10 Relaxing and Decorative Outdoor Water Fountains

10 Relaxing and Decorative Outdoor Water Fountains

Listening to the sound of the rain is very relaxing. The sight of water relaxes our mind and body. The patio or backyard is a nice place where you can relax and separate yourself from all the toxic you experience in the city or even in your workplace. Sometimes you might think that your backyard looks a bit empty or is already enough for you, but think again. We all have different preferences when it comes to what we consider “relaxing”. Some people feel relaxed by just sitting down or lying on soft furniture while some people prefer the sight and sound of water that is why we have gathered some outdoor water fountains for you to choose from!

Beautiful Fountain Wall

 Image source: hayneedle

This classic piece from hayneedle will look good in your patio. It is a fountain wall which you can put in the middle of your garden or get several of them and put them against your garden wall.

Beautiful Four Sided Outdoor Water Fountain

 Image source: Four Fountain Pictures

If you like to hear the continuous gush of water flowing on your water fountain and enjoy the sight of it, then this Beautiful Four Sided Water Fountain is the best one for your backyard.

Cool Three Horse Fountain

 Image source: Fountain Pictures

Were you born in the year of the horse? Some people simply think that horses are their lucky animal. To add more luck into your home, why not have this Cool Three Horse Fountain installed in your backyard?

Indoor Light Cheap Outdoor Water Fountains with Light

 Image source: Fast Any

How about adding some accent and drama to your backyard? At nighttime, you can make your backyard look more interesting with this lighted water fountain. It looks so magical!

Japanese Outdoor Garden Fountain

 Image source: Aol House

This medium-sized Japanese Outdoor Garden Fountain will also look great in the middle of your garden. The flow of water adds more life in your biodiversity.

Lighted Outdoor Stone Fountain

 Image source: Fountains Photo

Here is another beautiful water fountain made of stone. Aside from the cooling effect of the light to your eyes, stone also retains the cold temperature emanating cold air when you get closer to the stones.

Two Tier Renaissance Outdoor Fountain

 Image source: Soothing Walls

Here is a beautiful water fountain which will remind you of the beauty of art and design during the renaissance period.

Unique Fountain for Attractive Garden Design Idea

 Image source: Gaiff

This Unique Fountain from Gaiff is a small ranged water fountain that you can add in the middle of a spacious garden so your guests have something to look at even at nighttime.

Wonderful Brown Pouring Water Outdoor Fountain

 Image source: Touch of Class

The relaxing act of water pouring is embodied in this bold Pouring Water Outdoor fountain which would look great either in your backyard or main entrance.

Ranch Living Water Fountain Multi Earth

 Image source: Touch of Class

This Ranch Living Water Fountain is a classic piece which offers a beautiful and out of the ordinary design. It is also made of good material.