10 Stoned Water Walls for the Outdoors

10 Stoned Water Walls for the Outdoors

Remember that stone is a great material if you want a cool feeling in your house. Stone absorbs and releases heat slowly so you can expect that when it rains hard and your garden has stone walls, it will retain the coolness brought about by rain. If you haven’t thought of the idea of installing a water wall inside your house, now might be a great chance to consider it. With a stone wall inside your house, you can simply turn it on when the weather gets warmer. The water wall can add coolness inside your room plus, the sound of the water is also very relaxing. If we talk about design, you can match your water wall to the colors of your room. Check out these nice stoned water walls which you can add to your garden or even indoors.

Black Steel and Stone Water Wall

 Image source: Water Garden Warehouse

This Black Steel and Stone Water Wall already looks very relaxing even if the water is turned off. It is the dark stones which give it a moist look.

Indoor or Outdoor Artificial Water Wall

 Image source: Osusinc

Here is a small water wall from Osusinc which you can put on the table because putting it on the floor won’t really draw much attention. This type is a small one, something you can use to accessorize your table. You can match it up with the color of your furniture as well.

Interlocking Stacked Stone Stainless Steel

 Image source: Focal Point

This Nice Interlocking Stacked Stone Stainless Steel looks modern. There are black pebbles on the bottom and you can even add lights to accentuate the look of the water wall.

Marble Majestic River Stone Wall

 Image source: Specialty Fountains

This Marble Majestic River Stone Wall is in a copper color and looks elegant and bright. Watch the water glimmer as it flows down this Majestic wall.

Mountain Ledge Stone Wall

 Image source: Infinitstone

This Mountain Ledge Stone Wall has a different flow of water compared to the water walls that we saw earlier. For this type, you can really see the water flowing and you can even touch it. The flow of the water will definitely calm your soul.

Natural Rock Water Wall

 Image source: Uniscapeonline

This Natural Rock Water Wall is situated very well in the corner. You can actually add some fish in your water wall to make it look more lively, and of course turn the water on when the guests are around.

Natural Stone Water Wall

 Image source: Fountain Place

This Natural Stone Water wall is dubbed natural because of the natural and earthy colors that it uses. Since the size isn’t so big, you can situate it in your garden to add a more relaxing feeling to it.

Nojoqui Falls Wall Fountain

 Image source: Iidudu

Here is a mid-sized water wall which looks a bit rustic and mossy. It looks very natural. It would definitely look relaxing to see the water flow through that wall. In choosing this type of wall, you don’t need to pay so much for the installation.

Unique Water Wall with Lights

 Image source: Green Island Design

This is a bigger type of installation which of course will be more costly but would result to a really functional and beautiful water wall and fountain in one. With the right kind of lights, this would look really perfect.

Floating Wall Waterfalls With Grey Stone And Pebbles

 Image source: Iidudu

This floating water wall looks very easy to install. It is almost similar to the size of a frame and is less costly to install compared to the other water walls. If you want just a light amount of water and only a little water sound, then this water wall is perfect for you.