10 Distinctive House Entrance Gates to Wow

10 Distinctive House Entrance Gates to Wow

Naturally, your house entrance gate is the first thing that your guests see when coming to visit, so you might as well make the view worth seeing. Investing in a striking and unique entrance door design means that you will leave a very strong impression and most definitely make quite a statement with it. It will give away a strong character of the owner and a specific taste in designing. There are millions of interesting entrance gates that will fit your needs and desires and will leave you amazed, but we were astonished to find some of these. Our collection of 10 distinctive house entrance doors is here to help you choosing your own unique door that will add the dreamy wow-effect to your home. So do not hesitate do read on and copy some of the ideas if you like them!

Tree Entrance Gate

Image Source: Malgusto

This amazing door made out of iron and wood is complemented with a tree decoration that looks absolutely gorgeous. It has a warm and natural appeal and is quite welcoming.

Angel Entrance Gate

Image Source: Frikaro

Put yourself a guardian angel to keep you safe from harm on your entrance door. This delicate, soft looking door is melting our hearts.

Surfboard Entrance Gate

Image Source: Oracle Fox

Such a cool idea! This drive in and entrance door made out of surfboards looks super-interesting and unique. It would be the ultimate pleasure for surf lovers.

Celtic Entrance Gate

Image Source: Green Muze

This massive iron entrance door with Celtic design looks quite impressive and striking. It gives such a distinctive character to the entry of the house and makes a strong statement.

Peacock Entrance Gate

Image Source: Pinterest

This interesting and very vibrant entrance door displays a carved iron peacock design that look absolutely charming. The amazing beauty of the peacock radiates from this door.

Bicycles Entrance Gate

Image Source: Obsidian Photography

For the ultimate bicycle lovers. Super-creative and catchy idea made into realization – entrance door made out of real looking bicycles. Very fun and interesting.

Butterfly Entrance Gate

Image Source: Art Ekstax

This lovely entrance door is made out of steel and painted glass. Its beautiful design is embellished with a gorgeous butterfly, that opens up quite impressive house view. Truly gorgeous!

Dragon Entrance Gate

Image Source: Built Dublin

Wow! Now this entrance gate is on a whole different level. Its peculiar dragon design really amazes, feels rather surreal and adds a big wow effect to the entrance of this house.

Eyes Entrance Gate

Image Source: Art Webshop

This strange looking entrance gate made out of iron has eyes and a distinctive design. Provides the spot with a certain dreamy appeal and adds a touch of magic to it.

Medieval Entrance Gate

Image Source:Live Internet

This vintage gate with impressive statues takes us on a trip through medieval times and really amazes with its appearance. Its old, distinctive appeal really stuns and displays the beauty of history.