image Source: archimags

Marble floor is perfect foundation for a classy living room with profound and sophisticated appearance. There is no need to discuss the value and luxury of the marble material, since we already know its high quality.

Porcelain Tiles- Solid and Splendid

Image Source: Mannigton

Porcelain tiles and their noisy surface provide the living room with solid floor solution and lively visual effect. Porcelain tile floor will help you to create refreshing and yet modern appearance in your living room.