10 Nice Outdoor Pillow Designs

10 Nice Outdoor Pillow Designs

Outdoor pillows have a way of beautifying a simple couch or sofa in a solid color. They also add to the fluffiness and softness of an outdoor set. One thing that we have to consider when designing outdoors is to achieve a vibrant and colorful design. A vibrant color adds life to your outdoor set. There are different accessories that you can add to your outdoor set to make it interesting. It doesn’t always have to be in a solid color. You can also play around with colors, patterns and textures. Pillows also serve as additional designs for sofas that are too spacious. Their arrangement also plays a factor in the overall look of an outdoor sofa set. To give you some great ideas on what outdoor throw pillow are available on the market, check these 10 Nice Outdoor Pillow Design.

Buddha Outdoor Throw Pillow

 Image source: World Market

This Buddha Outdoor Throw Pillow is very vibrant, colorful and interesting. It will look great on a white sofa.

Delectable Outdoor Pillow Design

 Image source: Knaro

This Delectable Outdoor Pillow Design adds a soft touch to a sofa. Since it comes with different colors, you can choose one color to use for each day.

Deny Designs White Throw Pillow

 Image source: Deny Designs

When you are after simplicity, this white design from Deny Designs will surely look good and simple for your patterned or solid color sofa or outdoor sets.

Floral Brown Shade Outdoor Pillows

 Image source: Amazon

Match up these brown pillows with your brown outdoor set. It is in a neutral color with both feminine and masculine designs.

Iveta Abolina Rusty Lace Throw Pillow

 Image source: Deny Designs

How about a really unique and creative outdoor pillow design. This is exactly what Deny Designs bring you with this Iveta Abolina Rusty Outdoor Throw Pillow Design.

Life’s A Beach Outdoor Pillow

 Image source: Deny Design

Feel that you are totally outdoors with this “Life’s a Beach” pillow design. You can get one of these and put it in one of your outdoor lounging chairs.

Retro Floral Outdoor Throw Pillows

 Image source: Design Furnishings

Let’s give our focus to this retro style throw pillow from Design Furnishings. It definitely looks attractive and has a feminine touch to it.

Shade of Blue Two Pattern Outdoor Pillow Design

 Image source: Etsy

How about some throw pillow close to the color of water? Blue reminds us of the water element and will definitely fit in outdoors.

Striped Santorini Outdoor Throw Pillow

 Image source: Pretty Throw Pillows

You can never really go wrong with stripes as long as you match with it with something that is much simpler so that it doesn’t look too fussy and messy and doesn’t make your audience dizzy.

Vibrant and Colorful Outdoor Throw Pillow Design

 Image source: Etsy

Color, vibrance and style. This is what this outdoor pillow design bring you from Etsy. It has a wonderful yellow green base color and looks fantastic!