10 Contemporary Backyard Patio Designs

10 Contemporary Backyard Patio Designs

Having enough space in your backyard to create a social area and place where you will spend your summer days is the ultimate dream. Backyard patio can be arranged and decorated according to your personal style and it utterly depends of what you aspire to do with the place. However, every style has its specific rules and essential and of course reflects different ambiance and energy. If you are admirer of the contemporary and sleek styles, then you are in luck today. We decided to share with you a superb showcase of 10 Contemporary Backyard Patio Designs that can serve as an inspiration and give you some ideas. Check out the list below and enjoy!

Beautiful Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source:Houzz

We generally love how the designer has used the space in the backyard and turn into a charming, natural patio with super contemporary appearance. The grayish cushions of the sectional outdoor sofa in combination with the white tiny pebbles really creates the natural and relaxing vibe in this amazing backyard.

Brick Stone Contemporary Patio

Image Source:Bridgman

How neat is the light stacked stone fireplace, right? The overall appearance of this gorgeous backyard patio is utterly contemporary and sleek. We love how the outdoor creamy sofa set totally matches the shade of the stone fireplace, great color symmetry.

Bright Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source: Secret Garden

The printed statement wall really creates artistic and high end ambiance in this super cool, contemporary backyard patio. The variety of pastel and natural shades pop against the lush greenly surrounding and create really amazing visual contrast.

Contemporary Rooftop Patio

Image Source: Hgtv

Why, hello there! If this backyard patio could talk, it would say neatness, sophistication and contemporary style. The super build wood tent with creamy drapes and the dark walnut floor create a really beautiful and natural touch in this sleek, contemporary backyard patio.

Eclectic Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source: Mikebara

We absolutely love the blend of eclectic and contemporary sublimed with variety of colors and patterns, creating a totally fresh and beautiful backyard patio.

Eco Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source:John Lum Architecture, Inc.

There is a specific mix of vintage and contemporary in this beautiful, natural backyard patio that is reflecting absolutely charming and light ambiance.

Lively Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source: Axis Mundi

Humble bow to the vibrant peach orange furniture with retro nature which are acting as a main charmer in this contemporary backyard patio and are providing the place with lively and vibrant note.

Minimalist Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source:AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.

This back yard patio is superbly contemporary and minimalist at the same time with clean and neat overall appearance and beautiful natural charm.

Sharp Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source:Anston Paving Stones

You can not meet this kind of sharpness in exterior every day. Hats off to the designer of this place and how he has managed to create symmetrically advanced and superb aesthetic backyard patio.

Symmetric Contemporary Backyard Patio

Image Source: Arterra LLP Landscape Architects

Here again you can see a blend of contemporary style with natural wood materials and funky colorful furniture, that has created a lviely and ecstatic ambiance in this amazing backyard patio.