10 Great Roof Terrace Designs

10 Great Roof Terrace Designs

It’s always nice to have your own space where you can be one with the outdoors, your own space where you can bask in the sun while reading your favorite book. A place where you can escape when you have already forgotten how fresh air actually smells. If you are lucky enough to have a roof deck in your house, then what are you waiting for? Instead of just having an empty space upstairs, why not transform your roof deck into a space where you can sit, relax and just enjoy the view and the sight of the stars at night.

Awesome Roof Terrace Design

 Image source: Garden Builders

This awesome transformation of a roof deck is really awesome. It even has a fireplace where you can barbecue some marshmallows while talking with your best friends at night or in midday.

Deck with Barbecue Shed

 Image source: Deck with Barbecue Shed

When it is summer time, we simply love the idea of barbecues, sun tan, bikinis and swimming pools. Don’t have a swimming pool? That’s not a problem when you have an awesome roof deck with Barbecue shed. Make this wonderful design as your inspiration.

Functional for Sunbathing Roof Deck Design

 Image source: The Maisonette

When you’re the type of person who loves to get a tan every now and then, this awesome roof deck design from The Maisonette is perfect for you. Remember to apply sunscreen every time you go on a sun bath.

Inspiring Roof Deck Design

 Image source: The Maisonette

We totally love this roof deck design from The Maisonette. There is an “almost indoor” area where you can go for a shade in case of rain. The whole family can even stay in this type of roof deck design.

Modern House Design With Black And White Sofa Plus Wooden Floor Planks And Wood Fence Ideas

 Image source: Haybert

What can you say about this awesome lounging area from Haybert? Aside from the sofa set, there is an extended lounging area where you can speak in private. It also has a great sunroof for your protection against too much light exposure.

Modern House Design With Wooden Floor Planks Black White And Grey Sofa

 Image source: Haybert

For this kind of design, there is both an indoor area and an outdoor area. The use of glass makes the space look classy. The use of wooden floor also matches the lighting style for the indoor area of the roof deck.

Molecular Structure Modern House Geometrical Sloping Site

 Image source: Arch Inspire

Well, if you think you have more time and money to spend, this wonderful design by Arch Inspire is also a great experiment. You can make a second floor in your roof deck, even just a small one, and there you can place additional dining sets or you can just have a couple of steps for your plants and that would be fine.

Roof Garden Design Ideas With Unique Custom Canopy Also Rustic Rattan Chairs As Decor Patio Furnitures

 Image source: Wdeck

Check out this design from Wdeck which uses a shade close to Rosewood. It has furniture in rustic color, a custom canopy that you can also use as shade, you can simply set it up and add some plants for a really relaxing outdoor time.

Roof Terrace Refreshing Deck Design

 Image source: Garden Builders

To make your outdoor stay even more refreshing, add an outdoor water wall so that there is an additional relaxing effect to the ambiance.

Room Modern House Design With Wooden Floor Planks And White Sofa Bed

 Image source: Haybert

This design is similar to the previous one that we have seen from Haybert but this time we are viewing it from another angle. As you can see, there is a glass roof to provide added sunlight to the roof deck while your guests are hanging out in there. It is a very cool idea!