10 Gorgeous Asian Inspired Patio Designs

10 Gorgeous Asian Inspired Patio Designs

The main and basic purpose of the backyard patio is to offer and give you relaxing and enjoyable moment during the season of the sun. Regarding to the fact that the Asian culture and the Asian influence in the interior and exterior design has increased its popularity because of its tranquile and zen philosophy of creating a place that will reflect only positive energy. Asian inspired patio is a perfect choice for you if you are fan of the minimalist style of decorating and if you are enchanted by the calm and relaxed ambiance of this way of decorating. In order to provide you with a source of inspiration, we decided to choose the best 10 Asian Inspired Patio Designs, which you can check in below and see if you can get inspired and source some ideas.

Amazing Asian Patio

Image Source: Blakely and Assoc. Landscape Architects, Inc.

This spacious and grandiose patio is surely design in a really bold and opulent nature. Everything about this Asian inspired patio is dazzling and awe-inspiring, beginning with the big illuminated pool through the bowl with lights to the japanese gate.

Asian Inspired Patio

Image Source:Ynnu

You can notice the minimalism and clean lines in this beautiful Asian inspired patio. This is a great example that you need a minimum of furniture in order to optimize the space and create Asian inspired patio.

Bold Asian Patio

Image Source: Andrew R. Abrecht Photography

We really love the sharp appearance of this bold and modern Asian patio, although it looks more like an outdoor dinning room per sey. The asian statue in the middle creates outstanding statement and symbolize the entire place.

Buddha Temple Patio

Image Source: Diva Interior Concepts

Small patio with a buddha temple fountain and lush garden, surely looks relaxed and dazzling. The buddha statue in the middle really accents the place and provides it with cool statement.

Zen Patio

Image Source:Minimalisti

This is surely an extremely modern exterior, decorated with influence of the Eastern Minimalism and Western Contemporary nature, which results as a blend of modern zen ambiance.

Transcendent Asian Inspired Patio

Image Source:Alan Dunn Landscape Design

The granite tiles work for building a contemporary and bold setting in this minimalist and zen inspired patio. The overall appearance of this patio is sleek, relaxing and modern.

Minimalist Asian Inspired Patio

Image Source: Houzz

The bamboo plants in combination with the minimalist style and the pallet seating make this Asian inspired patio perfect and awe inspiring.

Japanese Garden Gates

Image Source: Bhg

This is really beautiful and lush Asian inspired patio, decorated in a really lively and lush style with usage of plants, granite and Japanese gate.

Feng Shui Patio

Image Source: Outhouse Design

The plenitude of dark wood paneling, make this Asian patio to have dazzling and awe inspiring appearance. The layout of the patio is specially designed according to the Feng Shui rules.

Chinese Antique Inspired Patio

Image Source:Shanghai Green Antiques

You have do admit that at first glance this bold patio instantly take your breath away. The usage of stones and dark wood is symbolic for the Chinese Antique architecture.