10 Modern Patio Design Ideas

10 Modern Patio Design Ideas

If you are a lucky enough to have enough space in your backyard to create a patio, then you are on the right place to be. Creating a beautiful and modern patio is totally worthier the time, effort and money, since the most of your summer you would like to spend it in a nice and pleasant patio. A well decorated patio is a great addition to every modern and urban home. In case you don’t have many ideas of how to decorate your backyard and create super chic patios, you are in luck today, since we have a couple of examples to inspire you. Below you can check the showcase of modern and beautiful patio designs which may serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Bohemian Geometric Patio

Image Source: Living Etc

The colors and patterns that were used in this super eclectic patio are the reason of the extremely modern and boho chic appearance of this super chic patio.

Bohemian Patio Design

Image Source: Digs Digs

The coffee table made of old pallet in combination with the ethnic patterns and colors provide this extra comfy patio with bohemian and modern note.

Dreamy Patio with Lush garden

Image Source: Home Inspiration Design

This patio surrounded by lush garden is just outstanding and beautiful. The colorful wicker rattan ottoman and white beautiful pendant provide this patio with natural and fancy appearance.

Rustic Outdoor Patio

Image Source: House Beautiful

This cool patio with a rustic setting may work for a great ambiance and perfect place for preparing the barbecue with your friends on a sunny Sunday.

Shabby Chic patio with rattan sofa

Image Source: Adorbale Home

This shabby chic patio is decorated such as a regular living room. The chic appearance of this stylish patio is due to the wicker rattan sofa in combination with the abstract contemporary artwork.

Small Chic Patio Design

Image Source: Infoidea

The vibrant colors in this small, stylish patio create a radiant and lively ambiance. The vibrant blue table in combination with the mangeta orange and bright yellow creates ecstatic and lively ambiance in this stylish patio.

Smart-Chic-Outdoor Patio

Image Source: Hgtv

The smart setting of this stylish patio allows the place to decorate with bright and vibrant colors. This is a really beautiful and modern patio decorated with ditstinve taste.

Stylish Chic Patio Design

Image Source: ChicCheap

This is a really beautiful patio decorated in a romantic and vintage style with pastel and white colors and soft material.

Vibrant Boho Chic Garden Room

Image Source: House to Home

The mixture of ethnic patterns and bright colors provide this patio with unique and creative appearance.

Beach Inspired Patio

Image Source: House Beautiful

This is a really beautiful patio decorated in a really vintage and chic style.

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