10 Awesome Swimming Pools for Small Backyards

10 Awesome Swimming Pools for Small Backyards

When you have a small backyard but definitely want to design it the best way, then there is no question to designing it with a swimming pool. The beauty of a swimming pool in your backyard is just so refreshing that you’d definitely want to go out there to relax or just to see the beautiful sight of the water. Having a small backyard is not a limitation to doing wonders with it. If you have a small backyard but desperately also want a pool, then you can have a small pool constructed. You don’t need a very big pool to enjoy the water every now and then. Here are some wonderful swimming pool designs which can serve as inspiration for your small backyard decoration.

Wonderful Blue River Pool

 Image source: River Pools

This Wonderful Blue River Pool is just of the right size. Its shape is very unique and has a nice brick-like edging and even has a diving board.

Small Kidney Shape Inground Pool Design with Umbrella

 Image source: Deepnot

This Small Kidney Shape Inground pool isn’t that big but if you have kids who like to swim, they would surely enjoy a pool such as this. Adults can also take short swims and dips in this kind of pool.

Refreshing Swimming Pool with Water Wall and Baby Pool

 Image source: Go Home Design

Aside from a beautiful swimming pool, having a water wall installed is also a nice idea to see some movement in the water. It makes your pool look more relaxing and you can even swim with your baby.

Decorative and Relaxing Home Plunge Pool

 Image source: Optea-Referencement

When setting up your backyard with a swimming pool, make sure that you also add a few plants and some chairs where you and your guests can relax.

Creative Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

 Image source: Earli22

This design from Erli22 has a more spacious backyard but to save space, the pool is in a T-shape. It can also be converted into a fountain that you can show off when you host an occasion in your backyard. Always remember to clean your pools regularly.

Beautiful Small Pool in Mahogany

 Image source: FullHDwal

This Beautiful Small Pool in Mahogany can be a backyard or roof deck design. If you want to make it a backyard design, you can use mahogany colors for the edging. It also has a water wall to complement the colorful water.

Beautiful Rectangular Swimming Pool with Falls

 Image source: Elraziq

Check out this really simple yet very relaxing design form Elraziq. This space is very small but the designer has really made a very good use of this backyard space.

Awesome Bean-shaped Pool

 Image source: I am Sent Me

For a more relaxing kind of backyard, you can have stone flooring in your backyard, a nice stone edging and a beautiful swimming pool to go along with it.

Attractive Small Swimming Pool

 Image source: Gaiff

This design by Gaiff is just a pool itself. If you do not have a wide space, you can use the wide space for your swimming pool and the edging or border of your pool and the floor will serve as a design, so be sure you choose them wisely.

Astonishing Small Inground Pool

 Image source: Iidudu

This swimming pool design from Iidudu has a wider pool border where you can place your chairs or even small tables for barbecues.