10 Amazing Outdoor Stone Fireplace Ideas to Inspire

10 Amazing Outdoor Stone Fireplace Ideas to Inspire

Every homeowner dreams of having a dazzling outdoor, where he will be able to spent a pleasant and enjoyable time with friends and family. However, the nature of the outdoors is dependable, and the weather is the main factor that decides if you are going to sit outside or buckled up inside in your cozy home. However, there is always an alternative that will rather help you to sit outdoors, even though the unpleasant weather. The outdoors fireplace is a perfect alternative that will allow you to spend enjoyable time outside in your backyard, even if outside is a little breezy. We’ve collected a showcase of 10 extraordinary outdoor stone fireplace that could work as a great bold element in your outdoors. Enjoy!

Amazing Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Image Source: Hgtv

Wow! How grandiose and opulent is this giant fireplace, right? The dramatic and amazing appearance of this outdoor fireplace is due to the natural stone and the perfect, traditional design that provides the fireplace with balanced and beautiful appearance.

Bold Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source:Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

We love the sleekness and cool appearance of this over sized, outdoor stone fireplace. The emphasized accent goes on the two wood storage beneath the fireplace which create a nice symmetrical visual of this gorgeous fireplace.

Built in Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: Stirling StoneWorks International

The built in fireplace in combination with the wide white stone with noisy texture creates a truly bold and dramatic overall appearance of this amazing outdoor fireplace.

Amazing Stone Fireplace

Image Source: Arnold Masonry and Concrete

The combination of the natural stone with the various creamy shades and the symmetrical design of the fireplace creates a really nice visual and beautiful appearance of the same.

Dramatic Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: DIY Network

We love how this giant, outdoor fireplace is providing the entire outdoor area with amazing statement. The beautiful design and the wide natural stone adds to its value and makes is super unique and beautiful.

Grandiose Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: Grainda Builders, Inc.

Who wouldn’t love to have an outdoor fireplace like this one in the backyard, right?- The brick stones are providing the fireplace with a cool and charming appearance along with its superior, sleek design.

Mediterranean Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: Environmental Concept

We absolutely love the Mediterranean charm that this outdoor fireplace is providing to this outdoor area. The exposed artwork on the post enhance the overall appearance of the fireplace and works as a great decorative element.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: Hgtv remodels

We love the symmetrical order of the natural beige stone of this sleek and modern outdoor fireplace. It’s overall appearance provides this outdoor area with dreamy and relaxing ambiance.

Stacked Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: Lankford Design Group

This is absolutely our favorite outdoor fireplace among the list, it is because of its lively and creative design and usage of natural stone pebbles that make it look adorable and dreamy.

White Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

The white color in combination with the symmetrical arrangement of the stones make this outdoor fireplace extremely sleek and amazing.