10 Lovely Small Balcony Design Ideas

10 Lovely Small Balcony Design Ideas

Your balcony is the mirror of your home, especially if you live in an apartment, so do not hesitate to put effort into turning this place into a nice looking, cozy and alluring spot. In order for your enjoyment on the balcony to be to the maximum, it is essential to decorate it and to add a few inevitable pieces, such as chairs to sit on, an armchair for a complete coffee and book retreat and maybe a bench for a nice little party with group of friends. Also we shouldn’t neglect the decor, such as flowers, greenery, decorative lights, pillows, poufs… Owning a balcony is a true blessing, even a smallest one, since this is the place where we can feel a fresh breeze of air, without even leaving your home, so let’s do everything needed to get the best of it. We found some super-cute ideas for small balconies design and decor, so continue reading in order to get yourself inspired in decorating your own balcony. Enjoy!

Cozy Small Balcony

Image Source: Digs Digs

How lovely looking tiny balcony! There is some serious coziness going on in this small piece of outdoor heaven. Lots of cushions, pillows, warm textures, charming flowers and of course, comfortable furniture for an absolutely adorable balcony appeal.

Vibrant Small Balcony

Image Source: Interior Idea

This balcony is indeed small, yet big enough for a small dining table and chairs, even an outdoor storage cabinet. The lovely mix of bold and cheerful colors and designs make this balcony super-fresh, lively and radiating with positive spirit.

Adorable Small Balcony

Image Source: Digs Digs

You can find small sized outdoor furniture even for the tiniest balconies. Just make sure you choose fresh and bright color for it, to liven the spot up and to make the incredibly small balcony also an incredibly cute and appealing one.

Scandinavian Small Balcony

Image Source:Wall

Black and white is a complete guess just about everywhere, even for the balcony. Check out how gorgeous does this Scandinavian inspired balcony look, with the simplicity of the design, the monochrome color palette and the clean, pure lines. Talk about perfection.

Colorful Small Balcony

Image Source: Smyrnetalya

Having the colors of the rainbow on your balcony will be a real positive energy boost. Do not hesitate to use some color in the details, such as on the rug, blanket, table covers… Even the most simple balcony and furniture would appear irresistible. And flowers- the more, the better.

Romantic Small Balcony

Image Source: Digs Digs

Your balcony is an ideal place for a small romantic getaway with your beloved one. All you need to do is to invest into various lights, hanging lanterns and candles, and your enjoyment on the balcony is guaranteed.

Chic Small Balcony

Image Source:Digs Digs

Such an adorable small balcony! Looks like this is the ideal setting for an afternoon tea party. The chic appeal and charm is accentuated with the pink flower patterned cushions and the lovely fresh flowers as well, and it all looks effortlessly gorgeous and welcoming.

Relaxing Small Balcony

Image Source: Home Masters

Hanging a hammock on your balcony is the best idea ever! It will transform your small balcony into a relaxing and soothing spot, where you can lean on and relax as long as you wish for.

Lovely Small Balcony

Image Source: View of Carla

This spot is so cute and cozy, it is melting our hearts. For an absolute relaxing and cozy ambiance on your balcony, just add the outdoor chair cushions on the floor, throw some pillows and blankets and voila! – you get the ultimate inviting and comfortable spot, with pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Rustic Small Balcony

Image Source: Digs Digs

This nice looking balcony radiates with rustic charm and at the same time is really modern and up-to-date. The mint blue shade of the wicker outdoor chairs bring a fresh touch to the space. Everything looks quite appealing and inviting. and effortlessly delightful.