10 Decorative Outdoor Chimes

10 Decorative Outdoor Chimes

Chimes produce relaxing sounds. They can be placed on top of doors as indicators that somebody has entered the room. You can also place them along hallways and entrance ways. Chimes can be made out of different kinds of materials and these materials affect the kind of sound that they produce. Aside from the relaxing sounds that they produce, they also serve as decorative materials and can come in different styles. You can choose a chime that is oriental or modern in style. Nonetheless, they produce that very relaxing sound that we all admire in the home. As part of the outdoor, you can also put chimes on different places because their sound waves can surely be heard even from afar.

Amish King Davids Harp Wind Chime

 Image source: Dutch Crafters

This King David’s Harp Wind Chime is simple and looks traditional. You can place it in a wooden room to add a relaxing vibe to it.

Fall Leaves Wind Chime

 Image source: Etsy

This Fall Leaves Wind Chimes is a very nice design from Etsy which is very fit for the outdoors. It features an acorn and leaf design.

Handmade Pretty Colors Outdoor Wind Chime

 Image source: Over Stock

This Handmade Pretty Colors Outdoor Wind Chime is a decorative item with beads and is made of quality materials from Over Stock.

Hanging Metal Bell Garden Windchime With Sun Face

 Image source: Gardens 2 you

Add some charm and sunshine to your outdoors with this Windchime with Sun Face from Gardens 2 you. It is a charming and magical design.

Moon Goddess Bamboo Wind Chime

 Image source: Eartisans

Mystical and magical- those are the words that describe this Moon Goddess Bamboo Wind Chime from Eartisans. It has a very detailed design and features the Moon Goddess on the tip of the chimes.

Red Decorative Outdoor Chime

 Image source: Amazon

This Red Decorative Outdoor Chime from Amazon will give your outdoor an oriental style. This piece will stand out just along your entry way.

Spiky Owl Chime

 Image source: Uncommon Goods

This cute Spiky Owl Chime has very nice colors ranging from yellow, green and red. Add this to your outdoor and add some life and color to it.

Wood Wind Chime with 3 Temple Bells

 Image source: World Market

In a temple design is this Wood Wind chime from World Market. It features three metallic temple bells which produce the sound.

Woodstock Chimes

 Image source: Amazon

Take a look at this elegant Wood Stock Chimes from Amazon. Each piece has a glossy finish and the colors match each other very nicely.

Yellow, Red, and Gold Capiz Wind Chime

 Image source: Hayneedle

This piece from Hayneedle is a very attractive one. It features thin colorful shells which produce the sound of the chimes.